PingMag is back!

Yes, dear and loyal PingMag readers, it’s true. After five long years of rest, PingMag is back, and raring to go!

Five years. A lot has happened over that time, and much has changed around the world. For Japan, of course, the 2011 tsunami has had an enormous impact on the lives of so many people, and also altered the way many people here think about their country, too.

We hope to be able to bring you updates about some of the exciting things happening in northeast Japan, as rebuilding and regeneration continues.

And we have all sorts of other exciting plans too to look forward to in the coming months. As one of them, we are planning a series of in-depth interviews with influential and interesting Japanese people, starting tomorrow with a two-part discussion with ex-prime minister-turned-potter and artist, Morihiro Hosokawa. So look forward to that!

But our first job is to clean the rusty old cogs, and get PingMag up and running smoothly again. We will be updating the site regularly from next week, but in the meantime you can click through all the links on the right of this page, and browse through around 1,000 old articles from the archives.

You could start perhaps with this one, which became something of legendary article for Ping.

Cardboard box design

Or take a trip back to 2008, and remind yourself just how fabulous those decoden mobiles were back then, before smart phones took over!

Trend Watch Harajuku: Deco-den All Over!ll Over!

I’m sure there will be all kinds of hiccups as we get restarted, and things won’t go exactly as you, or we, would like. But it is thanks to you, dear readers, that we exist at all, so bear with us for a while, please, and we’ll do our best to bring you all the exciting and innovative things we can from here in Japan.

Best wishes,

Tom, and the PingMag team

  • Dee

    I was waiting for this day, thank you for keeping the archive, i
    remember going back to this archive from time to time when the old
    website was working.

    Welcome back Pingmag :-)

  • Bento

    I was waiting for this day…

  • manow

    Welcome Back!! Congratulations!

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    hey pingmag, long time no see!
    i’ve missed your interesting articles.
    welcome back!

  • Sergio K

    Congratulations! I’m really excited :D

  • Tomomi

    Congratulations! ワクワク

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    Hisashiburine~! Congrats!

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    finally, been waiting for this … Congrats and welcome back

  • Mimi Son

    Fantastic news! Super congratulations and I miss you, PinkMag!

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    I have Pingmag in my bookmark all this while, waiting its comeback! YEAH!

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    Amazing news! I’ve been waiting for you all this time! Welcome back!

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    Super sugoi!

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    So happy to see you back!

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    Yay to you! Thanks for bringing it back. This site was fundamental for me when my interest for Japan started. Please keep the inspiration coming!

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    Brilliant and unexpected news! Welcome back :)

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    Amazing news, thanks for being back!

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    This has made my day! Welcome back!

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  • Matt Robin

    Sugoi ne!

    I’m posting this news all over the place right now!! :)

    Good that you’re back.

  • karl

    Just a big thank you for keeping all URIs alive and not participating to the rotten Web. Refreshing!

    And I wish you 1,000,000 more articles for a 1000 years old Web site.

  • melsenpai

    Yessss!! I’m so pumped up for the return of PingMag!! :)

  • Aye Bru

    Ah… finally… Congratulations!

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    Wow, this is great, so glad you’re back!

  • Maureen

    So good to have you back! And funny that I should click on an old link to PingMag just today, not really expecting to find you open but always hopeful. A happy return for me and everyone!

  • Stewart

    I clicked pingmag the other day while going through one of my bookmark folders and was sad to see the entire site had been pulled… wasn’t expecting it to be for a new beginning! Congratulations! :D

  • linda

    i was editing my bookmarks today (which i’ve done maybe twice in my LIFE) and what do i find?? PINGMAG!!!

    oh my goodness, you’re making me rethink all the bookmarks i just dumped… but even if they were viable links they’d never make me as happy as you, PINGMAG.


  • Cathy

    Sooooo happy you guys are back! I’ve missed you!

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    THAT’s GREAT!!!!!! Okaeri!!!! ^____________^

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    Congratsss!! ^.^

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    Ping’s back! So great! The legend lives on!

  • Cho

    Wow! I still had yall booked on my RSS feed and saw some new posts. This is so exciting! Thanks for coming back!!!!

  • Adri Tirtoarrazaq

    OMG I’m so gonna tears of this, Yokataa! Pingmag is Aliveeeee! :D

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    Interesting to find pingmag on my google reader when it is about to close. Pingmag resurrected while Reader dies.

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    Yay, finally! Great to have you guys back!

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    Oh my god, my prayers have been answered, congratulations y muchas gracias¡

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    So glad you are back ♡

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  • jianji

    i am so happy pingmag is back.

    you know what, for a certain time i have to visit pingmag and check if it was going to rebirth, now it came.


  • MArk

    Soooo happy about this, your’e so back! I love PingMag! -Reader from the Philippines

  • Digory

    YYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Have you set up somewhere new? or in the same apartment off omotesando-dori??

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    welcome back!

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    I thought i came here to revisit old but great articles but much to my surprise, i found out that pingmag is back!! Welcome back!!!

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    Glad to see you back at it :-)

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    oh my gosh i just found out you guys are back!!!! i missed pingmag so much!!!!!!

  • Jenni

    So happy to read you again ! Congratulations and long live, your work is awesome. Avec tous mes voeux pour votre retour, et merci pour votre excellent travail. Bien à vous, de France.

  • Britbadger

    Welcome back. I’m glad today was the day I did my yearly check of whether PingMag was back up again…

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    This used to be the only site I’d learn about Japan on. i’m super excited now. Thanks so much for coming back!!

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    welcome back! hope it’s for good :D

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    pleased!! welcome back. And happy Xmas :)

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