Japanese Homes and Pop Idols? PingMag went to learn about idol rock band TOKIO’s popular TV show “The! Tetsuwan! DASH!!”

When we decided to make a book about the Japanese home, we knew we wanted to talk to all sorts of different people. Architects, historians, real estate agents, home owners, developers, designers, craftsmen… trendy pop idols?

Yes, that’s right, pop idols. In 1994, one of Japan’s biggest talent agencies, Johnny & Associates, announced a new boy idol rock band, TOKIO. About a year later, so the members could get used to presenting on TV, they were given a late night slot with a new variety show “The! Tetsuwan! DASH!!”. Little did anyone think at that time that the show would move to a primetime Sunday evening slot, and become one of the most popular TV shows in Japan.

At a pace of two location shoots every week, the TOKIO members travel all around the country meeting with farmers, carpenters, craftsmen, fishermen and so on, and with their help and advice the members built a traditional farmhouse, cultivated farmland, and created a complete rural living environment at DASH Village. And now, after the Fukushima nuclear disaster happened right on the village’s doorstep,640-461 they have taken all the knowledge they have gained over the years and are carrying on their challenge on DASH Island. When you think of Japanese boy bands, the image that comes to mind is one of blond-dyed hair and glittery costumes, but nowadays TOKIO are happier in overalls, driving a digger. After all those years, could it just be that today they know more than almost anyone else about Japanese homes, farming and living…?

I decided to find out, and made an appointment cisco 640-911 to go and see Soichiro Shimada, producer of “The! Tetsuwan! DASH!!”. And I wasn’t to be disappointed. Shimada-san’s stories about how the program is put together, and TOKIO’s incredible enthusiasm, were fascinating. Look forward to the whole story when the book comes out!

shimadaPhoto by Masanori Ikeda (YUKAI)