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8 Web Design Warm Fuzzy Feelings

The web design / development world isn’t always fast cars, eating caviar by the kilogram and relaxing on a giant water bed with a harem of concubines. Sometimes you can sit frustrated in front of a computer trying to get things to align, trying to make your site just work properly, for hour upon hour. However, there are also times of sheer elation whereupon you can enjoy a warm, fuzzy feeling (hereon abbreviated to WFF) from the satisfaction of having done something perfectly, or to the highest standard that current technology (or your crippling schedule) will allow. These are 8 of those times, in no particular order…

Written by Jon.


1) When your markup is readable by humans
Ever come back to a project several months later and have to “re-learn” what you did in order to change things? Unless you like creating unnecessary work for yourself, this is probably not a great situation to be in. One of the ways you can deal with this is by creating markup that makes sense. For example, the idea behind separating XHTML from CSS is to separate the semantic logic of your page’s hierarchy from the visual style. This effect is kind of lost if all you are marking up your xhtml pages with are hundreds of divs with cryptic names such as “div1″, “div2″ and so on.

How can you remedy this? For a start, you can give your markup human-readable class names and identifiers. There are a number of methods for this, such as using camelCaseMainContainerTop – or by using the slightly more old-school underscore method – Main_Container_Top.

On the other side of things, you can’t be too blazé about your CSS files either – they can quickly become an un-navigable mess of typographical and layout declarations, which will make the job of coming back to it later to edit it rather more difficult than it should be. One method I have recently adopted from Lokesh Dhakar is to keep CSS files organised by type, with a table of contents at the top. This means that you separate all typographical styles from the layout styles, which makes for extremely easy-on-the-eyes style sheets. I also tend to keep a separate section right at the bottom for “hacks” – the sometimes-unavoidable workarounds for browsers who don’t want to play nice. Hacks are bad in two ways – you shouldn’t have to use them, and the code often looks really ugly – why mess up the clarity of my style sheet for the sake of hacks? Hence, if I need to use them, I put them right at the bottom (this way, they are also much easier to find if you need to jiggle with them or delete them later because you’ve found a better workaround).

Knowing that you have created something clear and understandable underneath the website itself (that is, beyond the visual layer) provides a definite feeling of satisfaction.

WFFF (Warm Fuzzy Feeling Factor – higher value is warmer and fuzzier): 6/10


2) When your functionality degrades gracefully
All too often I find that in this current boom of whizzy, flashy online web applications, certain browsers get shut out for no apparent reason. Now, I can understand this to an extent, but when it is a big corporation or a start-up with venture capital funding behind it, there really isn’t any excuse to be shutting out perfectly capable browsers such as Safari. Writely and Riya are two recent examples of web applications that simply say “oh sorry, you’re using Safari! Bye”. If your cutting-edge functionality doesn’t work on my browser, try to make it degrade gracefully so that at least I can enjoy a “dumbed-down” version instead of a static page telling me to kindly download and use a different browser. This is one of the more difficult WFF to achieve on this list, and one of the more time-consuming, so as much as I loathe those who don’t abide by it, I have massive respect for those who do.

WFFF: 8/10


3) When you can increase the text size willy nilly and it doesn’t break your layout
The holy grail of the “perfectly liquid layout” should be every web designer’s goal. Not everyone wants to view the site at the text size your designer has set – not everyone can. Remember, screen sizes and eye strengths differ from user to user, and some will be reaching for that “increase text size” key. Apart from this, it’s just one of those “best practice” things. However, the more complex a design gets, the harder this is to implement. Sometimes for the design’s sake, you’ll have to use a fixed height for an element, and that might make the layout go crazy when you increase the text size. In addition to this, Internet Explorer’s lack of support for the min-height property makes things all the more difficult when you want to set a height for a box, but don’t mind it getting bigger if the text starts to poke through it. There are ways around this though – have a look at Stu Nicholls’ IE min-height CSS hack for a workaround.

WFFF: 7/10


4) When your site works in internet explorer without you trying
Hah! Like this ever happens. I’m going to assume that most web designer / developers are web-savvy people and for that reason use a more capable browser as their staple and for that reason probably create websites using that browser as their main testpad. Which means you end up with a site that looks beautiful in Mozilla/Firefox or Safari but looks like someone has taken a sack of hammers to it when you fire it up in Internet Explorer. Problems with IE are usually due to its slightly amusing interpretation of floated elements, and the way IE handles the box model. It just takes patience to make IE happy. Dan Cederholm, designer of Odeo and the man behind Simplebits put it quite well in his recent interview on the Web2.0 Show“(Internet Explorer is) the family member you don’t like but have to deal with”.

