Shibuya as a stage: here an ad campaign for Meisei University covers the entire side of the Toyoko Line in Shibuya

Top 10 ad-tricks in Tokyo’s train stations

Not every day, but every once in a while, I find myself in the train on my way to work starring at a boring poster and asking myself how many people possibly already starred at that same poster the same day. Everyone heard about over-packed trains in Tokyo, but with train stations such as Shinjuku being the spot on the planet with the largest number of people per day actually rushing through, Tokyo’s train stations are a true mecca for advertisement. Being stuck in a train for hours, what else can you do except notice that ad in front of you? You can enjoy the better ones! And that is exactly what we did! Written by Uleshka Here are our top 10 choises of advertisement in Tokyo’s trains or stations 1. Create your own stage Picking a seriously busy station such as Shibuya should give you proper exposure for a start. Here, we discovered a very decorative ad by Meisei University that takes up the entire wall space in Shibuya. It functions as a pretty backdrop for everyone waiting on the platform.

Meisei University billboard covers Shibuya’s Toyoko line all along
2. Mega Stickers In case all wall space is already taken, try placing your ad as a mega sticker on the ground. That adds some nice color to the gray concrete as well.
giant sticker on the ground advertising for the Haruhi DVD release
3. Take-away goodies poster campaign We have covered the seriously impressive iPod nano campaign on PingMag a while ago. Those “goodies on posters” are always in great demand. Here is a little picture story of a recent Canon ad inside Shibuya station (between Toyoko and JR Yamanote line – a good catch), which offered small packets mounted on a poster.

worker revealing the Canon campaign at around 10.30am

Someone must have been talking… Nikon had a big and beautiful ad right next to the Canon ad
here is a detail of all the little packs mounted on the poster before people started grabbing….

after the official press shots were taken, people were allowed to step closer – and they did!

sweet grandpa grabbing one pack of every kind – like most people
within seconds the missing packets revealed the image underneath
Althought the graphics were quite funky, I must confess that I was pretty disappointed by the contents of this mysterious little black pack: a small brochure about a new range of Canon cameras in an entirely un-matching design. A few more images about this ad and other “take away poster campaigns” on our Flickr page. 4. Product Sculptures Create your own product sculpture! I had a good laugh when finding all those over-over-sized Ucon-Tea bottles in Shinjuku decorating the pillars. Those were not to be missed by anyone!
huge Ucon (Tumeric) Tea bottles inside Shinjuku station which look as if they are holding up the roof
5. Use what’s left If all places seem taken, look again!
advertisement on the last free spots of the ticket gates
I just noticed advertising on the ticket gates at some train stations, too. Placed right next to the slots to insert your cards, the ads for TV magazine TV Japan certainly get noticed, even though they look like they could be warning signs as a part of the ticket gates. 6. Info-ride A very elegant and often refreshing solution is to decorate the moving handrails of escalators. Aap! offer some nice solutions for this alternative display. (Takes about 1 hour to install!)
These handrails are simply decorative to give you the idea of what it might look like. Picture in the Lumine Department Store, Tokyo, Photo © Aap!
Aap! installed an interesting handrail ad model inside Nogizaka station in Tokyo: these handrails lists all sorts of brief information about shops, restaurants and attractions around the area. People can easily scan the matching QR-code to receive more information of a certain place of interest on their mobile phone while more information slowly “drives by”.

handrails installed in Nogizaka with little info or advertising units about shops, restaurants and information about the area Photo © Aap!

scan the QR code with your phone and get map and more information about a place of interest Photo © Aap!
7. Trains! Train Jacking (buying the entire advertisement space inside a whole train for a certain period) or Train Wrapping (covering the entire outside of a train) are extremly popular in Tokyo. If you ever found yourself in one of these trains for a few stops only, you will know why people are willing to pay so much at once. An entire train telling you the same thing is impossible not to notice. There are a lot of funky ones around, here we show a rather minimal and “calm” train from Ikea. The first thing I noticed when stepping on board was, that the wagon felt so unusually peaceful….
very minimal color on white posters for Ikea turned the entire train into a relaxing zone almost…

it felt a bit like flipping through the Ikea cataloge, which – I suppose – was their intention

other wagons had colorful Ikea patterns
even on the outside they remained minimal: Let’s enjoy color and pattern!
8. It’s real! Since everyone spends so much time in trains, little surprises are always welcome! Adding some “real-factor” to flat posters always seems to do the trick! Here is a small selection.

