Tokyo Designers Week 2013: Photo Report!

We’ve been covering all the Tokyo design week events, seeing us go from a Shibuya fashion mall to Tokyo Midtown, the backstreets of Aoyama and now to Gaienmae for the premier design event of the season, Tokyo Designers Week 2013.

Located on the lawn of Meiji Jingu Gaien, there are contributions from individual designers and artists, corporations, universities and more — all showcasing their latest projects, products and prototypes. Though the first day over the weekend was a bit miserable in the trail of a typhoon, you wouldn’t have guessed from the glorious weather, perfect for enjoying the most packed design event of the year.

tokyo designers week 2013As in previous years, there is a main pavilion, some smaller tents and a series of cargo containers featuring various exhibits on display inside.

tokyo designers week 2013Plus in the center of the grounds you can find lots of interactive attractions courtesy of the imagination of Japan’s college students.

tokyo designers week 2013Wire art mural on the outside of the main pavilion.

tokyo designers week 2013Kids loved some of the exhibits in the Asia Awards School Exhibition. This is ‘Kakurenbou’ from Tama Art University’s Environmental Design Department.

tokyo designers week 2013Putting the final touches to ‘kazamidori’ by Human Academy Tokyo Campus.

tokyo designers week 2013This ‘Cosmic Baby’ seemed oblivious to the crowds

tokyo designers week 2013Kogakuin University’s fluttering forest was great fun to play around in.

tokyo designers week 2013

tokyo designers week 2013Kyushu Sangyo University’s exhibit seemed a bit of a mystery at first. But if you found out how to get inside the white block you could climb up the top for a fantastic view of the grounds.

tokyo designers week 2013

tokyo designers week 2013At the TDW Art pavilion, Masashi Anraku’s map paintings recalls rakuchu rakugai-zu bird’s-eye-view ink paintings.

tokyo designers week 2013Origami Light by Valo

tokyo designers week 2013From Toshiyuki Tani’s rather fantastically titled ‘The Shadow with the Light’ series.

tokyo designers week 2013Dongurico’s Muku-Moko-Bag and Kiri-Bag, made from paulownia box in Yamaguchi.

tokyo designers week 2013The Rug lounger by Fujimura Design Studio

tokyo designers week 2013A series of cast figures by Jun Fujiki.

tokyo designers week 2013The Saddle Blossoms Project. We have no idea how you might ride this Ikebana-bicycle, but we love it.

tokyo designers week 2013A slightly peculiar addition from Kyoto Seika University. You can stick petals into the Topiary in various places and they light up in different colors.

tokyo designers week 2013Even the smoking area was super stylish.

tokyo designers week 2013Not just exhibits, Tokyo Designers Week also features lots of workshops, food and drink events, and live music.

tokyo designers week 2013And staying with the smoking theme, the Next Lighter Design 2013 booth showcased interesting innovations for how to light up in the future. This one is Lights on the Cloud by Hisakazu Shimisu.

tokyo designers week 2013Interactive digital booth from Adobe.

tokyo designers week 2013No, not the queue for the toilets — at least, not exactly.

tokyo designers week 2013Toto had got together with four product designers and artists to produce some funky toilet and lavatory interiors.

tokyo designers week 2013Psychedelic!

tokyo designers week 2013Intriguing protective headwear design by Mamoris, in collaboration with Znug Design, who made the great “dress-up” Toyota Camatte.

tokyo designers week 2013These cute creations are courtesy of Yuta Osugi.

tokyo designers week 2013One sure way to get comfortable with art is by turning a painting into a piece of furniture, as the design studio YOY has done.

Tokyo Designers Week 2013
@Meiji-Jingu Gaienmae
October 26th – November 4th