WFFF: 9/10 – making a site that looks great in IE without you trying is like an instant orgasm for web design geeks.


5) When your site’s hierarchy is hierarchical even without your stylesheet
This is another one of those dull “best practice” things that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside without actually having any tangible impact on how the site looks. The thing about CSS is it’s great for moving stuff around, floating this next to that etc – but if you take the CSS away, does the site still make sense? Is the navigation still at the top? Are your header tags in the right order? Sounds boring, but that’s how a search engine sees your site – so a site that makes sense in terms of the hierarchical markup of the page will be more understandable to search engines, and hence get you a better page rating/index.

WFFF: 6/10


6) When your url structure makes sense
Thanks to blogging engines such as WordPress, “clean urls” are a website “best practice” that anyone can achieve. What do I mean by clean urls? For example take a look at PingMag. If we look at a url such as we see that we get an archive. That probably means that if we just guess and type in, we’ll get the month after that. And you’d be right. Clean URLs are, amongst other reasons, good because they help users get an idea of where stuff is without you having to tell them. A friendly site is a better site. Now, moving into the next generation of web development tools, such functionality is built into the system – for example the Ruby on Rails framework provides clean, understandable urls as standard.

WFFF: 7/10


7) When you make a really awesome form
Forms get neglected. Poor forms. The making of a form will probably be one of the last things you do for any given web project, or at least, it’s usually not something that’s dwelled upon. And for that reason, there are so many cases of truly awful forms on the web. Go and sign up for anything these days and you’re likely to encounter:

  • forms that ask for too much

  • forms that don’t make it clear what is mandatory until after you’ve submitted

  • forms that erase all your input if it decides you’ve filled in one part incorrectly

The list goes on and on. Nowadays, with the widespread use of AJAX, there should be no need for me to submit a form, then come to a page that says “hey, you’ve filled this in wrong! sorry mate, START AGAIN”. Asynchronous calls to databases were made for this kind of thing. For example, once I’ve finished typing in my “desired username”, forms should check to see if that name is already taken asynchronously and inform me as I am on the same page, rather than making me submit, discover I’ve made a mistake, forward me to an “oops!” page and making the process much longer and more frustrating than it needs to be.

At the same time though, we are all human and I realise that sometimes, forms are the last thing you want to think about when the rest of the site seems so much more important. However, creating a form that is a joy to use is truly something you can be proud of, however insignificant it sounds.

WFFF: 6/10


8) When the client says “this is great, this is exactly what we wanted” and you agree

One of the best feelings in the world :)

WFFF: 10/10

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    That was hilarious.. A few of those points made me think back on some of the things I’ve done :)

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    Great post. I definitly relate to the first one as I just “borrowed” the CSS layout from Tom Vining, Organization!!


    Great post.

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    I borrowed OpenSource CSS styles too : I don’t see anything wrong with that for learning process.

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    Nice list :-)

    On comment though on the first point:

    I think that using underscores in class names is actually not permitted in CSS, they recommend using the hyphen.

  • MarcusBointon

    One thing that means that you can’t use ‘nice’ URLs in the style WordPress or RoR uses is that if you are ever likely to email the URL to someone, you can’t use it as Outlook corrupts the URLs – any // (due to an empty or unused param) will be converted to a /, making a right mess.

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    I think my site does most of those things, good list. If only every web designer would take notice

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  • Jon Gretar

    hehe… I agree with this list in so many ways….

    Regarding Writely… While they don’t officially support Safari yet they do state in the error message that you can use Safari by using the URL

    I have found no problems in my safari.

  • Chris Ovenden

    Good piece, and I really recognise the WFF, especially graceful degradation – which is one of those things nobody but yourself will probably appreciate, certainly not the client, but you know you’ve done the job as well as it can be done.

    One nitpick: in #5 you asked “Is the navigation still at the top?” Accessibility best practise is to put navigation at the end of the markup, so screen readers and low-grade browsers don’t have to wade through it to get to the main content.

