Right, this is a soy sauce dispenser with a <a href=”http://www.kikkoman.co.jp/50th/index.html”>GOLDEN cap</a> (for Kikkoman’s 50th anniversary in Amercia). So what? Well, it may be the most famous item to win one of those prestigious <a href=”http://www.g-mark.org/search/Detail?id=20320&sheet=outline&lang=en”>G-Mark</a> awards for its cleverly functional packaging design.

Japanese Packaging Design #4:<br>Go Eco!

We recently introduced you to the intriguing beauty of Japanese gift packaging (yummy!). But, beloved readers, so many of you were nagging in your comments about the amount of waste produced (very true!) that we had to come up with a different approach. So PingMag proudly presents some of the most interesting objects that just nabbed one of the annual Good Design Awards for functional and eco-friendly design. Here we go:

Written by Bianca Beuttel

The What

The Good Design Award, also called G-Mark, is Japan’s most internationally-renowned design prize. This year, 2,945 items were submitted, and over one third of them received an award: 1,043 pieces! But let’s cut back on numbers and focus on some favourites: Since they are all domestic, they might give us some further insight into aspects of contemporary Japanese packaging design.

Initially, Good Design was related to product design only. That’s why the Communication Design category – which includes packaging design – is a recent addition established in 2001. The Good Design Award itself was founded in 1957 to educate the society at large on the new role that design can play.

One Symbol Of Modern Japanese Civilisation

Smeary but  elegant – and a nice colour combination: the Kikkoman Soy Sauce Dispenser in use, designed by GK Graphics.

Design can have a great role in terms of functionality. So no wonder that outstanding ideas like the Kikkoman Soy Sauce dispenser received a ‘G-Mark’ prize in 1993. And not before time, considering that this small elegant bottle has become a piece of Japanese design history as well as an integral part of modern Japanese life.

This special dispenser was launched in 1961 when, due to economic growth, many young people were moving from the countryside to work in the cities. Until then, soy sauce had been sold in litre bottles and decanted into a ceramic pot to be used at the table. But for single-person households of this new generation, the new dispenser proved much more convenient, and looked quite pretty on the table.

”G = 6.67259×10-11m3·s-2·kg-1” is the magic formula for its evaluation criteria: Good Design Award 2007’s Communication Design itself – here on a cardboard box at Tokyo Big Sight. By the way, the graphics this year are by Katsunori Aoki, who is also doing the design for our little PingMag CAN ad network.

So, this year’s Communication Design jury consisted of art director Kazufumi Nagai, Kashiwa Sato (CD / art director), and graphic designer Taku Satoh. They had to tackle these three questions:

  1. Is it a good design?

  2. Is it a superior design?

  3. Is it a design that breaks new ground for the future?

Complete Design Concepts

What would that be for? , an elegant approach to incense packaging.

Inside and out, this design connects centuries: outside, a box, defined by simple geometric shapes and bold colours; inside, the pieces of incense seem archaic and mythical in their shape and ornament. The very nature of Issimbow is the wisdom of a 1,000-year-old Japanese medical book which also gave the brand its name.

Stylish! Issimbow’s complete design concept by Shin Matsunaga.

The three types of incense go with different shapes and colours, various sized boxes, bags and posters. Lovely! No wonder, the entire branding of Issimbow was given a G-Mark.

Delicate Labeling

Who wouldn’t take a sip of sake out of these lovely bottles! Denshin, a brand of four kinds of Japanese rice wine by Ippongi.

Sadly, this didn’t win an award – but we love this packaging approach. The “Denshin” brand consists of four different kinds of sake. The different flavours are bottled in different colours: brown, green, white or blue. These colours interact with the label, which is the same on all four types: the characters of the brand name are cut out of Japanese paper, to resemble jagged, edged brushstrokes. The way laser-cutting technology is applied to the Japanese aesthetics here preserves its careful simplicity, but adds a contemporary feel.

Bottle Haute Couture

Fragility by Kenzo Parfums: “Flower by Kenzo” (left), delicate flacon by Serge Mansau; “Kenzo Amour” (right), slender shapes by Karim Rashid.

Next, we get to the ultimate challenge in packaging design: a perfume flacon! Like the creations of the haute couture designers themselves, the perfumes, the packaging and the complete communication design has to come up with something as stunning as the fragrance.

