Beautiful! That looks really like a lot of work, this artwork on your nails! "Gold × Camellia," designed for kimono occasions by Megumi Furukawa of "1st Choice Nails."

The Intricate Science Of Nail Art

The Japanese nail art scene is presumably one of the most vibrants in the world. Why? Look at the hordes of Shibuya garu that practically live to care about their looks! It has to be more than just nail stickers for casual nail fashion; salons are dotted all about town to enhance you with the most elaborately designed nail chips. Today, PingMag had our nails done E20-007 by Megumi Furukawa of 1st Choice Nails and asked her all about creative stereoscopic nail art!

Written by Ryoko
Translated by Natsumi Yamane

Nail chips habitually used by many women (and some men, of course) are artificial nails with stylish designs that only need to be glued to your natural nails to glam up the fingertips. Many of Megumi’s nail chips are designed with a sense of season or with different styles to suit a variety of fashions just like jewellery and accessories.

White E20-011 (plastic) wedding! A set of made-to-order nail chips called “Real Lace × White Rose.” Apparently, very popular for this special occasion.

To Match the Overall Appearance

Megumi says: “When I think of a design, I’m most inspired by large-scale needlework shops, where I can expand my images just by looking at laceworks and needlecraft supplies. For made-to-order nail chips, I usually ask for a photo of the actual dress or kimono the client is going to wear and then think of the image, colours, and the overall design to suit the client’s request.”

Kawaii! Goldfish swim in softened water colours – over your fingers.

Intricate Sakura, cherry blossoms, all together with a cloisonné nail piece. Oh my!

A traditional pattern based on the colour purple, a noble colour in Japan.

A motif with dolphin illustrations carried over all of the nails.

According to Megumi, though stereoscopic and Japanesque designs are popular over here they are still rare in other countries. That is why foreign visitors are often puzzled to see this delicate art. Look at these works by Megumi Furukawa: nail art on a high level of sophistication!

Wow! Another beautiful, Japanese hydrangea-themed design on a stylish black background.

No Nail Art Boundaries

Megumi Furukawa: “These days, there is no stereotypical thinking on what nail art should be. I usually design something that basically looks cute or something that makes people want to try it on rather than anything eccentric or unique and artistic. Moreover, I would be even happier if men appreciate more women wearing my nail chips and regard that as sexy, charming and sophisticated.”

A walking Christmas tree! A set of Christmas nail chips in a strong festive red. Look at those tiny, delicate frost patterns!
Gorgeous crown jewellery to go with your ball gown!

The Science of Making

3d nail art with stereoscopic designs is made by quickly applying a paint-like substance called ‘mixture’ over the nails and forming the shape you want before drying. When creating designs such as flowers, each part is made individually in advance, then put together and glued on to the nail chip.

Watch the making of a 3d blossom on a nail chip! Much faster than you might imagine…

Megumi: “3d art takes about three to four minutes to make but more detail requires around twenty minutes. However, a 10-piece set of nail chips with rhinestones and lots of other decorations requires about two hours to make, more elaborate designs even take around three hours to finish.”

“Pink × Black with Cherry” to bring out the beauty of cherry blossoms! Colourful!
This is definitely for a kimono occasion: “Purple × Pink Japanese.” Unfortunately, already sold out!

Megumi Furukawa’s uber stylish designs can instantly change the ambience of people’s hands – what a titillating attraction for feminine psychology! Do the guys agree on that?

Roses! Roses! Roses! How romantic! Need we say more?

Furukawa: “The greatest appeal of nail art lies in its way of allowing women to be feminine. Even a light manicure makes women conscious of their feminine demeanour. This is my greatest pleasure!”

Megumi Furukawa of 1st Choice Nails, thank you very much for your time! You absolutely have to show us more of your beautiful creative nail art.

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  • Anonymous

    holy crap! they look freaky

  • Anonymous

    the lady in the video has plain regular french manicured fingers…which look very nice btw… but is wanting us to find these nails sexy, charming and sophisticated?

    te decorated nails are charming but a far far cry from being sophisticated.

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  • aozora


  • sara

    they’re pretty but… how can you do anything with your hands when you’re wearing them? haha.

