Polytechnic University (Minsk, Belarus, 1981) © Frederic Chaubin

Frederic Chaubin: Soviet SF Style

Frederic Chaubin, who was born in Cambodia of a French father and Spanish mother, is chief editor of the French magazine Citizen K, and also a photographer who has been attracted by strange architecture in the former Soviet Union. The photos he takes in countries like Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Georgia, reveal an extraordinary, almost sci-fi world. Today, PingMag takes you to the world of Soviet style architecture with Frederic Chaubin himself.

Written by Chiemi

Could you introduce yourself first, please?

My name is Frederic Caubin, I’m chief editor of a French magazine, Citizen K. I’ve been there for 13 years. I began to take photos for the magazine about 6 years ago. Since then, I’ve been producing features, usually related to architecture. I take photos of strange buildings in different places in different countries. Right now, I’m thinking of making a book of Soviet architecture from the 70’s and 80’s because nobody has taken photos of this specific architecture from that period.

It looks like a set from Star Wars.. Wedding Palace (Tbilisi, Georgia, 1985) © Frederic Chaubin

All of the buildings in the photos you took look like something from Sci-Fi films. Were there many of these buildings in the Soviet Union?

Well, these are more like an accident. If you see the photographs all together in a small space like here, you might feel like there are quite a lot of these buildings around, but actually there are very few of them. You have to imagine that if you go to each Russian town you will only find one or two very special buildings there. But most of them are very boring and look very similar, and those here are the exceptions.

Why were they built over 20, 30 years ago?

It is difficult to figure out where the idea came from. The possible reason is because the USSR used to be a huge country with no homogeneity. Also, there were only very few connections to the rest of the world. So, most of the architects didn’t know what was happening outside of the Soviet Union.

The architect who designed this building was influenced by a sketch of an imaginary city drawn by a Russian artist. “Roads Ministry” (Tbilisi, Georgia, 1975) © Frederic Chaubin

Do you usually know in advance exactly where to go to find these buildings?

At the beginning I just found them by chance. But right now I know where they are and I know what they look like. I travel on my own and I usually ask the local national news agency to find someone to help me, or to give me some connections. They are very surprised that I go there just to take photos of old buildings. (laugh)

Where have you been to take those photos apart from the former Soviet Union?

Norway, Mexico, India, Morocco, Italy, Cambodia, Vietnam…. I’ve only had exhibitions about landscape and architecture in Norway and Caucasia though.

Local people call this building the Monster.. “Soviet Palace” (Kalinigrad, Russia, 1975) © Frederic Chaubin

Is there any message behind these photos, or is there anything you want the audience to feel?

Some kind of emotion… could be nostalgia. What did you think when you first saw them?

I saw a photo of Druzhba Holiday Center on your postcard first and I was simply amazed by the look of the building, and wondered if it still existed or not because I thought this was taken in the 70s or so. It’s probably because of the atmosphere that this building creates. And this could be a very Japanese thing, but I immediately thought about earthquakes…

I shot these photos in the last 5 years, so most of them still exist but some of them have disappeared and some of them have been transformed.

This building was a joint venture between the Russians and Czechs. Czechoslovakia was the only country which sent a man to space with a Russian launcher, and they also had a satellite launcher. So it’s related to space style. When this was built, the Department of Defense in America thought this was some kind of rocket launcher. The secret service was very much afraid of it, but in fact this is just a summer camp. By the way, this one has been built with earthquake-resistant construction.

“Druzhba Holiday Center Hall” (Yalta, Ukraine, 1984)© Frederic Chaubin

I heard that this is your first visit to Japan. What do you think about architecture in Tokyo? Have you taken any photos?

I haven’t yet, but I’m looking for places to take photos. Architecture in Tokyo is very beautiful and very impressive. It’s much more impressive than these buildings. This is more like a monster collection, like collecting strange things. But buildings around here are very beautiful.

Do you have any plans for the future?

Going to Armenia to keep on working on the collection. And also I’m planning to build a website with these photos. I’m still thinking of how to do it, but probably showing a map and just click the map and you will see a photo of that area.

Thank you very much for showing us a great collection of photographs today, Frederic. I really want to visit one of them in the future too.

Paul Smith SPACE in Jingumae

Paul Smith SPACE in Jingumae

You can see more of his amazing work at his first solo exhibition “Soviet SF Style” at Paul Smith SPACE in Jingumae till Sunday 24th September. If you don’t have a chance to visit there, check out his magazine “Citizen K“!