Prigles ad inside a train with two pringles flying into a bowl of soup

the poster next to that one with paired up ‘real’ Pringles on their way to the soup bowl
Notice the ‘real-component’: a glitter ponpon mounted on a cheerleader poster for Fuji TV’s drama Dandori. Amazing that no-one steals it!
leaves arranged to a quite unusual poster for Green Tea
detail of the plastic autumn leaves hanging from the train ceiling
9. Handle tricks Not only posters “get real”. Handles inside trains can also a popular and fun medium to create some attention. Here is our favorite one: the neck tie promising you more money… well! It is an ad for a loan company…
decorated handle in a subway advertising for a loan company (Photo:Maris Mezulis)
10. Tunnel Movies Last the creme de la creme of entertaining advertisement to find in trains are not exactly inside the trains, but inside the tunnels. When desperately trying to come up with more advertising space since everything else is full already, someone came up with an installation that works similar to a flip-book: a series of still images is the base for a
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short movies and it is you who moves, in this case – the train. Installed on the sides of a tunnel, the movement of the train and the perfectly timed highlighting of each still frame after another creates an up to 7 second movie viewed by looking out of the window. A little demo shows how it works best.

single frames are installed inside a tunnel… © Aap!

… lining up next to each other.© Aap!

when driving by, a sensor measures the speed of the train and lights up each frame accordingly © Aap!

here a still of a tunnel movie for Adidas viewed from within the train © Aap!
Although some articles claimed years ago, that this technology would be the new hit and boom in all tunnels, I never saw one myself… I very much like the idea, though! Maybe too much hustle to install it afterall? We very much hope that you liked our little train tour. Some more images on our Flickr page, if you like.

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    Japan is the country of visual :) , what a great advert.

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    A REAL ART of high value! I just love japan !! :)

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    Wow, very nice ads. I wanna be in Japan right now.

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    That’s really very inspiring, crazy ideas that have crazy effect too :)

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    Hilarious. You obviously can’t move one foot in Japan without someone trying to sell you something, and yet here you all are raving about wishing you had the opportunity to live somewhere where someone’s invading every second of your life with advertising. Because….it’s Japanese! So it must be “art”. Yep.

  • Robert Patterson

    Thanks for the great feedback on all these fun and interesting applications of alternative and traditional out door media.

    Regarding MetroVISTA – the intunnel advertising platform – we’re working on bringing it to Japan – the challenge is the high cost associated with Japanese construction and the strigent safety standards required. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime – for all those with fun, fresh, and energetic ideas for alternative advertising please send your ideas to us at

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  • Alexander

    Actually, the tunnel movies are now being utilized here in Washington, D.C.. The first time I saw one (which was a few months ago), I thought I’d seen a ghost.

    Very nice article.

  • tim t.

    part of what i miss about being in tokyo… even though i don’t condsider myself a slacky to big corporations. theres also a car commercial on tv here in the states where they drive around in tunnels underneath tokyo.

  • M2

    Intersting, but the design is ugly – actually is cheese.
    japan needs to improve the design standards with the west.

  • Joe

    “japan needs to improve the design standards with the west.”

    LOL. Yeah Right.

    Who are you to decide what is ugly or not!!!!

    And frankly, who the hell cares about what the west thinks about Japan!!!

  • cas

    i saw the tunnel movie, impressive

  • Cyberpukish

    the tunnel movie .. wow.

  • M2

    And frankly, who the hell cares about what the west thinks about Japan!!!

    Well you should care, since japan, always tries to imitate the west.

    I repeat – japanese design is behind the west.

  • nat

    I saw one of those tunnel movies, I think on the Ginza line.

    Being back in Chicago and riding the EL definitely makes me miss Tokyo. The only noteworthy thing I’ve seen here is that a lot of the trains are wrapped in iPod ads.

  • Ally

    What an interesting article. I would love to see these in person.

  • Jo

    Coming from Sydney, I thought Tokyo was one the most ad saturated cities in the world. It drove me crazy! Luckily I had no understanding of it at all. I can only imagine what so much advertising does to you. I suppose you get used to it…

  • Badger

    number 10 is very similar to london underground escalators, as you go up the short advertisment stays on the right bit for anyone watching.

  • Istvan Pusztai

    Wow… I wish these kind of ads were in my city! I would feel like I was in another century!

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    makes me wanna go and migrate to japan now. thing is, will I get a job? lol.

  • duck you

    that,s very nice but can u show us more everyone really interest it especially No.3,4 and 6

  • Stefan

    Ads everywhere – this is HORROR! I hope, european advertisers will not take this as an example for own campaigns…

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    let us spit on kapitalism.

