Art Fair Tokyo 2013

Art Fair Tokyo 2013 kicks off today at the Tokyo International Forum.

We went along to the first night preview and picked out just a handful of the more colorful and unusual of exhibits, plus some of the “happenings” that visitors could encounter.

art-fair-tokyo-201304 art-fair-tokyo-201303

Tetsuya Noguchi (Gallery Gyokuei), originally a painter, also makes these breathtakingly detailed sculptures of samurai figures, usually in very non-warrior-esque poses (dozing, bewildered etc).

art-fair-tokyo-201305 art-fair-tokyo-201306

At the Base Gallery booth, Kenichi Sawaki’s ‘Landscape: Yellow Soil’ (1998) was a large block of sand, topped with an iron refinery model.


Iori Tomita (Gallery Tomura) took real sea creatures and specially processed them to create these remarkable specimen-style artworks.


There are galleries from all over Japan, and many other countries. Gallery ecrunomori hails from Shizuoka and one of its featured artists was Hiroshi Ito, who makes grotesque sculptures out of genuine natural stone, combined with metals.

art-fair-tokyo-201309 art-fair-tokyo-201310

art-fair-tokyo-201311 Nestling among the booths is a glimpse of tranquility, courtesy of the ‘Sankyo – Life in the Mountains: Morihiro Hosokawa’ exhibition, showcasing the former prime minister-turned-artist’s work and home.

art-fair-tokyo-201312 Kenji Shimizu’s ‘bridolly effect project’ at Kyobashi Gallery’s booth. You put in a 100 yen and this bird starts moving like an old kids’ ride.

art-fair-tokyo-201313 Here be dragons. Art Gallery X (Takashimaya Fine Arts Division) had many works on display, though the most dominating was this, ‘salamander (TAIGEN MYO-O)’ by Yuki Inoue.

art-fair-tokyo-201314 Also at the Art Gallery X booth, Shigeki Hayashi’s ‘OO-X’.

art-fair-tokyo-201315 Non-gallery sections break up the booths, including here, fashion by writtenafterwards.

art-fair-tokyo-201316 Jompet Kuswidananto’s ‘Contingent #7′, NANZUKA UNDERGROUND’s contribution to the multi-gallery Southeast Asian Flash.

art-fair-tokyo-201317 There always seems to be beasts at Art Fair Tokyo. This time, the bear and bat are by Atsuhiko Misawa at Gallery Nishimura.

art-fair-tokyo-201318 Rodel Tapaya’s large ‘The Early Bird Catches the Worm’, Y++/Wada Fine Arts.


art-fair-tokyo-201320 Over at The Container, in a booth pungent with the smell of the curry staff were giving out, ‘salaryman clown’ Jack McLean and friends put on a little performance to bemused visitors.

art-fair-tokyo-201321 Vivienne Sato (and disciples) chats to gallerist Masami Shiraishi, of SCAI The Bathhouse gallery.

art-fair-tokyo-201322 These outrageously dressed characters were delighting everyone they encountered.

art-fair-tokyo-201323 The ‘Mirrorball Man’ by Tatzu Nishi was also wandering around in all his (?) glittering charm. When not mobile, he was usually to be found at the Sniff Out 2013 booth, promoting the music and art event to be held in Osaka in July.

And our personal favorite section of the fair was the Contemporary Art Jewelry Intersection, featuring art accessories from Taiwan.

art-fair-tokyo-201324 Ying-hsiu Chen’s brooches look like sea anemones and corals.

art-fair-tokyo-201325 Ya-chen Hou’s vibrant wave-like ‘oversleeve’ is made from red copper wire.

art-fair-tokyo-201326 These shoulder pieces by Tsang-hsuan Lin are brilliantly cyber-punk.

art-fair-tokyo-201327 Min-ling Hsieh’s ‘Wherefore Series’ of rings made from 925 silver and zirkonia.

Art Fair Tokyo 2013
22nd – 24th March, 2013
Tokyo International Forum, Exhibition Hall

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