Here is the proof: boys like to wear handbags in Tokyo. PingMag model Keiji on the way to several men's handbags departments - this one is his own bag.

Tokyo Style Report: men’s handbags

In other global cities they may still wear ACNE jeans or cardigans, in Tokyo that would be just one of last week’s trends amongst so many others. But – there is something lasting here that stands out. Something that can be spotted in every street around Shibuya: men wearing (ladies’) handbags, pocketbooks and soft purses – casually over the shoulder, elegantly on the wrist or firmly gripped on the way to a meeting. Thanks here to trend hunter Rene Kurita who went out to the fashionable neighbourhoods of Tokyo to document what seems to be so common here.

Written by Verena
Photos by Rene Kurita and Verena

Bags for boys in all sizes.

Where did it actually all start, that men are so conscious and caring about their looks in Japan? From what we know, it all started in the late 70s to early 80s when lots of men’s fashion

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magazines came up. Hot Dog Press, Checkmate, Popeye, Men’s NonNo – just to name a few. With disco fading away there came this decade of the eyeliner, the new wave and the softened aesthetics of pop. In 1995 street fashion magazine SMART came out and with that every man in Japan went simply crazy to find out about the real trend! SMART is basically the men’s version of CUTiE magazine, that eventually stressed on fashion picts and trendy graphics.

Long shopping bags, either delicately swinging…

… or used more as back-hangers for urban travellers.

Japanese boys like them in colour, too: a strong red is just the right thing for an afternoon walk along Omotesando…

…and what looks good on girls, might suit boys as well: gold!

But why?

Why do boys wear bags at all? All you need is money, keys, phone… right? Pockets in your jeans will do… Wrong! One obvious reason is practicability here! If you ever lived in Tokyo, one thing is for sure: everybody spends a lot of time traveling on the train from home to the centre of things (think about the greater metropolitan area of Tokyo – this is not Paris!). That’s why people might not come home after work before sports or party activities (and some won’t even come home for days…).

Therefore it does make a lot of sense to keep everything in one decent looking bag. Another thing is culture, I guess. Whereas in Europe boys are just fine to carry their uttermost essentials – maybe they like to feel free, unhampered from any exterior burden such as a bag – let alone the sight of a feminine looking handbag! A Western bloke wouldn’t so easily throw the strap of a small purse over his shoulder to head out in the urban wilderness…

This is the way to wear it: PingMag model Keiji demonstrates the typical way of letting the purse hang like a ladies’ bag would dangle from a woman’s wrist.

Red is a must! Worn tightly.

Another way of playfully displaying your new pocketbook: with a soft grip, like you would hold your cup of Royal Milk Tea.

But why not?

Let’s get back to the late 80s one more time, as those also started some theories about the gender twist. Think of it like this: if a bloke wears a usually feminine connotated designer piece, you might think he’s either on the forefront of the metrosexual movement – or – in the Western world some people might put him in the gay category. Because by his act of wearing clothes you could think he demonstrates his attitude and therefore wants others to perceive him in that way, too. That’s why Judith Butler started to lecture us about performative action in 1990. One of her issues was, that gender is rather a social construction. In short, according to her you’d just have to simply act it out and wear by the sleeve what you would like to be – feminine, masculine, or something somewhere in between.

But that is simply a Western way of looking at things! It can’t just be imposed onto the Japanese context. I highly doubt that an analysis of the usual Sunday shopping frenzy in Shibuya could be perceived as a bold attempt of gender bending. I guess, the boys just wear whatever they think is best in terms of highest possible stylishness – let it be a dress, a long skirt, make-up, or the handbag. If it suits them well (and it certainly does) then it can certainly be worn without any deeper pondering about attitude or performative action. That is one of the reasons why the fashion market is here: fast, free, new and radical. Ask any fashion designer you know, and they will tell you that they love Japan!

How practical: the necessary things are hanging on the back.

Look at this! A tiny brown purse with stamped out flower motifs for the city boy…

… and a version to match the individual apparel.

The How-to

So a boy in Shibuya might dress in the common casual style that looks something like “just out of bed”, with the hairdo heavily rumpled and the clothes neatly arranged to look very loose. And yet, the ladies’ purse that he is wearing so elegantly doesn’t effeminate him at all. You can be anything from ‘Arbaito’ boy (part-time staff) to businessman – important is the style of attaching your bag to the rest of the outfit. It can be a tight grip around the handle or a loose fit over the shoulder – there is always a delicate thin strap functioning as a fashionable accent to match the apparel – like a touch of rouge on the cheeks.

