What a sight! Luxurious black seats in the "Star Flyer" connecting Tokyo and Kita-Kyushu.

The Return of Black!

Summer is all about a white wardrobe and accessories – you would think. But no! This summer, we are fully into black mode. Right now, the colour black, or “Kuro” in Japanese, is surprisingly enjoying widespread popularity in Japan. A trend so strong that we could even find an oh-so-hip black toilet paper. Oh my! Everything from household goods, grooming products, and even foods which are normally associated with the colour white are turning up in all-black versions. (And no, we didn’t think of imported Italian squid-inked spaghetti.) What ever happened to this kitschy idea of white being a symbol of cleanliness, freshness and good faith? Nah, black is cooler! Today PingMag will introduce a whole range of black stuff.

Written by Ryoko
Translated by Rie

A black aircraft: the “Star Flyer”

The Star Flyer, an air carrier connecting Tokyo and Kita-Kyushu, just started its services in March, 2006. Tatsuya Matsui, famous designer of humanoid robots PINO and POSY, was given complete freedom in designing the look of the “Star Flyer’s” aircraft. And as he is coming more from the, let’s say, robotic background, the design of this aircraft has an unprecedented originality for sure. So, this how it looks like when the concept is supposed to be “21st Century Modern:” All of the seats – even in economy class – are upholstered in black patent leather. That’s not all. Most of the aircraft’s interior and exterior is black as well, which would be extremely rare for a passenger jet. The result is both astonishing and elegant. Our tip: If you plan a trip from Tokyo to Kita-Kushu, make sure to book your flight on this futuristic “Star Flyer.”

The body of the “Star Flyer” is also black. Wait for this: When you ask for a coffee during the flight, they will serve you “Carré de chocolate“, a delicious dark chocolate. True luxury!

Black toilet paper by Renova

We always wondered who exactly decided that the colour of toilet paper has to be white? Though being black, this toilet roll by the Portuguese paper manufacturer Renova is still a convenient three-ply quality toilet paper! We don’t exactly know why it became a huge hit among celebrities all over Europe. But, up to now, over one million rolls have been sold worldwide and the manufacturer can’t even keep up with the demand! For your interest, flights on the above-mentioned Star Flyer are using this very toilet paper for the whole month of July. That might truly entertain their passengers even more.

Black toilet paper by Renova. 1,890 Yen for 6 rolls (15,50 US Dollar or 11 Euro!). Pricey, a bit, and obviously fully targeted at celebrity wannabes.

A gift pack… It contains 3 rolls at 2,625 Yen.

Black cotton swabs easily detect earwax!

These days, back cotton swabs are often seen in Japan. And as far as we assume, a lot of people would never consider going back to the ordinary white variety ever again. These cotton swabs were developed in order to easily detect earwax on their tips – easier than on its white look-alikes. After all, we as human beings believe what we can see in front of our eyes, don’t we? Just remember that the inner-ear is very delicate. Too much cleaning can seriously damage your ear. So don’t overdo it, no matter how much fun it could be!

Once you try these black cotton swabs, you will never go back to the plain white ones again! Next, you will find yourself wanting a black toothbrush…

A black toothbrush – how significantly effective!

You can easily find toothbrushes in white or shades of pastel with an eye toward cleanliness. With this “Fresh Black Toothbrush” by Jacks, however, the handle and even the bristles are black. They use special black hair with platinum colloid ceramics which are supposed to effectively remove plaque – even without toothpaste! All kids will want one of those…

The “Fresh Black Toothbrush” by Jacks. What is missing now? Correct, the need for a black toothpaste…

Can you believe that? Black toothpaste!

If you are using a black toothbrush, you might as well go all the way and use black toothpaste as well… Here it is! The oddly named “Toothpaste Thought up by Hiroshi – Pure BLACK” by Three-Hills Co., Ltd is a black toothpaste that could be especially efficient for people concerned about halitosis or periodontal disease. It promises beneficial effects on gums, and with its squid-ink-like appearance it must be so much fun to use – if you feel adventurous. And we bet you are!

Black toothpaste with a long name: “Toothpaste thought up by Hiroshi – Pure BLACK”. Your teeth will look black while brushing, but certainly much better after rinse! But who is Hiroshi?

Easier cutting with a black chopping board!