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    This is indeed one of the most creative blog I have ever seen… Keep up the good work!!!

  • Alex

    Brilliant article; I love the Japanese sense of design and the inventiveness of it all :)

  • M2

    Stefan, I agree with you.
    I hope European advertisers will not take this as an example for own campaigns.

    Japanese design it’s banal and full of cliches.

  • CY from Sydney

    You’ve gotta appaulsed for some of the creativeness in some of the Japanese campaigns.

    To be honest, I’ve found some of the Japanese outrageous ads inspiring.

    It is also a cultural thing, so you can’t just totally reject other people’s effort. They must have done lots of research and planning, before having the final things out in the public.

    Haven’t been to Europe myself, so I can’t comment on the ads in Europe! Thou I quite admire the ideas behind the ads by an Amsterdam ad agency!

    I live in Sydney myself, I agree that we couldn’t apply those Japanese ad campaigns here. It is a controversial topic to discuss about as it is all to do with social context. It is about your surroundings.

  • marco

    recently hot pepper hired a couple of students to perform an ad that looked like a performance, pretty fun. The 20 guys lined up against a wall in the (shibuya) station and all held up at the same moment the same copy of hot pepper (a free magazine with job ads) just in front of their eyes. it was really fun to watch… got pictures if interested!

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  • Piers Fawkes

    urban spam!

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  • Walker Hamilton

    We’ve got tunnel movies installed on the El’s Blue Line here in Chicago. But it’s been this terribly boring Aveeno ad for months now. Maybe the CTA just didn’t feel like investing the time in changing it too often?

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  • Jens Meiert

    Stefan, M2 – though they will, at least in all larger cities… just a matter of time.

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  • travis

    they do have one of those movies on the ginza line around aoyama icchome I think.

    there was a great advertising ‘exhibition’ on the walls of the long corridor between main part of tokyo station and tokyo keiyo line. I really don’t mind japanese advertising. Most foreigners think it’s SO CRAZY, but if you understand the language it isn’t such a big deal. The tone of advertising here is a lot different I think. Whenever I go back to the states I think the advertising is irritating. Everything is trying to project this image of how hard and cool it is in the west. Cuteness is disarmingly effective, or at least pleasant (as I don’t buy anything that’s actually advertised) The Suica penguin, he’s adorable! Heck, even the docomodake is nice. Perhaps since it’s not my native language it always seems funny or interesting to me.Maybe I’ve been here so long that a lot of what you point out doesn’t seem wierd to me.I’ve seen a lot of the advertising mentioned above, and I like a lot of it. The neckties were pretty creative I thought (although I didn’t know they were an loan company). You can see the escalator advertising at the hamamatsucho monorail station going to haneda airport.

  • traveller

    Seen one of the tunnel movies in Frankfurt (Germany) – takes you by surprise the first time…

  • kmccaul

    M2, I beg to to differ… Japanese design is AHEAD of the western world.

    Also, the station at Kyoto is uncluttered with ads

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  • Akarki

    Actually here in Budapest (capital of Hungary) tunnel movies were first used cc. 3 years ago but I didn’t see any of them since a long time. Think it was a Nike ad.

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  • Jeremiah

    Tunnel Movies is definitely my favorite approach.

  • Ivan Minic

    brilliant example of human crativity

  • xavier

    brilliant example of human crativity directed towards bombarding one’s mind with billions of pieces of useless information, packed nice & flashy so that eye could not resist it.
    Really brilliant.. brainwashing, I would call it

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    hahaha, this is so cool!

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  • Flo

    Wow, thank you a lot for all those ideas and images. I’m not sure, which one ist the best, because i like them all!

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  • Nikita

    The tunnel thing is on Ginza line. Somewhere not far from Ginza sta.

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  • allen

    AWESOME POST – this really is a great exhibit for subways – I will post a link on my site

    I enjoyed reading this post – love subway ads – years ago NYC had something like #10 but it was manual and so if the train went slow you saw the art too slow – but you know Japan would make it high tech!

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  • Spelling flame guy

    “staring at” not “starring at”.

  • Enoch Root

    The window animations remind me of Masstransiscope, an art installation in NYC in 1980.

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  • FootFace

    Um, guys? The people making and designing these ads might indeed by clever and talented. But these are ADS. It looks to me like all of Tokyo has been turned into a platform for launching insidious commercial messages into your brain. You people LIKE this? You want to MOVE there just so you too can be pelted with these unwanted messages all the time? You’re not already staurated with advertising wherever you live?