Here we have Keiji again showing us his usual habit of wearing his handbag…

… and here he tries on some of the more colourful products. A green crocodile imitation? Well, there’s a product for every taste.

Last but not least the designer handbag from Yves Saint Laurent, spotted in Shibuya. Also a must!

There certainly are as many different handbag styles as there are different men… In Shibuya the boys with the Beyoncé-lookalike girlfriends certainly go for something less subtle: an outdoor camper’s bag, sometimes dangling from their behinds. Also, businessmen are increasingly spotted with a certain Burberry bag having the label well visible on its front. Another variation: Porter – Yoshida & Company is the Japanese brand that is really popular over here right now.

But one thing is totally lacking in this little survey: the trend of utilizing messenger bags! Well, these aren’t the bags to go on the wrist, usually… But right now there is an exhibition at Ebisu’s POINT gallery about that issue alone, displaying messenger bags illustrated by artists such as DISKAH or MADSAKI. Worth checking that out for more in case you are in town!

  • yum

    but it looks gay

  • breathless fan

    who is this mysterious keiji? he is the BESTLOOKING man i’ve ever seen! where can i get his phone number? money is NOT an issue!

  • Ben

    I guess I’m a “Western bloke” then. Though I can accept other people wearing these ‘feminine’ looking bag; but, I can never see myself in it. I still prefer using the old fashion backpack or simply just jeans’ pockets.

  • Roger

    Man-bags, as I like to call them are not specific to Japan. You’ll find young men carrying them all over Korea/Singapore/HK . I’ve even seen that they are poluar in places such as Paris, Zurich and Berlin.

    Although I think they look great, I believe they are a very practical choice for major metropolitan areas.

    Backpacks are just NOT practical in Tokyo. Try getting on the subway with a packpack at peak hour… And frankly, you’d just look silly in Tokyo with a backpack… like you are going hiking or something.

  • Lampbane

    While a few of those bags might be a little too feminine for Americans, you’ll see quite a few man purses in New York… it’s not that unusual.

  • Andrew

    Not a big deal in Toronto. In downtown Toronto, half the men carry laptops and half of those men carry them in really nice bags. It has lifted the gender split on the bag issue so now men are carrying things other than their laptops in such bags; it’s a sign of the times.

  • Jeff

    As for myself, I prefer a more “messenger bag” style to the more feminine style.

  • Ben

    Roger: You see. I’m from Hong Kong (and I’ve been to Tokyo and Seoul)and I know what you are talking about but I still use my backpack on subway. All you do is just take it off while you’re on the train. Or as the article mentioned above, just use jeans pockets. These are just my opinion, no hard feelings.

    And yes, men carrying these kind of bags are not unusual in Calgary (Canada) too.

  • Alexander

    I’m with Jeff here. Jeans pockets sometimes aren’t enough (especially if you need a book or papers), but I’m not willing to wear a man-bag.

    Cool article though.

  • Rob

    Well, besides I wouldn’t wear one of those “feminine-style” bags (especially this tight red one), I like the idea and maybe its controversity behind it. Haven’t seen a single man with such a bag here in Zurich anyway. Need to keep an eye on it. ^^

  • trish

    very gay LOL

  • LeMel

    Laptop shoulder bags, messenger bags or backpacks here in the US. Attache cases are kind of gone. Clothes with more/bigger utility pockets also work. Of course, some time ago you would have had fewer choices – a backpack or a gym bag or maybe duffel bag for the working class gent. It’s a weird area that has always had quite a bit of social waltzing involved: how does a man carry stuff without appearing to have a purse?!

  • miiic

    What about satchels? They are a kind of man-bag aren’t they? Or a kind of boy-bag. When I was at school it wasn’t very cool to have a satchel because they are for carrying books (but are also useful for lots of things like sandwiches and water pistols). Satchels always have really nice buckles on them. You can find some really nice satchels these days, especially in charity shops in upper class parts of London. I still have mine from when I was a boy and I sometimes use it for my mac.

  • aaron

    haha, the bags look great but I wouldn’t think it’d be feasible to wear over here in the Philippines, since we tend to be conservative.

    A local graphic design company ( has in their product roster though, sets of canvas tote bags up.

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  • harry

    those bags are hot i live in wollongong not tokyo so you wouldnt see that sort of stuff here.

