Yes, we did it! A very warm welcome to the shopPingMag!

3 Years Of PingMag: Welcome To The Shop!

Beloved readership! PingMag just had its three-year anniversary. Already?! We still feel so fresh and bubbly! Over here in our Harajuku headquarters we were preparing to uncork the bottles and cut the giant cake. Yummy! And while we danced merrily around the big white meeting table, holding hands — being careful with the origami animals that are standing around — Tom Vincent, our honcho, was giving a little speech about our new baby, the shopPingMag. Please listen:

“Japan is a treasure trove of wonderful things: ancient skills, cutting-edge technology, smart and sharp modern designs and super-cute craziness — and so much more.

For three years here at PingMag, and PingMag MAKE, we have had the gracious opportunity to chase down some of those people, and things those people make to tell their stories to the world. Telling stories is great. Letting people know about fantastic things they might not find otherwise, and introducing the creators is the very least that we can do. But we can do more…
For three years, you, beloved reader, have been asking us over and over again: ‘Where can I get one of these?’ ‘Can I buy this online?’ And almost every time we sigh, and the only reply we can give is, ‘Sorry, there’s no online shop for overseas…’

So, we decided to do it ourselves! We built shopPingMag.

The new SHOP. Feel free to enter.

shopPingMag is an online shopping site for Japanese individuals, artisans, creators and small-businesses to sell their products overseas. All is available directly from the makers or the specialty shop that handles their wares, and we will be presenting them to you from time to time.

We have only just begun. The system is new, and no doubt there will be hiccups. But over the next months and years even, we will be travelling all across Japan hunting down as many wonderful things as we can, and our hope is that, finally, all the many artisans, designers, individuals and small-businesses across the country will have the opportunity to open a new, direct (online) window to the world. And you, our beloved readers, will finally have a chance to get some of the novelties that Japan has to offer!

We are quite excited to invite you to our new venture, and welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have for shops and products in shopPingMag! Remember, your commitment has been the catalyst that kicked us into action, and has kept us cheerfully going. And your words of encouragement will keep shopPingMag buzzing, alive and Pinging!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!”


Why is shopPingMag special?!

So let’s see what the shop has for you and what the people in it have to say about our idea. Take, for example, Tokyoartbeat known for their exquisite T-shirt editions with Tokyo-based designers. Just to name a few Ping friends whom you might be familiar with by now: Shantell Martin, Dainippon Type Organization, Alexander Gelman, Nobumasa Takahashi or PMKFA. They are delighted to present two new motifs in the shopPingMag: A delicate one by Tada Reiko of girls punk band Lakin’ The Kiiiiiii and an enthralling pink mantra by illustrator KO-ZOU.
Come in and have a look now!

Tokyoartbeat’s new Tee collection. Tasty! Photo taken in a Love Hotel by Rie Sahara. See more of it in the shop!

Paul Baron of TAB says: “The shopPingMag is important because beyond TAB and a couple of other sites, it is really hard to read about Japanese creators in English, let alone buy some of their goods in an English interface! Can’t wait to see what kind of funky goods make it to the shopPingMag shelves!”

TAB and Ping “share the same passion, a passion to broadcast Japanese creative talent beyond borders, to make the inaccessible accessible!” Well put, Paul, thanks!

The Parashell by Di Cesare Design Inc.: uniquely shaped parasols that resemble sea shells! Want one? Over here!

John Di Cesare of Di Cesare Design Inc, the wonderful Parashell parasol and umbrella maker (check out his unique shell-shaped parasols in our shop!) adds, “There is so much interesting and unique design going on here that is rarely seen outside of Japan. The Ping shop changes this! People who are interested in Japanese design finally have a venue to buy goods that up to now have been limited to an ‘only available in Japan’ audience.
Very true!

giraffe’s funky ties…

… come in a great variety. Mind the bug! Grab them here!

And Norihiro Sunaga of uber-stylish giraffe tie maker thinks the new shopPingMag is the thing because:
“Japanese culture? Art? The fun things? PingMag has been introducing all the ‘good things’ of Japan as we know it today to the world from diverse perspectives. And the shop is a fantastic system that not only broadcasts but allows people to actually lay their hands on it and experience it!”
Yes! Yes! And we want one of your wildly patterned ties so badly! The one with pleats or the other one with pompoms.

A chic men’s handbag! By CLASKA. Over here!

