An impressive entrance to the inventor's house and laboratory in the shape of a giant floppy disk. However - we prefered to enter through a secret side door...

Twilight Zone: Dr. NakaMats’ inventions

If you don’t live in Japan, you might have never heard of Dr. NakaMats, although he is an inventor extraordinaire! Not only has he invented the Floppy Disk, he has also earned the IG Nobel Price for his research last year. What if I tell you, that he has also invented the fax machine, magnetic paper train tickets, the synthesizer and written over 80 books? He has made over 3218 inventions already (as opposed to Thomas Edison with 1093 only) and hopes to complete 7000 inventions before his estimated death at age 144. Now what do you think? Is he the greatest unacknowledged mind of our time? Or has he simply been involved in many inventions? Or… what kind of person could he be living in a giant house in a very prestigeous neighbourhood producing one revolutionary product after the other? PingMag decided to visit this excentric Dr. Nakamats at his home and laboratory to find out. Here is the essence of a long and quirky interview.

Written by Uleshka
Photos by Maris Mezulis

Dr. NakaMats explains his various inventions by flipping through his book ‘The Legend Of Dr. NakaMats’ Inventions’. Here is a page showing his earliest invention at the age of 5

It all started with the tea we were served…

Dr. Nakamats: This is made out of 13 different herbs, has a very nice taste and it makes you smarter. It is my invention called “Brain Drink”!

Thanks a lot! Tastes like… tea!?

Brain Drink’s funky packaging

You earned the IG Nobel prize last year. May I ask what they gave you the prize for?

For nutrition, meaning my research in finding the best possible food to eat to keep you healthy and your brain fit. I did that by taking photos of every single meal I ate for the last 35 years and analyzing what is good for health and what isn’t.

World’s first floppy discs originally created by no other than Dr. NakaMats

Interesting! It says, that you have licensed 16 patents to IBM for the creation of the floppy disk, the hard disc, tape transport, etc. and in your book it says that you already invented the floppy disk while you were still at college…

Yes, it took 35 years for it to eventually get produced, but I already invented it much earlier.

I see! So how did you become an inventor in the first place?

My mother taught me physics, chemistry, English, Japanese, history and humor… these basic elements from the age of 3. Then I did my first invention at the age of 5, which was an automatic gravity adjustment equipment, basically inventing how all airplanes fly now.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu at age 5 wih his first invention model

some very early sketches from the ‘NakaMatsu Research Institute of Invention Volume 2′, started in middle school (lisiting inventions No.233-400)

At the age of 14 I invented the pump. I saw that my mother was having a hard time refilling soy sauce from a big bottle to a smaller one, and wanted to create something that made life easier for her. After the war and even now people use it to refill Kerosene a lot.

That is the core of my inventions: not money, but the spirit of my inventions is LOVE!

Original pump to refill soy sauce created at age 14. Now you can buy this pump in every shop around the corner.

The Pagoda of Creativity: Dr.NakaMats teaches his technique of how to be an inventor at Tokyo’s elite university

There is an incredible variety of products in your “The Legend of Dr. Nakamats’ Inventions” book and many items can be purchased from your website. So you are not just an inventor, you are a producer as

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Usually, inventors only “think”. I don’t consider that to be perfect. Inventors should have the capability to produce and distribute their products so that users can benefit from their thought process. My principles are theory, flash (trigger) and production. The “idea” alone does not count as an “invention”.

Is there a secret to becoming an inventor? How do you come up with new ideas?

I am teaching philosophy at the University of Tokyo and this image (above right) shows my theory: the “Pagoda of Creativity”. The base for everything is a strong spirit, followed by a strong body, hard studies, experience and finally leads to a “trigger” experience. You “trigger” a bullet which contains spirit, body, study and experience – and finally that releases the actual invention.

How do you ‘trigger’ an invention?

A lack of oxygen is very important.

A lack? Isn’t that dangerous??

It’s very dangerous. I get that Flash just 0.5 sec before death. I remain under the surface until this trigger comes up and I write it down with a special waterproof plexiglas writing pad I invented.