  • harry

    ps a bag is usually always needed otherwise where would you keep your sketch book full of pics to send to ping mag

  • Piggy Ang

    I don’t mind dating a hand-bag carrying man, but i prefer those without so they can carry mine for me when i’m tired. haha

  • Maki

    I think men with women’s handbags look pretty arty farty cool..

  • anne

    that’s just plain weird.

  • Tanya

    I hate men who carry their Girl’s bag and hate the Girls who ask their men to do so…Quite a usual site in Tokyo and I simply can’t stand it.I would never date a man who does this..anyways.quite personal view.
    Great article though!!

  • John Freeman

    So jealous of Tokyo. I live in South Africa were clothes are put in one of these catagories: Gay, Farmer, Real Estate Agent, Surfer Kid, Tourist. Like Lego.

    Miximg clothes from different catagories immediately puts you back in Gay. How sad is that? Cape Town is a little better, but still very insecure.

    Freedom to wear what you feel is like free speech – you don’t miss it until its gone. Clothes are a major part of our cultural participation.

    PS I’m trying hard to find an email for PingMag, help!

  • Paavani

    Revolutinery choice for men handbags.

  • Anonymous

    i never thought i’d think of man bags as stylish, but these are really nice. it doesn’t look at all as odd or jarring as i thought.

  • Uleshka

    harry, please send me your sketches, then ;-) John, “contact PingMag” on the right hand side ;-) Thanks to all of you!

  • Do

    Wow!!!! i think it is pretty cool. Looks OK though. Nah… people labels things too much. Whats wrong with a man carrying a bag?

  • Mike

    If you are worried about being percieved as gay because of your style… you are worried cause you are dangerously close to going over the gay cliff and falling into the abyss of homo-ness. Insecurity is funny.

  • natas

    We all know there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with using a bag, but In the west we get squeamish about it because nearly all of our ideas about sex come from religion which is thousands of years old and was developed by people who as David Cross says were even dumber than the dumbest mother fuckers around today. So now we can’t even do an obviously convenient thing without feeling extremely uncomfortable. Its silly, just look at how the article was written, with all the innuendo about being effeminate. Its so silly and I think we just don’t know how to think any other way, even after we have long since shrugged it off. That’s one thing I really love about living in Tokyo, it’s that Japanese people don’t have that ugly legacy.

  • Antonin

    I think I have that black bag on top. Essential.

  • cote

    some of it are just so gay!!!!

    red???.. forget it!

  • Einna

    I don’t have a problem with it. There are so many cases where guys who have bags look really good. ..but there has to be a difference between looking good with the right type of bag for a guy than just plainly being a guy who carries a bag. I mean that green crocodile one? …not on Kenji, thanks. At least not after a change of clothes.

  • Einna

    *not until after a change of clothes, I meant. o_o

  • Ncus

    Whats wrong with Red color? Guys wearing red bag, t-shirt is not a Gay Identity.

    Guys who always wore white, black, or gray clothes, bags, shoes is like a dead man walking in the park. Seriously you will get lost in a big city like Japan and no one will be looking at you, because you are just look like the concrete.

  • Bahia

    Well, the “purses” in Japan are marketed specifically guys. They certainly don’t go shopping in the women’s department to get them! One thing you have to realize about Japan is that you have to fit in with the trend. If the trend is bags, that you buy bags (better if their fron an expensive and visible brand!) It’s not considered gay here, though that’s probably because the lack of gay visibility here in general.

  • fred

    The lack of gay visibility plays into it. These same guys pluck their eyebrows and nobody really thinks twice about it.

  • Ryu chan

    This is why I love japan XD; people aren’t so close minded to go OMG you must be gay cause you have a purse, there have been so many times that I wanted my father too have a purse because of how many things he looses. He has lost his wallet more than once and his cell phone I’m waiting for him to just never find it again. Style isnt avout if your gay or straight, all that matters is that you look good :D !

  • Ryu chan

    This is why I love japan XD; people aren’t so close minded to go OMG you must be gay cause you have a purse, there have been so many times that I wanted my father too have a purse because of how many things he looses. He has lost his wallet more than once and his cell phone I’m waiting for him to just never find it again. Style isn’t about if your gay or straight, all that matters is that you look good :D !