    Whatever happened to enjoying a little peace and quiet? Maybe just seeing such messages when YOU choose to see them (oon TV, on the internet), instead of having them plastered on every public (or quasi-public) space?

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    makes me miss Japan….

    What no people giving your tissue??? :d

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    wow, i especially like the take-away pacekts!

  • Adrian Tong

    Visually + Culturally = Amazing Japan!!

  • Joey

    hey.. this is an awesome are like actually annoys me,but at the same time i find it so fascinating. anyways. just wanted to tell you the last one, tunnel movie? i saw one of those in HK two years ago,and i went back recently and they were gone!!?!? maybe like you said, they’re too expensive to put up?i think its a mad idea tho.=)

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  • Sighris

    This cracks me up… I miss Japan & hope to go back soon… but the more ads that are placed the better people will learn to ignore them… they will become like white noise… but it might be annoying to some.
    p.s. it reminds me of BladeRunner (the movie).

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  • anon

    The ad is on the Ginza Line going back to Shibuya between Tameike-sannou and Akasaka Mitsuke. Look to the right side.

  • Robert

    Here in the Central Railstation in Frankfurt /Main (Germany – yes, the place where the large Airport is) have this Video-Kaleidoskop since almost 5-6 Years.

  • cre8

    And I bet in each case the media and production departments said “It can’t be done!”

    Lovely when “Let’s find a way” wins!

  • Tracy

    that was great !!!
    I loved all of it – way to go
    especially the handrail with codes
    pure marketing genius!

    and the neckties…

    good stuff!

  • Erich

    You can see some of these in Munich as well.
    Huge floor stickers are quite common, and we also have this tunnel animation.
    Large ad panels are often on the other side of the track, so people couldn’t reach them.
    However there are some smaller panels; and some companies have been giving away gift vouchers via IrDA to mobile phones there. I guess the next version will be a bluetooth enabled panel.
    The handrail ads would probably be a good addition. However I think the best eye catcher a still the big animated screens that will show some short cartoons, weather forecast and ads. There are always people watching them while waiting (and so do I).

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    Real cool!

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    Here In los angeles…it’s the opposite. Ads are banned completely

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    Really very fascinating. Great article. Cheers

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    What an excellent post. I live in Osaka and have seen some similar things in the trains and their stations too. This was a really well written post.

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    i love this post. very creative!

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    hmmmm, Pringles in soup?

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    very insightful and ideas are very fresh out of the box. i love it. hope you would email me more of these happenings.

  • Easel

    you are so right about japan being the mecca of advertising, it really is. hehehe everyday it would be an adventure riding the train, an adventure of seeing the latest ad that has come out. =0)

    thank you for noticing.

  • ftw

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    nice post. i enjoyed looking at the ads :)

  • fatbear

    adzilla (link below, I hope) ripped off entire post (word for word, image for image) without link or attribution – go take a look, and then send them your thoughts…..

  • Max

    Every time I go to Japan….they surprise me with everything they have…and yes this includes the clever advertisement they use.

  • Daniel

    unfortunately this article has been plagerized at

  • cpboulanger

    This is a great post. Please show advertising in other public or transit spaces. I’d liked to know how immersed communal-spaces are in advertisements.

    I’m in Chicago, and though we have a lot of train infrastructure,you don’t see anything like this. The stations in particular are poorly used.

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  • Steve Santiago

    They embraced the West at the turn of the century and created the best designs you could imagine. I first went there in 1956 and lived there for 10 years. Tokyo then is what you see in Las Vegas today. Hands down it was a 24/7 town with the best entertainment you could find anywhere. Check out for the best Arts and Crafts on the web. And 3578 sotfware and hardware to choose from. Photo Restoration is a much if you have something to save from the past that has been damaged. Cheers!

  • idris

    h.siktir be süper olumm

  • Gabriella

    I loved them. The floor posters you see here in Sao Paulo where I live, and the wall coverings like from that university. They even have the covering the inside and/or outside of the train, but I wish I could see the 7 second mini movie they set up in the tunnels. Won’t ever happen here, too expensive, but is probably really cool. Can’t wait till I can go to Japan!!

  • Drake_catmaster

    twidles thumbs it was great but i was hoping to see more images of dragons on the ads… but otherwise GREAT wish they would do that in U.S.A. >,< cat face

  • Prowler2885

    Going into graphic design myself. Holy crap.