The “black chopping board” is presented by the KYOCERA Corporation, which develops mobile phones, kitchen goods and much more. This fine ceramic chopping board resists rust and won’t absorb food odours. With its onyx colour, it is much easier and safer to cut lightly coloured foodstuffs like tofu or Japanese radish. In addition, it is flexible, allowing you to move chopped food to a pot or plate without spills.

“Black chopping board” by KYOCERA. Green celery really looks sharp against the black board!

Extremely popular – and quite macho! “Otokomae Black” by OTOKOMAE TOFUTEN.

Go manly black, go “Otokomae Black”

“Otokomae Black” by OTOKOMAE TOFUTEN gives a strong impact with its packaging and name, which translates as “manly black.” The name and stark package resemble something you might see on a can of strong coffee – but actually it contains tofu. This product has become a surprise hit with housewives who are looking for a little excitement in the supermarket. Usually, all tofu packages are as white as the silken bean curd inside. However, this special tofu includes some black beans, which give the final product a hint of black colour.

Healthy black salt

Takesumi-jio, translating as “bamboo charcoal salt”, is produced by Gensen Ginmi that sell delicious healthy foodstuffs. They produce this astonishing black salt by filling hollow bamboo with natural sea salt and then roasting the bamboo over charcoal. You might be wondering if it is actually OK to eat black salt. Don’t worry! This salt won’t turn your food black, and its rather sweet taste perfectly accentuates salads, grilled meats, and even Sushi. If you are a gourmet, give it a try and discover its unique taste!

Black salt “Takesumi-jio” by Gensen Ginmi.

“Black egg” by Hakone Owakudani. You absolutely have to try eating this with the black salt mentioned above.

A Hakone speciality: black eggs!

Though the next black food in our line-up has been around for a while, we still have to include it in our trend report – because it is so amazing black! These black eggs are a speciality of Hakone Owakudani, a resort town which is famous for its hot springs. And these eggs are boiled directly in the Owakudani hot springs. Unique properties in the water cause a chemical reaction that turns the egg colour to a deep black. You don’t have to believe all that we say, BUT it is said that each black egg adds 7 years to your life!

Freshly turned black eggs, just removed from the hot spring. Really black!

Indeed, we introduced a lot of black items today, everything from an aircraft to eggs. Are you surrounding yourself with black products already? We will leave you for today with an image of black pigs, kindly provided by the Kagoshima Black Pig Producer Unions. And, as always, we would like to thank all above-mentioned companies for their contributions!!

The Kagoshima’s black pigs say a friendly “See ya!”
  • http://otakuhime.blogspot.com vaneea

    Wow these things look cool! Especially the Star Flyer airplane design!
    Nice article.

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  • http://www.small-architecture.com Tom

    Blacks the new ‘Black’…

    There certainly seems to be something there there…

  • http://www.tokyoish.com Takeshi

    I love the “Black cotton swabs” a lot. Everytime I use this, feel like “ugh” and ” Wow”.

  • http://oneninesevenfour.blogspot.com DC1974

    Hmm.. Three-ply toilet paper? In black? What’s the ecological damage on that? White 2-ply is bad enough. Black is typically the most ecological bad ink to work with. All of this doesn’t seem like a good trend over all.

  • mastushi

    Black airplane like a funeral plane. bad luck.

  • Pa

    DC1974: wah wah wah. if they make edible black ink im sure they have earth friendly black ink for the whiners

  • http://cosmicgirlann.vox.com Ann

    I read a similar, smaller article about the “black” trend in Japan on the CScout blog.

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  • Badger

    I saw the those planes on Japanorama.

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  • Joei

    Looks more like a death plane external, but supra chic interior. BTW don’t it absorbs too much heat from the sun.

  • http://www.johninjapan.com HDR Photography

    Black Q-tips???? EWwww

  • http://www.doshdosh.com maki

    I personally love the colour black. No shade in the colour world gives a stronger impact than black.

    Seriously though, black eggs???

  • http://www.zeusbox.org kuswanto

    Hahaha..loves the last picture. Nice touch :)

  • http://www.paavani.in/blog Paavani

    Including the energy saving
    Google search

    Back to back
    Only Black!

  • http://www.japanorama.co.uk Alfie Goodrich

    Henry Ford once said about his Model T: “You can have any colour you like, as long as it’s black”

    I think I will give the black toilet paper a miss though…

  • lita

    love and what that black toohtpaste…

  • lita

    sorry i mean want…hihihih

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  • http://rafaelmasoni.blogspot.com Akai

    LOL! I love PingMag :D

  • http://www.fashfreport.com Santosuke Pompadour

    Luvset X)
    I talked about grey gadgets on my blog here:

  • Chugy Chug

    The “Star Flyer” looks like a killer whale.