  • ego

    no se trata de ser de mente cerrada, es solo que honestamente…….. se ben bastante gay! (sin ser homofobico)

  • iinoyo

    It’s practical! I like the idea – I usually end up carrying all the stuff my husbands needs (phone, books, money, keys, ipod, papers, maps, chewing gum, whatever) in my bag. I’d very much like him to have his own :)

  • DC

    Geez, here in NYC men carry purses all the time. A BAG IS A BAG…sheesh. Who cares if it looks gay. Stop being so President Bush y’all.

  • eric

    as a fearless straight boy in NYC that wears a be&d deerskin bag, i must say “i heartily approve!!!!”

    @ DC … agreed, a BAG is a BAD.

    but going beyond that, a bag doesn’t make you gay … only who you fuck does. sheesh. do what you like, wear what you like. people don’t fit so nicely into hyper-pedantic aesthetic boxes matching with their sexuality as we’d like to force them to.

  • eric

    erm a BAG is a BAG i mean … not ‘bad’

  • Hdr

    Whoa, you probably wouldn’t catch me carrying one of those!

  • funtote

    Great man bag article, they look good, but I am not sure about the one – “tiny brown purse with stamped out flower motifs”, it take a lot of guts to carry it.

  • Rikki

    Looking at this, its just a smaller and more ‘feminine’ version of the normal sling bag that most university students wear (well in Australia anyway). I see nothing against it but I would have to be in an environment that it is really popular or trendy to actually try to wear one at all.

  • chocomerry

    I think it’s very stylish.
    Just be careful to use the kind of bag that suits your outfit so it won’t look funny.

    (hehe, the power of Men’s fashion magazines!) /gg

  • priss

    its just a bag… apart of the trends i think that any accessorie that you carry shoudl somehow fit our personality and make more visible whats cool about you, It will always look great in that way.

  • seto

    Wow, all those dudes look super gay!

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  • sim

    This might be off topic. Since we are talking about Tokyo’s fashion trend, has anyone noticed that nowadays male youngster (especially highschool students) in Tokyo are wearing eyeliner? It would be great if PingMag could do some research on it…how did it become a trend?

  • JB

    It’s an old dilemma, how to carry cellphone, wallet, keys and the other small stuff that you occasionally have to bring, e.g. passport. Masculine bags are too big and feminin bags are not my cup of tea. Fill your pockets and your clothes get a bad fit.
    Anybody have a better solution?

  • Jerry S.

    It’s EUROPEAAAN!!!

  • Joakim

    VERY stylish bag Keiji is holding at the very top image. Can PingMag/Keiji or someone help me out here. What brand it is? Where can I order it online?



    hm. one point not really covered is how/if these trends have changed. When I first lived in Japan in the late 80′s, I remember very distinctly starting to see men carry little bags, about the size of shaving kits, with wrist straps.

    In the 90′s, it was larger, portfolio-style bags, but the last few years, it seems like it’s been full-sized totebags, longhandle purses, even, a whole range (but most definitely bigger.) Is this just my own perception?

    Also, it would have been nice to see any mention of brands or credits in the photos above. “It’s red!” is not really adding much when you can see the red bag yourself…

  • Eric

    Is ACNE allready blasé? Swedish brands use to last.

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  • tobto

    nice stuf. I like shaggy bags :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a purse! It’s european!

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  • dendoo

    I don’t know if it has to do with culture but just looking at the japanese guys holding the bags/purses seems so right but just picturing my boyfriend a purse seems so wrong…ok i think he could pull it off but most guys in the caribbean would not be trying that style.

    loved the bags.

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  • Mr macon

    What an amazing concept: a man with a bag. Well I never…

  • CityOnFire

    if you’re too much of a pussy to appear gay but still need the practicality of a man-bag you should rock a smaller military bag from an army surplus store… i have ones from all different countries, some even waterproof, but one in particular is ideal… tons of pockets for cell, organizers, sketchbooks, book, etc. and the ammunition pockets are ideal for smaller things like change or business cards.

    throw a patch on that shit and maybe a blood stain and you’re the perfect combination of masculine-gay-art bike-messenger subway-rider thriftstore-gucci-shopping literary rambo.

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  • bicho

    sometimes jeans pockets are not enough

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  • Shannon South

    Please check out theses bags by SupremeLoveStory:

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  • Patrick

    My Japanese friends go wild on the Australian Ella Maiden cowhide bags. 100% handcrafted in Australia and 100% genuine hand shaved cowhide. They really stand out and are head turners!
    See: You’ll love it. Their Travel Bag is their most sold Japanese men’s bag:

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  • Tanksta

    Both backpacks an handbags are worn in Japan on the train with no problems.