  • Akai

    Wow! They look really beautiful, but I think they’d look freaky in any girl’s hands :P

  • Stubrach Clothing 128

    Stubrach Clothing 128, is a street wear label from Melbourne based designers Skribble Studios, combining tattoo styled logo’s with graffesque lettering for both men’s and women’s apparel.

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  • Paavani

    So beautiful.
    Love to have it on my nail and
    flaunt :)

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  • Laynie

    So not my thing, but the black and silver set is so OTT it’s almost delightful.

  • Laynie

    Okay after watching the video, I gotta say that takes serious skill, and practice. But I still wouldn’t have that on my nails, my hands do too much work on a daily basis for that sort of luxury.

    Maybe on a keychain. shrugs

  • Shantell Martin

    But they don’t beat the ones I used to get done in Brixton back in the day…. All acrylic and with lovely ghetto airbrushed patterns!

  • laris

    The detail is interesting and all, but I would run from any woman with these nails. Talk about “high maintenance…”

  • milo

    Long gaudy nail are perfect when you want to make sure that you are going home alone. No male finds these attractive.

  • milo

    Stubrach, how is your bullshit spam relevant here?

  • these nails are actually pretty disgusting. bad taste topped to the worst.

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  • David

    How about “fun”

  • Chaz

    as stomach churning as these may be, and believe me I’m praying for the day this cheesy fashion dies out here in Japan, I think the way Japanese manicurists seem to be convinced that toe nails look cool when grown long and shaped like finger nails and then painted various shades of mettalic blue is way worse

  • jayhan

    This is awesome! Great piece of nail art. Never saw nail art this artistically complicated!

  • Lulu

    Oh these are really classy – i really like those dolphins, I mean that’s something I want to wear to my job interview. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pope himself wore them. Truly stunning!

  • Anonymous

    They are pretty, except they would be unattractive and a bit disturbing on an actual person. Maybe nice on a mannequin? Interesting comment about the Pope…

  • Anonymous


  • Bodd

    I am reminded of that sketch on SNL… ‘Corn Chip Nail Tips’

  • Naomi

    Naomi, I saw this…I think you should do your fingernails like these pictures!!! HOW LONG WOULD THEY LAST???????!!!! Mary

  • Anonymous

    they really look pretty and sophisticated but you might not do any household work to maintain them.
    Hey! they may scratch your skin.

  • Kenna

    WTF??? I’m a nail tech and I point to the door when some one asks me to do nail “art” for them. That is pure crap, esthetically speaking. Although I do agree alot of work and “skill” goes into producing something as extraordinarily tacky as that.

  • Anonymous

    Wow nothing like understated elegance

  • LaLiz

    I find them lovely, in a tacky way. I love kitschy stuff! Definitely would wear them.

  • yaschan

    Yes, Japanese nail art seems to be excuisitive in it’s own way. As a man, maybe I can find my own ones that would suit me somehow?

  • Anonymous

    Love the narrow-minded comments (unsurprisingly, from English speakers)! You can almost smell the general unimaginative approach to fashion :P

    As with all things, whether or not nail art ends up looking tacky, disgusting, cheesy, or freaky depends on the wearer and her choice of wardrobe. It works on some people (usually those with long fingers and oval-shaped nails).

    The most user-friendly, in my opinion, is the Purple x Pink Japanese style.

    I hope this artform is here to stay!

  • Kumiko

    ahaha so pretty love japanese nail art but i like mroe of the kawaii ones

  • Anonymous

    I love these nails, and they truly are an art form. Apparently some of you don’t like to connect fashion to art. If someone wants to wear these nails, more power to them.

  • Shieldmaiden96

    These are pretty to look at, but I’d be concerned about being able to properly wash one’s hands while wearing them.

  • nwl

    Frankly, I’m kind of astonished by the negative reviews to this article. If gus react so well to the over-the-top fashion common to women nowadays (read: the clothes that keep on getting skimpier), what’s wrong with these over-the-top nails?

    It’s a wonderful form of art that has an amazing aesthetic beauty. Plus, it discourages disgusting habits in women (i.e. digging ears, picking noses, biting nails, scratching bottoms).

    Elaborate designs are sometimes the way to go. So yay to Japanese nail art!