How to come up with a genius invention? Simply dive and remain under the surface until you experience a flash of creativity (about 0.5 seconds before death). Now quickly remember to write it down on a Dr.NakaMats waterproof plexiglas pad.

Do you do that a lot? Putting yourself in that kind of situation to come up with a new invention?

Of course.

This is the Dr. Nakamatsu method. Another possible method is to use a completely calm room – that could even be my toilet which shuts out every noise and every magnetic and electronic field. Such a calm room erases all noise from your brain, you can concentrate and think.

Dr.NakaMats’ golden toilet is one of many calm rooms he has around the house, which completely shut out all disturbing noises and electronic fields to empty your mind allow you to concentrate.

After that you can go to a dynamic room, listen to music and mix thoughts inside your brain. The environment is very important for inventing.

This is the dynamic room in Dr.NakaMatsu’s old house – music, patterns and textures stimulate the brain, allow you to mix ideas in your head and create new inventions.

True! You seem to be quite interested in passing on your knowledge about how to become a genius. You even have a so called “Genius Academy” in your house. Could you quickly explain what that is?

Well, I’m doing many things here… I have 29 guest houses called “Dr. Nakamats Green Terrace” and there are 29 geniuses living here: computer geniuses, artistic geniuses… There is a waiting list of about 100 people who simply want to live here to get inspired by me and my inventions. Every month I give a lecture where I teach spirit, creativity and many other things. We also sing a song about the spirit of invention being LOVE.

Oh! I’ve heard the Dr.NakaMats song!
Drinks for thought, “Yummy Nutri Brain Foods”, exercise, singing songs or using your Cerebrex chair (which is supposed to improve the brain capability by increasing your blood circulation through electricity)… All these inventions should help you to get smarter.

Special sound frequencies pulse from footrest to headrest, stimulating your blood circulation and increasing the synaptic activity in the brain. Apparently one hour in the Cerebrex chair refreshes the brain equally to eight hours of sleep. Dr. Nakamats takes a nap in it every day.

illustration showing how the Cerebrex chair works

But is there anyone you consider close to becoming the next Dr. Nakamats? The next genius? Your sons maybe?

No. Invention is very difficult.

A friend of mine has seen some students wearing your flying shoes on a campus in the US and you wore them on stage yourself when House of Pain played “jump around” in Japan. What would you call your most successful invention? What product is used most by people?

All my inventions are a 100% success, because they are based on the philosophy of creativity and inventiveness.

PyonPyon flying shoes allow the wearer to leap into the air with minimal effort.

I made many things… sampling, too! Sampling is the basis of a synthesizer, so every musician is using my invention. Who is that blind musician again….

Stevie Wonder?

Yes, he came up to me and said “thank you for inventing this”.

Dr.NakaMatsu in the old days with his synthesizer

Now in his library amongst old recording devices and other inventions

On our way to the Dr. Nakamats Lab, we noticed many little strange things around the house. One being the funny angle on the left side of the stairs. Encouraged by Dr. Nakamats I used them accordingly (half stepping on them while going up) and realized that this little trick really made my way up easier!

slight angle on the left side of the stairs makes walking up easier

This ‘first floppy disk reader ever made’ was built by Dr.NakaMatsu himself out of wood. He received a Japanese patent in 1952 for inventing magnetic and light sensors, the core of the floppy disk technology – 20 years before IBM.

one of the first floppy discs framed along with various awards in the Dr.NakaMats lab

Arriving in the lab, we felt like entering a museum of its own kind. All inventions could be seen as prototypes or final products: Cerebrex chairs, the first floppy disk reader ever made and Dr. Nakamats’ revolutionary golf putter.

Realizing this revolutionary golf putter took him 15 years. Dr.NakaMats invented it, because he was bad at golf. ‘Many leaders including George Bush, Maggie Thatcher and the Japanese prime minister are using this, too.’
a 5 times better score is promised with this putter, the unusual grip and different head are said to control direction and speed much better

What is this? Looks like a motor…

Yes, this is also an important invention. In the future all the cars will be running with this, called the Dr.Nakamats Nostradam vs Engine II. It can run with just water, so there is no pollution at all.