Lastly, Dan Ushikubo of CLASKA, the chic design hotel in Meguro, Tokyo, with its special artisans-from-Japan gallery Do neatly sums it up: “There is no similar place on the web for Japanese artisans’ works to get introduced to the world.”
It warms our heart to hear this! Especially when we check his goodies in the shop, ranging from artful chopsticks, a wind chime or a fine Yukata to a men’s handbag. We don’t have to tell you that this is so hot over here

Oh, CLASKA’s intriguingly patterned Yukata! Lay your hands on it here!
Or maybe an artfully crafted chopstick set? By CLASKA. More info here!

Easy To Use

shopPingMag is one quite special shop. Folks in it tell us why:
“The Ping shop concept is very designer/artisan-friendly. It’s ease of use and simplicity keep me free to work on design instead of having to worry about the complexities of online sales,” says John Di Cesare.
And Katsunori Aoki of butterfly-stroke inc. (BTF) affirms, “The nice thing about it is its easy-to-participate format, I think.
The fact that many creators from across the world are looking at the site perfectly matched our target and that’s why we decided to take part in it.”

ULATRAMAN’s Gander by butterfly-stroke inc…

… and his equally handsome companion called King Bokkuru. By BTF. Want it?

King-Joe Giant size of the ULTRAMAN series by BTF…

And the Mefirasu Seijin, also from ULTRAMAN by BTF. Get them here!

Yes, please! We have been waiting for your ULTRAMAN toys so loong!

OK, OK –: if you want something really sophisticated instead, make sure to roam around the galaxy in a glass cube by Living World, or one of their special hour glasses showing the time the sun’s rays take to reach earth…

Living World’s “galaxy in a glass cube.” One special gift! Available here.

We Did It!

And mind how many sleepless hours the Ping team spent on this beloved new shop. Setting it up was quite a task.

Paul Baron knows for sure from his own never-ending TAB work: “Putting a site like this together is an enormous task, and we should all lend a hand where we can to help the shop build a huge audience and also suggest new creators that we think should be on the shelves! Long live the shopPingMag and congrats to the team!”
The Ping Shop is “very significant/suggestive and still in progression,” chuckles Dan Ushikubo of CLASKA. Yes, very true! Lots of more joyous products, toys and gadgets are to come…

The last word at our anniversary and launch party has Norihiro Sunaga of giraffe about shopPingMag:

“ping!! ping!! ping!! ♪”


Folks, any suggestions for Japanese products and stores you’d like to have in shopPingMag are more than welcome!!

  • K-milo


    As a regular reader of PingMag i have to say that this is very cool!!!

    Your features rock and really i can’t expect less from shopPingMag.

  • vickib

    I am so excited about this. I love PingMag and often scour the internet after reading an article to find out where I can get some of the features.
    Yeahy for shopPingMag!!!!

  • Badger

    Wow, the shop looks really nice. I would like to suggest that there should be a currency converter option for buyers outside of JPN.

  • selena

    Hey Badger, it looks like there’s an exchange rates link right below the price on the product page.

  • Lynn

    It’s been a looooooong time coming!!
    Congrats Pingmag! <3

  • x_xabier

    congrats for the shop. i hope this have a good sales ( sorry for my english)

  • MK

    I just came back from Japan with little cash left and now you are making me spend more (haha)! Congrats and thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Hope the shop will do well.


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    Must get the gaijin out of my country!

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    one word : Finally

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    AWESOME Idea! Great to see pingmag expanding!

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    yay its open! the art beat shirts are killer!

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    Good news indeed. Can I request you feature hamaraki in your shop? I’ve wanted them ever since that article on pingmag.

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    One word cool!

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    pingmag I love you!

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    I like that leather bag from Ken Nishijo, but it’s so exspansive.

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    thank you for all your hard work and effort for making this out!
    i would love to buy them when i have my own credit card^^

  • Rafael Masoni

    The shop seems nice! Too bad I don’t have an international credit card :/
    As a loyal reader, I wish you the best luck!

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    Yess!! I love this new advancement!
    Many thanks and kudos!

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    happy birthday, Mis.PingMag!

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    futuristic. eh

  • J

    Great job Ping Mag! I love your magazine and a shop is a really good idea.

    Please sell the “haramaki” that you wrote about in an article while back!

    They look great and would be just the thing that we need here in cold Scandinavia!

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    Could you please sell some of the Hassak rubber stamps? They are beautiful and unique. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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