  • ray

    Did man-bag hit the fashion world during the 70′s?
    I recalled when I saw some retro fashion magazines from dusty archive

  • burd

    i live in texas usa, and i would love to see man bags be “in” here. unfortunately, i think it will be awhile because of all the reasons stated in the article about silly western notions.
    my husband wears a sort-of over the shoulder satchel. when you leave for a day trip there many things you want to take with you that just don’t fit in poskets: lip balm, gum, wallet (why put strain on jean/pant poskets), keys, pen/pencil, small notebook/moleskine, ipod, phone headset, etc. altho i do admit that sometimes i tease him and call it his “murse” – the words man and purse smooshed together. :D

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  • Marc

    Every single person on here who thinks having a bag makes you look gay is an outright moron. How about this, tell me my bag makes me gay or look gay and I’ll break your fucking conservative close-minded prick face. Too harsh? No, I’m sick of this shit.

  • iliona

    hahahahaha being gay seems like such a scary and horrible fate to most of you. try it before you decide! gay sex for all!

  • solo

    as long as you know how to carry it…these bags arent just for girls nor fags, keeping inclined in fashion is never been a sin, as long as you look good with then no sense of reason at all… i’ll go with it, envy me its my bag anyway

  • Charlie Rock

    If there was someone in the icon world celeb stats. It would change the mind of people about it being so gay but some colors or around the arm can seem a little gay. But should bags can work if the design is manly.

  • Juergen

    Here in Germany, many men use shoulder bags or messenger or diffrent ones. Nobody is looking at you. It is normal. And i like bags. I have more than my girlfriend. And if somebody thinks i am gay – i don’t care about it.

  • Angus

    I live in Nagoya in Japan. I find it strange being reminded of western perceptions of male fashion, that anything unusual or new render the person gay. I have a few shoulder bags now and they look good. Girl friends have told me they look and male non- jap friends have asked where I bought them.

  • DarrenCanada

    Way too Faggy for me…..

  • DarrenCanada is a powerful douche

    Yo DarrenCanada + other homophobes, take your p_enises out of your cousins for a second and join the 21st century.

  • nwl

    whoa…needs some time to get used to, but definitely a break in the conventional butch look.

  • Carl

    haha very funny guys, it’s absolutly beautiful and fashion to wear men’s bag over here in The Netherlands. Most of straight men do wear, design& fashion men’s bag. Why being scared of other people judgement to wear what you like?
    Great topic though… ;-)

  • Louis Kiss

    My product the GRABIT PACK at solves a lot of the problems mentioned above.

  • Anonymous

    Ok so here’s what I think about men bags and woman bags

    Men puts: laptops,gym shoes/clothing (if they ever go to the gym), cellphones, a folder, keys, pocket pc, ipods, cameras, money, lunch, etc.

    Woman puts: mirrors, make up, wallet, cellphone, keys, hair brush, etc

    Men are more like gadget and business-like carriers.

    Women are more about aestetical and beauty product carriers.

    if you wanna see if someone is gay, just try find out if they have blush powder, lipsticks or some of the stuff that a women would carry in their bags, it’s not about what’s outside, its about what’s inside of it. heh heh

  • Teddy Nicholas

    A few years ago I would n’t have carried a bag but started with a fanny pack and now I’d be lost without my “purse”. It is quite common in NYC and I love the fact I can take a camera as well as lots of thing I might want. I’ve always been on the cutting edge and have warped the gender rules, back in the 80′s eyeliner and make-up on guys was hip, and the 70′s had disigner jeans that were so tight you could tell a quater was heads or tails.Now at 50 metrosexing is fine by me.

  • Junior

    Ayyyyye ! dannng dats mean as
    Here in Australia we have already
    started wearing the ‘Mens Handbag’
    awsome trend !

  • pseudonym

    Hi there! I think such bags are cool man. It’s stylish enough to match with office wear and casual enough for a wkend look. Been trying to look for one myself in singapore but I can’t seem to find it. anyone has any recommendations? in SG or online shopping?

  • nicky

    ah, could you help me to tell the brand name of Keiji’s handbag?
    I really want to know that brand name too much!~

    Thanks for your suggestion.

  • richard

    Have you noticed how ‘Man’ bags used to cost about 5 times more than similar girl bags? I’m glad that i can now get away with quite feminine bags which are cheaper and more stylish. My latest bag is a two handled ‘over the forearm’ or ‘hold in the hand’ bag. I love a bit of gender bending !!!

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