Dr.Nakamats Nostradam vs Engine II, which is fueled with water
manga about Dr.NakaMats for Shonen Jump, about 10 years ago

Suddenly I look up and notice… What is this table doing there on the ceiling???

Oh, this is the table I used with my mother and father. I invented some things sitting at that table, which is why I put it in this room.

On the ceiling…


frame showing Dr.NakaMats being selected by US Science Academic Society as one of five world No.1 great scientists in history: Archimedes, Michael Faraday, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla and Yoshiro NakaMats.

I see! What are you actually currently working on?

Many things, but the latest invention is probably the Love Jet 200, the strongest of this series so far. If you spray this onto yourself, you can attract people and your skin will get better, too.

(All laugh)

Love Jet, a sex-aid spray which simply beats Viagra! By increasing the secretion of the androgen dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) it safely boosts your libido, improves your memory and minimizes aging of the skin. Love Jet brought in over $5 million in Japan sales in 1999, the year it was unveiled in the US. Dr.NakaMats hopes that this formula promotes more fertility among Japanese and increases the country’s birth-rate.

What is this wig with wheels doing on that table?

This is for a film called Dura deka (Police detective with a wig), which is currently screened at Cine Quint in Shibuya. I’m in the film, too and I invented this wig for it.

Well, it’s been a very inspiring tour! Is there anything else, any message from you to our readers?

My message is… the spirit of invention is LOVE.

Dr.NakaMats in his library surrounded by a cerebrex chair, flying shoes, honorary awards, revolutionary recording devices, a framed letter from former US president George Bush, Sr. and wigs on wheels…

Thank you very much, Dr. NakaMats! It’s been a very interesting conversation.

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    salute :-)

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    what a creativity-machine –
    even better than my average morning-brainstorming!

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    I don’t doubt his creativity for wacky inventions, but there’s at least a bit of controversy when it comes to his floppy disk claim.

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    genius… same brain waves as einstein and leonardo… propably seen as weirdo by most men too… loved his works…

  • bla

    all his money came from a patent that he abused, being the inventor of “putting magnetic into use”. why do you think he claims to have invented all 3 floppy (8, 5-1/4, 3-1/2) and subway tickets? He is just a worm. a leech on the world of inventions.

    Now, he is making money renting houses to dumbasses who probably pay a lot of money to “learn” how to invent things and from deseperate people that buy “brain tea” and “love jet 2000″.

    he is just sales pintch. let’s just hope his hype about living to 144 don’t came even close.

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    I’ a student majoring art and design, and my graduate paper’s topic was “Design is LOVE” which was guided by Dr.NAKAMATS’s childhood. A good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge, design as well.

  • John C

    Nice interview, great pictures, funny guy but some large claims being made here. Mr Nakamats invented the synthesizer? Did anyone tell Bob Moog? Or Raymond Scott? Or Don Buchla? Or Daphne Oram? Or…

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    I love Uleshka~ her always bring the great interview.

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    Further proof that there is a fine line between genious and insanity.

  • Catlett

    A Japanese inventor, Yoshiro Nakamatsu (aka Dr. NakaMats), claims he independently came up with the floppy disk principle back in 1950, and so a sales license had to be acquired by IBM when they started manufacturing their floppy disk systems.

  • codi

    i saw him on “soko ga shiritai” and he had lots more “useful” items… this hat with a roll of toilet paper on top for people constantly blowing their nose, a hat with a sign that says “wake me up at the next station” for people who sleep on the train, these shoes that connect to a pump that washes your laundry in a back pack…. really neat stuff. he is just the most interesting man in the world. <3

  • one19
    The link is missing an under_score

  • one19

    Well, the underscores are removed. Just go to, search for Floppy Disk and click on Origins, the 8-inch-disk, 3rd paragraph.

    Needs citation though

  • ndkent

    Sampling is one of a many of sound production methods associated with synthesizers. Many do not even consider it synthesis since it’s a manipulation of an existing recorded sound rather than a fabrication of waveforms. For what it’s worth Olson and Belar working for RCA coined the term “synthesizer” circa 1953 for a device that doesn’t meet more modern criteria. Moog and Buchla are contemporaries who almost universally get the nod as they created diverse and well integrated systems that implemented voltage control of most audio and voltage shaping parameters.