  • yukiko

    i really got some great ideas.. hope you don’t mind i am going to copy some of the designs and try and do it for myself. i live in hawaii… japanese nails are so hot here. tottemo kawaii yo.

  • Anonymous

    Oh I really love it.. ~ Very beautiful! I will start with this (get equipment til christmas ^^). very much inspiration! ~~ ¨

  • http://thebestintheworld daisy shaw

    good nails not bad

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  • petra

    thats an ass hole

  • Sabri Ugur KUCUKOGUT

    The samples are wonderful.I would like to contact with designers,artists. Is it possible ? Can you help me ?
    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    sosoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty

  • Sabri Ugur KUCUKOGUT

    How can I contact with nail art designers / artists.I need their names and e-mails.Thank you.
    With my best wishes.

  • Anonymous

    i would like to wear them on my wedding day.

  • Venessa

    That’s so awesome how the art is done on the nail…

  • ~babyV`

    wow! thats really good! but some just not my type!

  • Bioyn

    dose 1st Choice Nails mail to europe?

  • AmericanGirlinJapan

    I live in Japan, and see these nails alllll the time. Truth of the matter is that the extreme 3D designs are for special occassions, parties, and the like. But, normal, everyday nails are also artistically painted and pretty to see. I would have never thought I would sport these, but after living here for a year, I get mine done every 2 weeks without fail. As for men’s opinions, they always compliment me, want to look at my nails, and in general love it. A woman who takes care of her apperance is appreciated in any culture.

  • AmericanGirlinJapan

    Search for Nail Venus Magazine to see some more everyday designs.

  • http://none heather

    beautiful nails, but don’t you think they are a little to much for every day life, i mean don;t get me wrong i love them i am just saying that they are a little out there

  • Meg W.

    The designs are so whimsical and fun! I love them… I think anyone would be intrigued by a lady so dedicated that she could maintain such a style.

  • Katsiya

    Wow so beautifull :3 Wish I could do that the cherry blossom ones were amazing!

  • moira

    oooo is very nice im from malta

  • Katey

    Well it’s not JUST Japanese nail art, it’s pretty popular everywhere. And it’s very long lasting, no house work or any other work can destroy them for at least 1 week, and they CANNOT scratch you if you do them properly! That’s ALL!

  • lyn

    Im sorry but thats just ugly to me

  • Joanne

    stunning. absolutely stunning

  • UK_gal

    AmericanGirlInJapan, what I would give to be in your position! I became interested in nail art through following the Japanese “gyaru” culture. I don’t care what says anyone else; in MY opinion these nails are mini works of art! Right now I’m a trainee nail tech and I would dearly love to be able to get hold of the deco that they use in Japan and of course learn the techniques of applying it properly. I can only get so far on my own and I cannot find anyone in the UK who teaches how to make more elaborate nails like these. Anyone who may have any info with regards to the above, please contact me!

  • croatia

    i think they are unussual…some of them are great,but some are realy ugly..and thez are to long, i think they should be shorter and then it will be amasing…kiss

  • Rhea

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, that’s AWSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TJ

    These are so pretty ^-^. I wish I could get my nails done like these.. absolutely love the goldfish ones ^-^ It’s nice to see some real dedication going into somethign that, in my area, is just a job for girls that can’t be bothered to learn… it takes a true artist to do somethign like this.

  • Anonymous


  • Tiffa

    I have had nail art like this done a few times (gel and acrylic with loads of gemstones and 3d art) and i work in a job where there is a ton of cleaning and washing every day. They stayed pristine for over a month. They are thick with rounded ends so it’s impossible to scratch yourself. They are more blunt than real nails. I have just started at an asian school to specialize in Japanese style nail design. Only in Richmond, BC can you find an asian nail tech school lol.

    I’ve received so many positive comments from customers regarding my nails =D Once you get used to them, you can easily type, clean, scrub etc. without any troubles. Just need to try them once to see how much fun they are! And DURABLE.

  • Katherine


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  • nailart

    i like nails with black polish i wanna kiss i wanna put inmy ass!!