  • James

    Very attractive products, but some almost counter your recycled design article. I’ll stick to my toilet paper made from recycled milk cartons (the softest single ply!) and just hope they decide to offer an environmentally sound black someday.

  • drone9

    couple of weeks ago I read an article on this subject (think it was nikkei weekly). the article stated that surveys found that black contrary to common believe makes dirt a lot easier visible than white. that was given as the main reason for the rise in black cleaning/houseware products.

  • http://www.mingled.co.uk MiNGLED

    At last a complete range of lifestyle products for every Emo and Goth out there. I think there may be a bit too much white on the plane for their liking though.

  • inky

    black airplane – wont it be dangerous to fly at night?hopefully no birds blindly crash on them. Anyway,the design looks really cool tho

  • http://www.shantellmartin.com/ SHANTELL MARTIN

    Black n red planes would be so much nicer!!
    All super kool though~

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  • http://kiwi-drop.jugem.jp 小莎莎

    Awesome article! I’m loving the toilet paper especially! Now if they made black tofu…that would be interesting!

  • http://www.amypink.com Mar Ci

    Black toothpaste? omg, scary!!

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  • http://www.nose.ch Stefan Tan

    And we just designed a fully black website for the largest image agency in Switzerland: http://www.keystone.ch/

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  • http://wttf.org jeremy

    Hmmmm, black toothpaste does seem kinda scary. Could be neat for holloween though. I’d try the black eggs and salt though, most definitely.

  • ania

    Do you know online shop were I can buy toilet paper, cotton wabs and toothbrush?

  • TomGia

    Black = bad luck!

  • http://www.alienlebarge.ch alienlebarge

    so nice.
    back rules the worls !
    the only thing i dislike are the black egs but it’s not about the design. they just looks “uneatable”.

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  • Lloyd

    Once you go black…

  • http://www.ifitshipitshere.com laura

    I also posted an article on “Black is Back”, with cool limited edition items now available in black. Go here:

  • http://www.akrokdesign.com akrok

    well, mother earth will tell them to fu** off with the crapy products, like flying ain’t bad enough.

    unless, all that crap is made with recycled plastic which I doubt.

    ones agian, anyone can design this, its freaking easy. if you got some talent. but its noting really new. sure most planes are white or other colors. come on, give us something that really creative.

    I do think the logo is nicely done.


  • Masta Batang Dollar Billz

    I want and need everything above.
    And I agree with akrok, mother earth sure dont like the crapy products! their noting really new.

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  • b.

    hahaha.. i want it all black!!!

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  • http://www.akrokdesign.com akrok

    black is not the new black, as black never left or there never was an old black.

    by the way, for the color blind. The so called “black eggs” looks more like dark blue. (on the 1st photo)


  • http://www.akrokdesign.com akrok

    can u see anything using black toilet paper?


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  • http://www.tokyostreetreport.com/ tokyostreet

    There is a shop in Shibuya that sells the black toiley paper, but I don’t think you can buy online….

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  • http://www.hell.com ubersp00k

    Every Goth’s dream come true.

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  • http://www.iroke.org/ Iroke

    The black toilet papoer is great ! Seems like Renova manufacture a lot of other colors, too bad it’s sooo darn expansive

  • http://www.theblub.com theblub

    I just painted my old Philips refrigurator black, so i guess i’m nicely following the trends. I’ve aulways been a big fan of Japanese Design.

  • http://www.burnsuburbia.com Burn Suburbia

    That’s so cool…I want most all of it. :)

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  • http://www.fernando.com.ar Fernando

    Paint it black!

  • jenn

    i love the black

    my favorite color

    so sweet

    keep doing what you do and dont pay attention to the haters!

  • http://www.hdrjapan.com/japan/japan-news/ Okinawa News

    Japan rocks!

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  • http://dontgotone some person

    hi im bill the chimp

  • http://www.hanamiweb.com Yuu

    I like the concept of black design, especially the airplane’s interior

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  • Barb

    I love the whole concept, wish I could buy the products, now that would be cool.

  • tom4

    this is totally not true…
    i live in tokyo, and dont find any black thing around me last year.
    only the black cotton u can find easily in ur local shop.

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    Woooo black is back!

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