  • engles

    What a great article. He’s my inspiration. The flying shoes are my favourite followed a close second by the love jet 200. Floppy disk, synth..both madcap ideas.

  • betonthis

    some of you posters above who fail to see the inspiration and joy of this man, you are just pathetic.

  • Jonny S.

    Come on everyone, this guys work is beautiful. Think of all the robots all over the world who don’t even try to think out of the box. He’s been doing his best his entire life to create things to benefit mankind. Even if his results aren’t perfect, don’t deny him applause for devoting his energy to the people he loves. Clearly he is a great man and it must have been a pleasure for the interviewer to meet him. I wish there were more like him in Japan.

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    I need Dr Nakamats website in English – I want some of his genius and the only way is to buy it. However, I’d like to have some idea of what I’m buying – english, and i guarantee you at least one customer :)

  • numbnuts

    the point is not that the guy isn’t working hard, etc. it is the fact that he is lying in a lot of cases, claiming to have invented things which he clearly didn’t. That doesn’t mean that some of the things he invented aren’t cool or interesting or fun or whatever, but it does somewhat tarnish his credibility. Regardless, certainly a great read. He’s a nutter.

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    meybe he is an ET.
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    Hah! Much better than damn fool atheist scientist Stephen Hawking who no invent nothing useful. Doctor NakaMats you a hero!

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    Um, just a little question. If he gets the big idea just 0.5 seconds from death, how does he have the time to write it on his underwater pad? Not to mention the brain damage involved.

    It’s nice to see his exuberance , though, and that he’s not afraid to be the nail that sticks up. We need more colour in Japan. Hope he invents a way to live to 144 without buying something.

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    The fax machine was invented by Alexander Bain. Now, that says something about the credibility of Dr. Nakamatsu and the credibility of this magazine.


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    It’s a real pleasure to read about someone succeeding with such optimism and such a positive message. I love his attitude.

  • PAPA

    he is a fraud people! don’t be fooled! he DIDN’T invent the floppy disk, neither other famous electronics, nor any of the clever things we use today.
    No one else in the world but HIMSELF claims he is the inventor.

    He only invent stupid stuff like those flying shoes…and of course the LOVE JET…he says “you won’t need foreplay anymore” hahahahha

    he is a patent addict…he goes around patenting everything silly. he is a prolific PATENTER not inventor. Or maybe he is indeed a prolific inventor too, of LIES.

    there’s no “US SCIENCE ACADEMIC SOCIETY”…and the only place he is together with Faraday, Curie etc…is in “DR NAKAMATS PSEUDO-SCIENCE LUNATIC MIND”

    and seriously…he gets ideas 0.5 sec from death?? he sees his invention coming in a tunnel of light? LOL

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  • abdulrhman

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    That’s about as opposed to “love” as I can imagine.

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    Dr Nakamatsu,
    Domo Arigato mas Sensei!
    A highly intelligent, eloquent, articulate, cultured, witty wonderful human being.
    Our world needs far many more Dr Nakamstu’s and far less detractors.
    Imagine a world without even a few of his inventions! Certainly less smiles.

    Young people- be creative- never be afraid- you ALL have HUGE potential- don’t waste it- especially on petty nonsense like hate, jealousy, anger or materialism.

    Give and help- and the universe gives back in kind- this is the great lesson Dr Nakamtasu teaches us all.

    Matur Nuwen, Sri I Gusti Sang Guru Agung.
    (Thank-you, Most Venerated Great Teacher- Javanese language)

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    he says while having lots of electronic stuff in his toilet lol

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  • Adam Outlaw

    Regardless of what others may think about Dr NakaMats ethically, etc he’s still a refreshingly rare personality amongst many, many other (less disputed) good things.

    Show me a “true” saint and I’ll still see a flawed creature. offer me to meet a perfect beast and I’ll only have meet some-nothing mythical. In other words… give the guy, alien, huckster, showman, trend-bender, inventor or whatever his due. Really I thought I was fairly weird & maverick till I learned of this guys, for a better word… INDIVIDUALISM!

    Fly that freak flag high Dr NakaMats, we salute you!

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