Since perfume is a luxury item enchanting you with its scent, it is linked to art. Like a sculpture, the opaque flacons of “Kenzo Amour” and their curved silhouettes change from angle to angle; like poetry, the theme of “Flower by Kenzo,” a poppy that blooms between the asphalt of the city, is a metaphor for delicate toughness. Both were winners…

“Let the product speak for itself”

As in the past, Shiseido has been an eager submitter – and won again this year. The company has a long tradition of design awareness in its products. Shinzo Fukuhara (1883-1948), Shiseido’s first president, established the company’s design department in the 1920s and his maxim, Let the product speak for itself, became the slogan. Progressive for its time, it is still essential to the Shiseido`s philosophy until today.

Voluptuous shapes in a pleasant colour: Chikara hair care by Shiseido.

Among this year’s winners, the hair care line “Chikara” illustrates this philosophy: The bottle reflects the concept of a super mild shampoo to be used by every member of the family. Its warm, bright and cheerful colour and its details are reminiscent of gentle water drops or soft clouds; in a practical sense, even little children’s hands can open its easy-grip cap, upon which the bottle can stand securely when turned upside down to get at that very last drop. A truly universal design.

Chewing Gum Graphics

ACUO green mint chewing gum designed by Nendo. Manufacturer Lotte Co., Ltd. recently launched another flavour: blue mint. Refreshing!

It’s about time chewing gum was given the modern graphic design treatment. Here, the O of the product’s name ACUO – typed in Helvetica – indicates where the product has its effect: in your mouth and throat. The green and silver colours define the fresh, clean, and minty quality of the gum. A stylish treat, and a must-have for your pocket.

Shochu Wonders

Yes, you can drink that! “Yaoki” shochu bottle. Design by dentsu Kyushu for Renaissance Project Co., Ltd.

Spiced with local flavour: The “Yaoki” shochu, a spirit distilled from potatoes, comes in this extravagant bottle made of Arita porcelain. Both products, emblematic of the Japanese island of Kyushu, came together for this utmost stylish (and award-winning) collaboration. Simple geometric shapes and lines fashion the bottle and typography in a way that is both modern and nostalgic: this modernistic shape recalls a 1920s or ’30s design, and also, the product name, “Yaoki,” relates to an old Japanese proverb: Rise eight times after falling seven. Meaning, like a roly-poly doll, it always rises again. The message here would be: Just drink alcohol and you’ll get over it. Or is it: You’ll stagger like this if you drink too much? Actually, no. The intended message is, of course: Never give up!

Sometimes, products can be a bit too talkative…

Functional In Every Situation

Always ready to eat – the Eco Emergency Rice” from the Niigata prefecture.

…and sometimes they convey too little: Japanese might read the fine prints on the product – “pre-cooked dried rice” and “good for five years” – and conclude that this rice is to be stored and only eaten in an emergency. In fact, the “Eco Emergency Rice” is a submission by a manufacturer in the Niigata prefecture, an area that has suffered several earthquakes in recent years…

The product is adapted to those severe conditions with a stand-up pouch having an important double function: Besides protecting the nourishment inside, it is used as dish for preparing the food – just add hot or cold water – and then serves as a plate for eating. Although the item didn’t receive a G-Mark, it illustrates to us the true importance of design: a worthwhile concept with a good visual translation made into an appealing and meaningful object.

Environmental Considerations…

Looks like an onigiri rice cake package… but it’s baby leaf salad inside!

Made of a tetrahedron-shaped film, this package for baby leaf salad accomplishes many tasks: It protects and displays the content; it opens easily; and it reduces the amount of packaging material used. Moreover, it’s almost weightless, allowing easy transport and storage, thus saving energy and resources. The list could go on and on…

Opened so easily! Designed by Goto Norio. Several other uses, e. g. for sweets or crackers, are considered as well.

However, the unique point is that, after opening, the package remains useful: It becomes a nice boat-shaped dish with its contents ready to serve. An amazing idea with great potential: The awarded concept also received a special prize for “Small and Medium Enterprises.”

Refill Is The Deal

Who needs a plastic bottle if you can take a refill for real: non-bottled hair care products by B!Road.

Usually you’d buy a refill when your shampoo runs out… But the B!Road hair care line is only available in packages resembling those very refill pouches! Moreover, instead of pouring the content into another bottle, these pouches – stabilised with a stand and outfitted with a dispenser – can be used directly. Clever!

The concept upgrades economic and environmental advantages of the refill pouches (light, compact, reduced material use) and was appreciated by the jury.

Refill Noodles?!

Reduce And Reuse: Eco-Style Cup Noodles by Nissin.