    The Japanese are friggin intimidating. I personally like the animating frames ad in the tunnels idea. Same with the PDA-scannable escalator avertisements.

  • dido

    Tunnel Movies:
    I’ve seen them both in Europe and in the US. For some reason there were around only in 1999-2000. Quite a smart idea!

  • Anonymous

    M2: it may seem like imitation to those who only see the superficial or think in neo-colonial patterns. there may be adaption to some extent, but one thing is for sure: there are more ORIGINATORS in japan than in europe or the US. actually, most of the “western” designers tend to imitate each other all the time and are afraid of personal style or expression especially in advertising.
    one personal thing: there is no point in judging cultures. learn to cherish differences.

  • Anonymous

    By the way, the ads in Japan, NYC, Chicago, Washington D.C., Tokyo and majority of the metropolitan cities are Submedia LLC. ads. For more information, go to

  • anon

    Funny this should be brought up as “modern”. I recall seeing similar “moving” ads in the Montreal metro tunnels decades ago. Also the moving sidewalk between terminals in the old Dorval (Montreal) airport showed moving pictures. Although Japan may seem ultrachic to westerners as we can’t often read the type, westerners can do modern stuff too. Japan is just the it place now.

  • sunmyung.bai

    of course, SEOUL has “9″ ad-tricks of above-mentioned tricks. NO.8 is so Great!!!!!! Japan is Suprising land. :)
    Oh, Many citizen hates excessive ADs.

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  • Einna

    Absolutely amazing and clever. If only all ways of advertising were quite so artistic! I so would not find these ads annoying at all.

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  • http://... Peter ( OZ )

    very interesting pictures.I do like the way items of advertising jump out.
    I cannot imagine half of these types of posters etc being used in sydney as people seem to like to break anything that is not bolted down.
    We miss out on so much here it is sad.

  • Skala

    Nice site guys

  • Etienne Bouchard

    Those japanese are so sick. I agree those images are impressive to watch beign in a other country, but I wish I’ll never see anything like that in Canada as much as I live. I I mean, you dont even have the choise not to see those adds, they olny thing you can do is to close your eyes…sick…

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  • dsfh

    “And frankly, who the hell cares about what the west thinks about Japan!!!

    Well you should care, since japan, always tries to imitate the west.

    I repeat – japanese design is behind the west.”

    god wt the hell japan is waywayway ahead of the west i should know i just spent 5yrs livin there nd movin bak here…god we r sooo unimaginative

  • Mexxyx


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    Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

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  • anatol

    Nise site!


    I don’t think London is too far behind when it comes to using every conceivable space for advertising, some of it good, much of it bad. At least one line in Seoul uses the tunnel movie, plus they have a fair few plasma screens on the far walls showing non-stop ads.

  • Gay Blowa

    I found lots of intresting things here. Please more updates.

  • evon

    it is very interesting to see ads everywhere in Japan !! amazing ! and the way they arrange and put their ads is just neat, pretty and effective!!!!!!! amazing!

  • Clara

    Good post!
    I don’t get tired looking at advertisements in Japan. They are simply so attractive esp those from department stores informing when their sale is starting.

  • otto

    Why is everyone so impressed by ads, an article about ads no less. Being constantly bombarded with ads squeezed into every last inch of visual space isn’t cool at all. It sucks, and it’s annoying. There’s so little room for anything meaningful when everything is used to sell–I’d like to see an article written about defacing ads. How about that? Suggestion: let’s all carry sharpie pens and draw moustaches on every flat paper face we see.

  • robin

    the PATH trains between new york city and new jersey have the movies–they have had them for a few years. one is between world trade center and nj and the other is along the 33rd st. line.

    the best execution that i’ve seen on the subway movies was for shark week on the discovery channel…the movie just consisted of a a shark swimming alongside the train. great!

    the simpler the better, on those movies–because they’re dependent on the speed of the train, they can get kind of jerky, and complex ideas just become mush.

  • MediaMisfit

    Wow, take me to tokyo.

  • resimler

    Thanks for photos. i thing Tokyo’s people
    have funny with these.

  • Byrdie

    It’s awesome!!! I love how these advertisements think outside the box to get future customers.

  • Bush


  • rash

    don’t you feel like have some space for your eyes too? ambience advt really sucks sometimes

  • rash

    amazingly eyecatching and feet arresting, but offering no space for the senses

  • Anna

    I’ve seen those movies in the subways here in Brazil, they are really interesting and get you looking at them all the way until the end :D

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    This is NOT inspiring! Have advertisers no shame? When will the barrage of consumer madness end?!

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