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  • MrsEazy-E

    Sum of those nail designs lyke the ones with the dolphins,red & black, the other red but they would be cuter if they were longer & it didn’t have all that crap on it
    I wear my nailz longer that wit the designs on every nail & it is waaaaaaay prettier & I get really nice compliments on them

  • sarah

    OMG i would beat all the girls in my whole office if i got any of these

  • sansan

    Seriously, how are you able to do anything with those on?! And how about the ones with lace on them, what happens when you wash your hands? It must get disgusting after a few days of wear.

    That lady in the video doesn’t have any of that crap on her nails, and it only proves that you can’t do anything with it on, or else she’d be showing off her designs herself. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • grace

    where can I buy this? I live in CA, USA

  • Anonymous

    i’ve had these nails and i lovee it!!
    and i can still do the same things like…..type and other things!
    they are not hard to deal with!

  • Anonymous

    these are nice but not on me

  • nell

    what’s the “mixture” for the 3D nails?

  • Jnn

    I have posted some of my sample work on my flick.
    I have been obsessed with Japanese nail art ever since I was young teen. It’s far more than a trend, it’s an art form, an expression. I match them with my overall outfit.

    I do them for fun, for inspiration and they do make great gifts. It’s just one of those things you have to get used to, like a new facial piercing.



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  • Joey

    These are lovely, but I only consider them as art and as an accessory for a special photo shoot or ocassion. I wouldn’t wear them everyday as it would get in my way of doing the daily stuff myself and most people do…

  • thu le

    I can’t believe some people are so closed minded. Art is beautiful no matter how wierd it is. People who so bad things about it is closed minded and have no talent!!

  • icy violet

    sooooooooooooooo lovely…
    I love them…
    nail art are so interesting…

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  • Chnealn

    I think that these designs are good but i don’t like how they have jewls on them. It would be much easier and funner to do them without the jewls

  • Chnealn


  • Chnealn

    on a scale of 1-10 i would rate this -10023847589328328. Sorry artists

  • Bob

    What’s perceived as “Good Design” also depends on the viewers culture. In Sweden and other Scandinavia countries, minimalist design is considered good design as the culture is for a person not to stand out too much. In East European countries many women like 3d acrylic art nails and to express themselves through their nails.

    There are lots of nail art techniques – acrylic is just one. It’s possible to create sophisticated designs, party designs, wedding designs or whatever for every culture. The point is to have fun!

  • magicponyrainbows

    These are off the muthafuckin CHAIN! so dope!!!!!!!!!

  • Miz_Em

    I can’t believe the haters here! Seriously square people… When I was in Japan I had my nails done this way. I can tell you it didn’t get in the way of my daily life at all and they lasted brilliantly for four whole weeks! I could still type, carry, and wash things. If you get them done it helps in they’re rounded (unless you’re used to square nails). They didn’t lose their shine or parts. It took four hours to do. It is true though that some people just can’t handle having nails like these.

    If anyone knows a place in Portland, Oregon, Toronto, or NYC that does these nails, please share!

  • Anh Linh Tran

    Where can I buy this mixture of the stereoscopic design?

  • Paul

    maybe you can try at they’ll help you to buy stuff in japan.

  • laura

    re milo:
    actually a lot of guys find ott nails attractive.

  • colourgirlie

    Wow.. I’m really surprised at the fact that many people here don’t realize that these nail tips are NOT FOR EVERYDAY WEAR. This is why they come with nail adhesives. Basically, these are custom press-on nails. This way, someone can wear them for a special occasion and then save them for another time.


  • Samara

    i live in holland but where could i get/buy/order this “mixture”?
    I want to do this to!
    Please let me know!

  • Samara

    i live in holland but where could i get/buy/order this “mixture”?
    I want to do this to!
    Please let me know!

  • Anonymous

    those look nice in the pics… but i cant imagine anyone actually wearing them, even if it was only for a lil while

  • Talia

    These nails are so much better than the plain boring french manicures that EVERY ONE has!
    I wish I could find a place that would do them in NY- one place does it but it would be like…100$

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  • nicolette

    can these nails be done in the u.s?? like houston

  • nicolette

    if anyone knows e-mail me at

  • nicolette
  • rudy
  • Yui

    Ahh, I remember when I used to wear these. I wore them all the time, but I’d get in trouble at school.