  • http://imomus.livejournal.com Momus

    Very nice buildings! The “nostalgia” mentioned ties in with the ostalgie we’ve been feeling here in Berlin for the last few years.

    It’s funny, the article feels like it’s based on a book, but the book seems at this point to be only a vague possibility for the future. So it’s a bit like a web pecha kucha session. Good luck, Frederic, this project definitely deserves a quality publisher when it’s finished!

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  • http://celso_brownyahoo.com cbrown

    I daily come here to read what is going on on the design universe. I work with that and I am always interested in how a simple life thing could have so many different versions and how sometimes just one gets our attention.
    So, reading today about these buildings, I couldn’t help think about 3 examples of that kind of architecture:
    Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World – http://hotels.about.com/library/photos/wdwcr/contemporary2lg.jpg
    Space Mountain at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom – http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b112/TeenonSax/Space%20Mountain/SMand50th064.jpg
    Petrobras building (Rio de Janeiro) – http://www.arrakeen.ch/rio/107%20%20Aqueduto%20da%20Carioca%20&%20Petrobrás%20Building.JPG
    Hope ya’ll agree with me.
    Keep up with the good work!!


    Very interesting interview. I had no idea that buildings like these exist in the former Soviet Union.

    The buildings remind me greatly of the 1970′s type architecture, using lots of geometric shapes, yet there’s something about them that make them unique. Perhaps it is the landscape surrounding the buildings.

    Anyway, great article!

  • http://www.noisestudio.com x-noise

    Top amazing!
    Thanks! Chiemi~

  • Luke Chandresinghe

    Great photos. Can you tell me if you have made a publiction of these buildings or indeed if one exists as i would love to use them to show my students in London. Keep up the good work!

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  • http://www.acediscovery.net Adrian

    Wow. These are amazing, and yet also horrible. I love the building at Yalta. It has no consideration for the landscape around it, but yet is an amazingly impressive building.

  • http://www.stroom.nl Arno van Roosmalen

    The architecture is astonishing indeed; and the photography of Frederic Chaubin emphasizes their eerie quality.
    But at the same time this is exactly my point of critique: they seem to have landed from outer space in an ‘innocent’ landscape, whereas they are expressing an ideology, utopian and totalitarian. Too often architecture is being considered ‘mere’ form; as an esthetical-materialistic (strange word in this respect) object.
    Stroom in The Hague is preparing an exhibition with Romanian-Dutch artist Calin Dan. He is concerned with, as he calls it, ‘emotional architecture’. He has a strong focus on the non-materialist aspects of a building, it socio-political history, its mental status, etc. And the synopsis of one of his videoworks “Trip” reads: “‘Trip’ has its starting point in the main oeuvre of Estonian architect Raine Karp – the concert hall he designed for the city of Tallinn between 1975-1980. Considered by the locals to be the most important building realized in the country, Linnahall is the embodiment of the historical period of its realisation, a time capsule preserving the utopian ideas of centralized power and of egalitarian modernism. Next to that, Linna Hall is an extreme example of how architecture can stir public emotions in the present time of corporate predominance.”

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  • http://www.stroom.nl Arno van Roosmalen

    what about this one, for all designlovers: http://anarchitecture.blogspot.com/2006/09/beauty-of-evil.html

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  • Anonymous

    Эти ебанашки все равно нихуя не поймут

  • http://mitya.ebbs.net d.b.suchin

    Photos might be ok, the background research unveils impressive mistakes and maybe even desinformation.

    Let’s go through the text:
    _ “I’m thinking of making a book of Soviet architecture from the 70’s and 80’s because nobody has taken photos of this specific architecture from that period.” – sorry, all the buildings shown above were published both before and after competion in the respective professional media, like “Architecture of the USSR”, etc. These magazines are easily availiable in National Libraries throughout the globe.

    _”The possible reason is because the USSR used to be a huge country with no homogeneity.” – sorry, ever though of architectural imagination? Of them britalism, metabolism and the others? These styles were present throughout the world – quite to the contrary with the following remark,
    _”So, most of the architects didn’t know what was happening outside of the Soviet Union.” – sorry, we were! It’s rather the other way round – the westerners didn’t know, or didn’t want to know on what’s happening in the East.

