Christmas and New Year card by Chris Silvethorn playing with Wild Boar of 2007, the upcoming animal for the Chinese zodiac: Santa Boar gets stuck in a chimney delivering gifts Christmas Eve a slow pork roast occurs over night and breakfast is on the roof Christmas morning. Bacon and eggs anyone?

Illustration Series #1: Chris Silverthorn

Dearest PingMag readers. The year has slowly come to an end, the high-peak of Christmas is already over, the cookie-overdose-period has not reached it’s limit yet, and while most of you are probably all sleepy in front of the TV, some might actually read this and enjoy what PingMag prepared for you for those lazy days in between the years. WELCOME TO OUR ILLUSTRATION SERIES – coloful images of our favorite illustrators created just for you! Based around the theme of Christmas morphing to New Year spiced up with some “Wild Boar” – the Chinese zodiac year 2007 – we now declare this battle of illustrators to be open! Today we start with Tokyotee yet-undiscovered-crazy-freaky-collage-draw-experimentalist Chris Silverthorn. Enjoy his mental illustrations mixed with a lot of fun and love for Ping-ers!

studies on Santa Claus – here a robotic version

slightly tipsy Santa

pants-down Rasta-Santa on dope

high blood pressure City-Santa

Santa Claus and Boss’ “Save the Children from Oversaturated Parents – foundation”

Chris, aka Christopher Michael Silverthorn aka Chrmicsil aka Cilvr aka Ceyeg aka cig aka Gary Winthorpe aka imaginari aka… how would you describe, what you do?

I am a visual chemist: imaginating, formulating, conjugating, illustrating, animating, ~ing in an adventurous journey to create pieces of a very large incomplete puzzle that has been set before me which at some stage during or after my life will be put together. Completed or continued. In doing so my intent is to – hopefully – enable viewers to see beyond, look deeper than the surface and appreciate what’s around them just a little more than they hopefully already do. In turn educating the imagination that many of us so easily forget we have. Which is an absolute shame! Due to the fact that it is an extremely fascinating place inside our minds. Let me help you enjoy it. Imagine! Imagine together with me!!!

wild boar studies 01

wild boar studies 02
HERE WE GO: Wild God Zeboar Centaur Claus: half Santa, half boar, half zebra, full on centaur Claus attached to the hind quarters of a headless zebra sporting detachable arms equipped with bow and candy cane arrows aiming at who? Who knows? Only Jesus snow person!

When did you start drawing and why?

Gee whiz by golly, I started drawing when I was knee high to a grasshopper. I started because voices inside my head and around me said so (Mom, Dad, familia and most importantly my Grandfather the famous Czech painter Vladimir Grundman) and they have never stopped saying so. So I go, go, go!

Boarridge, Santa and Frankfurters afloat
the year of the dog 2006 fights the wild boar 2007 trying to stop the boar 2007 from swallowing 2006 and hanging on by its last hair while the rats 2008 observe and sneak up quietly ready to feast on the boar 2007 – and time marches on…

What does drawing mean to you (fun, a possible career…)?

It is more of a sickness now. Drawing is Chris’ life, Chris’ life is drawing.

Where do you draw?

I draw anywhere really, indoors or out. I like large flat or inclined surfaces though, more freedom and good lighting.

Any particular tools you like to use? Special pens or paper or…..?

Material limits creation. If you want to set yourself limitations, that’s fine. But I will use anything. I once used boulders in a park to create large love filled hearts!

The baptism of the boar – Life and Death!
Very wild boars in Osaka

What are your motives about?

Motivating others to look, see, create more, and imagine even more! For every one person who imagines, a life is saved.

What can we expect of you in the future?


2007 – we are going to heaven and wild zeboars can fly!(angel zeboars) God Zeboars!

What was last year like for your and what do you wish for the new year?

2006 was a year of many kicks and tricks, even treats.
Everyday was my birthday, so that was like a box of sweets!
I got to wear my birthday suit a lot,
which was kind of hot!
Why not?
It is one of my favourite suits.
Like a basket full of sweet tropical fruits
Treats and sweets 2007
I hope for a repeat
that would be quite neat.
Get my art on the street.
Dance a different beat.

Anything else you would like to say?

I’ve already said to much! Let my art speak, not the artist. I am a visualist, not a verbalist.

Chris posing with portfolio, Jim Carrey proof smile and basket

Ze-boar jumping out of Chris’ finger

Thank you, Chris, for sharing your huge joy of expression and also thanks for drawing SO MUCH for PingMag! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 

  • paulsky

    Great drawings and a cool attitude.
    rock out brother

  • moond

    Impressive! Very special Santa Boar.

    Good job!

  • yeohgh

    wonderful illustration, and keep inspired us, Chris!! have a great New Year!! Wonderful!!!

  • Mustashrik


  • Alex Kameda

    Good job bro.

  • Marc Jones

    Awesome Chris. Happy Merry New Xmas Year.

  • Mark Coombe

    Nice one cyril ! The big boar on the tree stump on the right in Osaka is my favorite. Merry Xmas ! Etc !

  • Louisa

    Chris, I love the slightly tipsy santa:) Great work!!!

  • Lithium

    Good stuff, ideas and imagination. Keep on Rollin’

  • Anonymous

    CHRIS! You’re my favourite artist! Seriously. Wickedy Wick Wick stuff.

    (Love the Rasta Santa!)

  • Olivia

    CHRIS! You’re my favourite artist! Seriously. Wickedy Wick Wick stuff.

    (Love the Rasta Santa!)

  • nico

    I am loving your wild boar drawings. Drawing is your life, Chris. Just like plushies is my life too. Spread the craze….. Happy 2007!

  • Vera

    You’ve done it again!!!!! Made me proud!!! Keep on doing your thing and much more in 2007.

  • Ben Weeks

    Good to see some of your madness online. I love the explanations too. Especially the 2006, 2007, 2008 creature battle.

  • Dana

    Chris, You are absolutely amazing!!! I cannot tell you how much I admire your unique creative art! You are a true master!!!!

  • Laynie

    I could’ve sworn I’ve seen the name Gary Winhorpe somewhere!

  • Laynie

    Sorry, winThorpe. The ‘t’ on my keyboard is wonky.

  • Gary Winthorpe

    thank you for the love!

  • cilvr

    thank you for loving!

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