    But I thought that since I moved to America, I’d get to wear them more often, even in school. I’ve tried to look at nail salons & it’s nothing to what I expected. Oh well. -____-;

  • yeah yeah

    i really don’t understand why so many ppl are giving negative comments about this. it’s an artform…

  • yolanda

    I just had this done. I was quite amazed but love the work……

  • JewelD

    Lovely – I love these, but I would just want a shorter nail, natural length – I must use my fingers! :)

  • Replica Designer Handbags

    Nail chips habitually used by many women and more and more popular recently.I like this one: Gorgeous crown jewellery to go with your ball gown! In fact,more beautiful ones will cost more money.So some people still couldn’t enjoy this well.

  • leslie

    Japanese nail art is truly amazing….actually they are pretty popular all over east asia now (taiwan, hong kong, korea)…it’s only these americans who seem to be against such creativity…just because it hasnt reached the US and youre not used to seeing them doesnt mean theyre ugly. it’s no wonder the american population is considered the least stylish in the world. the everyday american person wouldnt exactly be considered sophisticated or stylish either if you ask me…and if youre wondering, I’m asian-american

  • http://nailsart

    love it! love it!i am practicing on my own already doing gel,acrylic,nail arts but i need more practice but your are beautiful.
    annie ( belize )

  • http://mekolli dini


  • aaa-handbag

    Too beautiful, if in the past made good on GUCCI handbags
    Powered by

  • brittany

    wow takes alot of work but wtf… who would wear them??? those are really ugly

  • evden eve taşımacılık

    love it! love it!i am practicing on my own already doing gel,acrylic,nail arts but i need more practice but your are beautiful.

  • Brittney

    GIRL go ON! These nails are soo cute. Any nail tech would be hella jealous. You have some MAD skill. Everyone else is talking about “omg these are gaudy, ugly, and unsophisticated!” UH NO. These nails are art and VERY pretty. They take a lot of talent im SURE most of you individuals commenting DO NOT have. HATTEERRRSSS

  • pinkpandette

    I honestly think that they are a little cool. I would never wear them myself, but I think that they are fun to look at…but isn’t that what fashion is made up of anyways?

  • DeShawn

    Super cute… takes time and talent, and i understand that coming from an artist. even though i do too much activity to wear the more extravagant ones, i still believe that the more simple ones are better for me. but they are all beautiful in their own way.

  • B-lou

    As a girl who has been overloading her nails with glitz and stones for almost a decade, it’s excellent to see it’s becoming more popular, and that pruducts for doing this at home are more easily and cheaply available.
    It is most certainly not a talentless act, I challenge anyone else to get a nail design to last 2 weeks on a real nail!

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  • Makeda Mystere

    I love 3D nails I do my own, they are a fun form of expression please lighten up and at least appreciate the skill required to produce the designs and ps people compliment mine.

  • yanice esparza

    looooooooove it

  • J. Hanaoka

    My boyfriend’s sister works at a nail salon in Japan doing nail art like this. She loves her job!

    And I think they are beautiful.. just had my nails done by her last week.

    Right now mine’s a Spring theme with just a sprinkling of gold and diamond beading.. really not that hard to manage with.

  • Miyako

    I love those nails :D ~!! im broughting some already done/fake ones at internet~
    _) u guys should try out! its pretty & lovely!

  • http://cerryantunez MUCH LOVE

    absolutely love these nails!!!!!

  • sher

    seem like they ppl in the western part r still veri out dated! talk abt fashion sense… they r way out of the leage. n wouldn understand n appreciate it.

  • Ganhi

    I liked the ones with the dolphins, the rest not so much, I we done some nail art myself and usually have nails at about half a cm or so long,measured from the fingertip outward that is, I find that it looks and feels better when the nails don’t get too long, it looks better and u don’t accidentally poke an eye out. also, with art that sticks out on top of the nail u will get them stuck in your hair, clothes bags and so on. Plus, imagine the hassle when u have to go to the toilet… firstly u can’t get your clothes off or on, and then secondly, how to wash your hands? The soap would get stuck and it would be a hassle to dry, I’ll add these questions to sum it up ; put on a hair-band? eat with your fingers? use a keyboard? rub your eyes? basically you will be a bit handicapped

  • Anonymous


  • girll

    I LOVE the lace ones, partly because I love anything with lace. Never would wear them however, they seem to fit the more ‘fashionistas’ of the world. I’m too plain for these types of things

  • acrot

    Wow! They look really beautiful
    Makeup Tips

  • Mello

    Alot of these comments complaining and critizing the “tackyness” and “uglyness” of the nails are extreamly narrominded. Most likely americans am I wrong?