When it comes to food, reuse and refill are delicate matters in terms of hygiene. So, how to make ecological behaviour more appealing in this field? Here we go: Eco-Style Cup Noodles combine finance and fun: For once, refills are cheaper than ordinary cups noodles. Second, the reusable cup can be customised into a cute “My Noodle Cup” with various jackets! Why not?!

Eco = Fun! Customise your reusable cup with numerous jackets or even create your own individual one.

These refill cup noodles won an award, of course: Any effort to reduce the huge amounts of disposable polystyrene waste is always welcome.

Cutsie Cute Designs

Oh, kawaii! Dairy manufacturer Chichiyasu started its re-branding with these two yogurt products. Design by doppo.

For sure, charming mascots and sweet little characters are undoubtedly the key to selling products in Japan. Dairy manufacturer Chichiyasu became aware of its cute character Chiibou’s potential. And, as part of a re-branding process, they gave it more importance. It even became the symbol of the company! A concept now rewarded with a G-Mark. But you probably already know that in Japan, there is a whole universe of cutsie cute characters, trying to lure you into buying all manner of products.

Who said trash bags need to be grey or blue?

Being responsible for your trash is more fun with this Garbage Bag Art by MAQ Inc.!

Though this nice Garbage Bag Art was not submitted to the “Communication Design” category, we still do think that this kind of package is relevant to our discussion about packaging design.

Three of the four sweet designs available: Garbage Bag Art by MAQ Inc..

This concept comments on the trash situation in Tokyo by trying to alter the typical scenery all inhabitants are familiar with: Since there are no dumpsters (you just drop your trash bags at the indicated gomi corner), on garbage collection days ugly piles of trash bags grow all over the city. Now these cute bags lighten the situation up a bit. Do a little art happening by accumulating the bags with your neighbours! Okay, just a thought…

Lastly, congrats to all the winners! Have a look at the list in the Communication Design category.

One thing: Good packaging design makes “Good Design” affordable for every budget – and available at any combini.

See the jury’s statements about Gatsby Hair Wax, Suntory Oolong tea, Pepsi Nex, Iemon Green Tea, Acuo Chewing Gum, and Xylitol Chewing Gum.

For more on that, check out the Design Japan: 50 Creative Years With the Good Design Awards compendium, presenting the finest of Japanese product design.

Oh! Something was missing today… Ah, PET bottles, of course! This part of our everyday design will be featured in the lovely next part of this extensive series. Watch out for it…

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    Honestly. Remember the first time you tried to open a convenience store Onigiri?
    Perhaps it’s just me.

  • razori

    My family and I have always been fascinated with Japanese packaging, unique and innovative yet functionable. =) What really caught my eye was the onigiri packaging. And so easy to open as well! The customizeable cup noodles seem lots of fun too. ^^ And I have the “Flower by Kenzo” perfume as well! I am totally in love with the perfume bottle and box! Thumbs up to Japanese packaging.



    Thx 4 the great article!

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    My family and I have always been fascinated by the ability of Japanese packaging to choke porpoises and baileen whales in new and exciting ways just through sheer over-packaging, gratuitous use of plastic, excessive styrofoam, bright colors that look like their natural food, and squishy sleeves on fruit. It would be amazing if some of these designers instead opted to not design useless, but pretty, landill feed. The onigiri-style salad packaging is just flat-out depressing. As if convenience stores here needed to be any more convenient. Nissin needs to quit using styrofoam (as does Tsukiji, for that matter. Check out the styrofoam muntain that accumulates overnight there daily sometime). And as for the rocketship shochu bottle… I drink shochu for one reason only – TO GET FUCKED-UP. It tastes like garbage, so why pretty it up? I conject that the judges could have been a bit more discerning. But, then again, then they wouldn’t get wonderful design projects for much-needed design innovations like SMAP soda, right? Ping!

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    I agree with the person whose name wishes to be withheld.

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    the B!Road shampoo containers are nearly a good idea, but it’d be better if they made only one bottle that when empty you bring back to your local shop to be refilled. we do this in england with washing up liquid etc. for the http://www.ecover.com range of products.

    It’d be great to see a chain of shops where you can simply take containers/bottles to be refilled with various products. ‘Refill’ supermarkets.

  • graham

    when i was in tokyo, i was shocked at how much plastic is over used to package everything, especially fruit and vegetables. And the salad in the supermarkets was depressing. For a start it’s only a tiny portion compared to English salad bags. And worse – the packaging uses really thick plastic.

    So that ‘baby leaf’ salad packaging looks to be at least made from thinner plastic. +1 for that.

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