    _”Czechoslovakia was the only country which sent a man to space with a Russian launcher, and they also had a satellite launcher.” – sorry, almost every country of the socialist block have had cosmonauts that went to fly agound the globe on soviet eqipment. There were Poles and East German ones, and even Mongol.

  • Anonymous

    Согласен с последними тремя постами :-)

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  • Assa

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    Автору статьи – зачет, однозначно, хоть ты и не понимаешь ни хера, чурка дречепыжная.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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    очень красивые здания, некоторые – просто фантасмагория… не хуже всяких френков гэрри:))

  • Pavel

    “Soviet Palace” in Kaliningrad is still unfinished (about 20 years)

  • Anonymous

    It’ll never be finished

  • KOka

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    An addition to your collection :)
    city Bobruisk. Belarus

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    Vive L’Internet

  • http://www.letter16.com FRC

    Wow! This is some kind of high brutalist modern!?!?
    Wonderful photos! Thank you FC / PingMag!
    and thanks to jmcolberg for the link – I had just discovered Ping coincidentally a few days ago – Love it! ;)

  • http://blog.yeianchao.com delvig

    Yes, they do recall scenes from the sci-fi movie Solaris which is one of my favorite USSR movies. What strikes me here is not the way they look but how little these buildings and their architects are known to the people in the outside world. Good job!

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  • http://www.cosmosfilm.tv алексей

    я видел своими глазами
    Polytechnic University (Minsk, Belarus, 1981) и Roads Ministry” (Tbilisi, Georgia, 1975)
    очень гармоничные и красивые здания, которые действительно впечатляют.

  • KaTep

    Офигенные здания! Мощь с характером

  • KaTep

    Грузинские – просто сказка, и то, что тут сказали о том, что они не вписываются в ландшафт – глупость.

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  • http://www.small-architecture.com Tomi

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  • мау

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  • Студент

    А я вот в Polytechnic University(БНТУ нынче) учусь.Кста на Архитектурном факультете)Здание мот и ничё внешне, но нефигова напороли с вентиляцией остеклением и ещё монго чем.Зимой холод,сквозняки…Через год кап ремонт бует.

  • JeffC

    When I first saw the Roads Ministry photo, I thought it must be a fake, a computer generated image. The Wedding Palace is just as impressive and “other worldly”. It’s nice to see older architecture that is so inspiring and unique. I hope they still exist and are around for centuries to come.

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  • Yulia

    Dont like russians talking…

  • http://devesasyahoo.com frank

    anyone know anything more about the Tbilsi Central Square (Georgia) by Otar Kalandarishvily, 1983 …the curves he used on that building were remarkable…if anyone knows of any more info let us all know!! …great exhibit by Frederic Chaubin btw

  • http://daikide.livejournal.com/ Daikide

    Hello, fantastic pics. I’ve added two Georgian ones to my blog. (With the reference to the photographer, naturally) Hope you don’t mind.


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  • ryb

    Просто низкоползающим неучам, самым прямым потомкам обезьян, не дано понять той грандиозности, что когда-то была у великого советского народа. Жаль, не дали дальше развиваться, свиноёбы.

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  • http://www.scifi-art.info/ Scifi art directory

    Very interesting architectural style. It clearly has the communism architectural influence of the 60s and 70s but there is more to it – in a sense futurism with a heavy and solid feel, which was so typical of soviet buildings. I like it.

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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/hyrskylahti/ Sami Hyrskylahti

    Hello from Saint Petersburg!

    There are also some others interested in Soviet architecture of 60-70′s. I’ve had several exhibitions of that subject, first one in 2003. Check out some of my Soviet stuff at:


    All the best!

  • http://none Yuri from Тёплый Стан

    I’m profoundly impressed by our very own Soviet architecture of the 1970-1980-s, it simply takes my breath away. Solemn, gloomy and futuristic, with much attention to the details. Too bad these buildings are gradually decaying… Modern ‘shoebox’-style houses are really ugly, made of cheap materials and won’t last long. U.S.S.R. forever! Мало в жизни осталось прекрасного…

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  • http://info@massimovitali.com massimo vitali

    I was doing some research on a trip to ukraine that I was planning for the summer an I run into your pictures. great!
    I am curious to know what has happened since to these humungous buildings.let’s keep in touch (after the summer may be)ciao massimo

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