10 Ways to Cheer Up Rainy Season

In Japan it’s now time to get out the short-sleeve shirts. Yes, folks, it’s summer. But summer always starts with the country’s “gloomiest” period of the year, the rainy season. As it gets hotter, so too does it get sticky and humid — and wet. You don’t just have to grin and bare it, you know. Here are some new products to help you survive the rainy weather.

1: Kata-burera (Shoulder-brella)


Umbrellas can be a real hassle when you’ve got lots of bags to carry as well. That’s where this item comes in. With this holder you can open up your umbrella without having to have it in your hand. A revolution for the rain!

2: Shoes Wrap Label


When it’s been raining all day, not only do your shoes get wet, they get wet right down to your socks. The solution? Keep these mobile shoe covers in your bag and then you’ll always be ready for dark clouds.

3: Nikku (Meat) Towel


Saying that, no matter how you fortify yourself, you’re still gonna get wet during the rainy season. Coming home, you need a towel to dry yourself off. But don’t settle for an ordinary towel. We recommend this one which, as the name suggests, has a “meat” pattern to revive your spirits and amuse you!

4: Edo Furin


What we hate about rainy season is not just the rain. Actually, the biggest enemy is the humidity. Japan has long possessed the know-how for — excuse the pun — weathering the heat. Glass wind chimes (furin) are first of all very cooling on the eyes with their classically chic transparent look. Then there’s the pleasant sounds, which will refresh your ears too. All in all, this is an indispensable item for cooling down your senses on sticky days.

5: Edo Sensu


We’ve previously written about Hirocoledge and here are some fantastic uchiwa (fans) from the designers. Easy to carry around with you and keep you cool, fans are essential whatever the era. But if it’s something you take around with you, we want to be discerning in our choice of design, and that’s where a stylish Hirocoledge fan comes in.

6: Rain Pop


There’s very little crime in Japan… except if you’ve got an umbrella. Go into a convenience store for two minutes on a rainy day, and when you come out your brolly will likely be gone from the umbrella stand outside. But the reason isn’t that average citizens possess a criminal mindset when it

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comes to protecting themselves from wet weather — it’s that most umbrellas just look the same! Stand out from all the other transparent vinyl umbrellas with this Rain Pop, a colorful accessory that will help you identity yours by the handle — and also stops your umbrella slipping off your desk or wherever you hang it. Simple but brilliant!

7: Magnetized Umbrella Holder


The forecast says rain later in the day but the one thing you’re bound to forget is your umbrella. Well, use this holder to store your brolly on the wall by the door, and with its bold colors and design you are unlikely to miss it.

8: Microworks Tail


We interviewed the designer behind the fantastic Tail umbrella earlier this year but couldn’t resist including it here. As the name suggests, you tie up the canopy using the “tail” of the animal who decorates the umbrella. A super cute and fun way to brighten up gloomy wet days.

9: Dog Rain Boats


We love dog raincoats so much we included them in a previous rainy season products round-up. But this pet rainwear goes that one step further: Feet! After all, when your little pooch has been pattering around outside in the rain all day, you don’t want its dirty feet spoiling your clean floor. So this year be fully prepared for Mother Nature with rain boots for your dog.

10: Cat Terrace


Your cat may not be luck enough to have a raincoat, but it’s unfair if you only treat your canine pet. We all know that cats like to look out the window on a rainy day. How about building a mini terrace by your window so your cat can really enjoy the rain (or any weather for that matter) in style?