    Much like with anything it all depends on the wearer of such things. Like if a disgusting slob were to wear something like this obviously it would look horriable but if someone with a more elegant, femine taste were to put them on it would look 100 percent better.

    Then again most of the people are not taking into concederation the diffrence that the people in japan are diffrent than americans; in body built, type, and structure. Most japanese are small built, ergo they give off an apperance of more “cute” where else americans are much more large and dare i say it rotund; almost gigantic like in comparasion.
    These are made for the japeanse women, meaning they are built, structured to flatter a woman with small, elegant hands. In order to flatter an american it will obviosuly need to be altered because amercans are larger.

    Though i do wonder if the people who left these comments ever took that into concerderation or did they just go with the “I’m american/english therefore whatever I say is the best.” motto.

  • :)

    Some of them are cute and some of them are not so cute. It just depends on your preferences and what you like. Few of the negative comments are pretty rude.

  • kelz

    wow that is crazy but nice

  • Anonymous



    they’re… interesting. some of them even look like their made out of sweets…….*yummy XD

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  • Maya – Nail Art Lover

    Absolutely stunning nail art designs, there is something very poetic in them.

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  • yuuki

    kyaaaa… never knew nails could be designed like that. They have a beauty in them but it just seems too pretty. It looks like its hard to keep them as perfect as they were made. arigato!!!

  • Natalie lin

    Im nail artist n i’ve been exist for 6yrs already. N im still prefer japanese nail art design. i always update with only japanese nailart manga.

  • Carol

    @ mello you are one to judge us americans. Us bigger and stonger americans can probably smush all u japs.

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  • AAA Replica

    The intricate science of nail Art is a perfect thing,very nice.

  • kely
  • Pingback: Referentes Visuales « Metodología Proyectual

  • Bellagemanails

    Bellagemanails LOVES 3D/4D Nail Art. I’m a nail artist/designer. I respect any nail artist. It’s beautiful to be able to design so intricately on a fingernail. Check me out on youtube/bellagemanails and my blogspot.

  • bethany

    hi im bethany i am 12 years old and i get paid alot of money for doing peoples nails loads of people just come to my house to ask me to do there nails one time this woman asked me if i could do her nails for her wedding ! thanks for reading

  • oliviaharts

    (hi im bethany i am 12 years old and i get paid alot of money for doing peoples nails loads of people just come to my house to ask me to do there nails one time this woman asked me if i could do her nails for her wedding ! thanks for reading) im 12 years old too and i love nail art my friends and kids at my school always compliment me on my nails.Right now ive got pink, white and green flower nails with the gold fish design too!so cute

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  • http://idonthaveone sushma

    so nice
    i like it……………

  • BellaGemaNails

    The art of 3D/4D/5D/6D Extreme is an elaborate form of nail art expression, one I try mastering daily, as a nail designer. My designs do not involve the use of acrylic powders… just hand painting and bejeweling.

    My style of design is BellaGema. It isn’t for everyone; however, those that fall into the web spun by their creative charm fall madly and deeply in love. They are fun and beautiful.

    You would rethink the word tacky in association with 3D nail art, if ever you saw the the creative creation process. Inspiration and creation is never tacky… mental stagnation, mediocrity and negativity is.

    That said, I will conquer the world a nail at a time!

  • vibhisha

    wow i like it so much really really nice keep going….

  • pomino

    oh.very nice

  • Rakeena

    I love them, honestly. I wouldn’t wear them on a day to day basis. But some of them look really ideal for dress up occasions, like going out … And NYE is coming up. I love them. I’m tired of the old lady nail design and colors. It’s time for a new generation.

  • Usagi

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