endless paradise of Japanese sweets and toys

Fun with cheap Japanese toys and sweets

After informing you about the Doraemon Shop a little while ago, I must confess I didn’t tell you the whole truth! There are actually quite a few scruffy old Omocha-shops around: toys, sweets and silly stuff perfect for brightening up a gray afternoon, buying presents for your friends or just indulging in the stylish packaging design. Time for a new infusion of bright Japanese graphics from it’s finest.

Written by Uleshka

Let’s start with some exciting “shoot the dinosaur with a rubber-band-gun” packaging.

shoot-the-dinosaur-with-a-rubber-band-gun-packaging, full pack

shoot-the-dinosaur-with-a-rubber-band-gun-packaging, empty pack revealing the underlying graphics

Here is the full pack and the the emptied one, which is almost better! Load the rubber-band around your gun aaaaaaand – shoot!

dinosaur gun pointing at poor dino

An old classic are planes, of course! Colorful graphics and dubious motives…. We found three different styrofoam ones. Number one has two sets of wings to stack in and a heavy plastic front with propeller to make the “nose” heavy for better flying.

styrofoam plane no.1

The one on the left is the deluxe version of plane number one having landing wheels, too. The following right one is powered by a rubber-band and has a suction cap on his “nose” - so try to aim for a window!

the upscale version

rubberband powered suction cap plane

Point and shoot!

KINGA with rubber band plane

Note on the side: Special thanks to KINGA for sharing the fun with us. She is currently in Japan collecting some new impressions and footage for new visuals. Look forward!

upscale plane in action

In case you never made it to be a pilot, you might want to aim a little lower and go for the profession of a ticket-puncher. Here is the full on Japanese train ticket set including a beautiful pinch! Tickets to Kyoto, Nagoya, Sendai… you name it!

punch set full pack

punch set back side

Believe it or not, but punching little holes out of those tickets was actually very satisfying. (KINGA was hard to stop!)

KINGA starting to punch

Now for a little snack in between: of course there is a lot to chose from! Rice-pop-corn in the shape of a carrot, frogs and cats filled with sweet pearls, wafers to spread Japanese jam on, milk balls and mini-ramen.

sweet mix Japanese style
cat and frog with matching sweater

My favorite packaging design are still those exclusively Japanese flat things: a dried flat sour plum bar or a dried octopus snack!

ume – sour plum snack
octopus snack

A thing that seemed to be found in all countries are cigarettes for kids. Well – I don’t want to get into what educational effect that might have but remember, how much I loved them when I was small. In Japan, they don’t only have chocolate flavor, but also Coca Cola taste! (and for the real Japanese packages, click here).

Coca Cola cigarettes

the usual chocolate cigarettes

Now at the end, try these: super-natural tattoos to play dead!


how to look evil


shot and…


Have a happy Golden Week holiday!

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/felinefei/ Fei

    Wow! what a fun article! I love all the Candy in a pile, so interesting and delicious!
    I love your articles! Toys and Candy, the best things in the world!

  • http://drew.irondress.net Andrew

    Those tatoos are awesome!

  • http://www.bentong.net Ben Tong

    I remember those styrofoam airplane! I used to collect them when I was small. Very fun indeed! :D

  • http://www.knight-edge.com/ G

    I, too, had one of those styrofoam airplane! Ah the memories… ^____^

  • http://iamrice.org Damien Tanner

    Hah yeah, those planes were the best.

  • http://surrealu.blogspot.com Claytonain

    the kids training to be railway workers reminded me of this classic Japanese flash: http://www.mediatinker.com/yamanote29/archives/images/shinbashi.swf

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  • http://ezboard.com PoChop

    I would venture to say that the wings on the plane in “styrofoam plane no. 1″ were assembled incorrectly. They appear to be attached backwards! In addition, the numbers on the tail of the plane are mirror imaged yet the text shown on the wrapper is not mirror imaged. Are there some Photoshop shenanigans going on here???

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  • http://www.pingmag.jp Uleshka

    PoChop – no photoshop magic! those were printed on the planes the wrong way. don’t know why, though ;-)

  • Biki

    I loved this article (recently discovered pingmag :D )!! I remember when I was young and still lived in Japan, there was this store by my house that used to sell all those treats and retro toys, including that punching your train ticket gadget and the fake cigarette goodies. I remember going all crazy with the hole puncher that after punching out all the tickets, I went around the house punching random things, which my gradmom was not too happy about I’m sure!

    The last time I went back to Japan, the store was closed. I felt a little of me die! I hope it was that they just had the day off…

    Thanks for this piece! It made my day! tears

  • yumi

    i was wondering: do they sell little bobdog cigarettes in hicago? or are you willing to sell me some?

  • http://kyoumi.ca leviN

    i remember those styrofoam planes when i was a small kid. We(me, my brothers and cousins) used to buy quite alot of them (they break easy) and yes they are a fun cheap toy to play with

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  • http://myspace.com/iknowrussia Lauren

    i was wondering…where can i buy little bobdogs??? me and my friend are looking everywhere

  • Anonymous

    thank you for the great pic

  • http://www.istanbulmotokurye.com kurye

    there was this store by my house that used to sell all those treats and retro toys

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