Tokyo Design Week Report: Shibukaru Matsuri 2013

Autumn is finally here and that means so is Design Week and its plethora of events. PingMag has been checking out all the entries in the calendar for a series of photo reports.

Today we will be looking at the Shibukaru Matsuri, which has just started at Shibuya Parco. Now in its third year, this is an event by girls, for girls. Saying that, boys are allowed to go too! Right, let’s take a look…

With the whole of Parco filled with artworks by female artists and designers, you may find yourself unsure where to start. Well, I guess that’s the fun of being a girl!

shibukaru-01 shibukaru-02

Go inside and right by the entrance you can find this loud piece by female college student art unit You Are Shocked. Made in the image of a bird, you can touch and even go inside it!


At the third floor Parco Museum, there are seven art booths with a peculiar smell emanating from them. This is the mysterious Stars & Smells Planetarium, including work by Haruborism.

shibukaru-04 shibukaru-05

This is a contribution from nuQ, with video projection in the center of shelves of trophies. Is this celebrating Tokyo’s upcoming Olympics? What, so the PIZZALYMPICS?

shibukaru-06 shibukaru-07

On the wall of the booths could be found strange creatures by illustrator Ly.

shibukaru-08 shibukaru-09

Look out for other exhibits all around the building, such as on the escalators. This is work by Stereo Tennis, filled with slightly nostalgic 1980′s characters and motifs. You will find it hard to take your eyes off it.

shibukaru-10 shibukaru-11

Accessories for cuddly toys? Eri Matsuda‘s work creates combinations of fashion and cuddly toys that you’ve probably never seen before.


We found some cute girls! This collage is courtesy of Nao, and is certainly glamorous but still feels mature and sophisticated.


Not only paintings and photos, there is also film and video work, such as Onnacodomo‘s, which features three screens of mysterious footage.

shibukaru-14 shibukaru-15

Illustrator Meichantoissyo has collaborated with a spectacles shop to produce these exhibits, where she has drawn directly onto the sunglasses.

shibukaru-16 shibukaru-17 shibukaru-18

Outside too there is art to discover. 14 female designers and artists have joined together to create a wall painting for Shibuya gals! Less ‘Guernica’ as ‘Galnica’!

During the “matsuri” (festival) you can also get special tie-in bags from some shops and other stores are also selling merchandise created by the designers. Art and shopping? What more can a girl want?!

Shibukaru Matsuri
October 18th – 28th
Venue: Parco Museum (Part 1, 3F), Rogues’ Gallery (Part 1, B1F), elsewhere in and around Shibuya Parco