  • Lambert Jones

    Great article!

    “(Internet Explorer is) the family member you don’t like but have to deal with”.

    CLASSIC!! haha

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    Camel case would be “mainContainerTop”, not “MainContainerTop”. Otherwise, nice article!

  • Dan Atkinson

    It hasn’t really been mentioned here but, if you are making a website on a PC and you want to make sure it renders properly in, say Safari. An easy way to do it is to request a screenprint of the page from

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    The site menue did’nt render properly when i viewed it in Konqueror with Minimum size set at 14. I have huge display and need bigger fonts to see

  • Ashok Argent-Katwala

    Especially like the last one – spot on.
    I still get a warm fuzzy from a page that knows how to lay itself out before the images load, though. You could use some heights and widths in there.

  • Cygnet

    You forgot one for the people in the US – When your site is ADA compliant!

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  • Yossarian

    “I’m going to assume that most web designer / developers are web-savvy people and for that reason use a more capable browser as their staple and for that reason probably create websites using that browser as their main testpad. “

    Are all other web designers really such elitist snobs that they really work this way?

    Do managers really let their developers work like this?

    I’m all with mrfoos on this one. If you’ve got an actual business or product you are running, you should be developing in IE. IT IS THE MOST USED BROWSER! I don’t get why so many web devs get on their soap boxes about Firefox and then proudly go around saying “I don’t spend nearly as much time making my work perform well on the browser that 95% of your clients are going to use”. That is asinine to say the least.

    It is the same thing as if Blizzard wrote WoW for the Mac first, and then went back and ported it to windows. Ideally you can get versions out for both at nearly the same time, but you absolutley would NOT miss launching with the windows version just because your devs liked playing it more with their Macs.

    Design in IE first. Get it working for the largest market. If you think IE sucks so badly, then you’ll have gotten all the hard work out of the way. The firefox and safari versions will then fall in line much more quickly. Putting off the hardest part of development till the end is just bass-ackwards and means you aren’t going to hit dealines very well.

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  • austin


    You not seen IE7 yet then? It (almost) works as it should. If you have designed for IE6 first and not a more comliant browser your layouts will be broken on IE7 yet the other way round and they should work…

  • Squirrelinabox

    I still don’t see why people design using Firefox as their “testpad”. When about 75% of the people out there are coming to your site using IE, I’m thinking you should be using IE to develop your design.

    IE may be “broken” but if you are designing for an extreme minority of visitors, then your method is just as broken.

  • Nate K

    I just launched for my company. This was an update to an already existing tabled site. It is now valid XHTML, (some layout bugs to be fixed), valid CSS, and its completely tableless. It degrades well in a logical structure if no CSS is used, and the print stylesheet works well. So, for the most part I felt alot of the above when this was finally launched and changed over.

    Excellent article!

  • michael

    Not everyone can design this well, thats for sure. Sites that work in all browsers, give a little in the layout without throwing a hissy fit and still fit the clients goals.

  • samix

    To the one that think webdeveloppers should be using ie as their primary platform:
    This is stupid, because ie allows you to do totally non standards things, and you end up doing them, knowingly or not. If you absolutly don’t care how your site will look in firefox or safari, the it’s ok.
    But if you care, you’ll find out that it’s much easier to port a design made on firefox to ie than the other way around. IE mostly understands standards, it just interprets them badly in some places. So it’s generally easy enough to fix a design so that it works in ie. Heck in the worst case, you can just add a stylesheet specifically for IE.
    Futhermore, ie totally lacks web developpement tools. If you’re really using CSS and you use ie as your primary platform then your life must be hell. Install firefox with the element inspector, inpect this web developper toolbar, and firebug extensions , learn to use them properly, and welcome to a new era of web developpment…

  • Ben

    11: When a site validates for XHTML and CSS, and it looks right too!

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    …and I thought that cute “Mmmmmh, Firefox”-cat changed into a page-tearing monster when I open the page in IE…

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    Brilliant, just what I needed to cheer me up and it’s definately the last point that really gives that WFF 11/10.

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  • JonathanAquino

    PingMag – I’m super proud of this webapp I just made today, and no wonder cos it implements at lots of your warm fuzzies! –

  • JonathanAquino

    Warm Fuzzy #9: When your selectors start to read like phrases. Examples: class=”message popup”, class=”callout popup”

  • Administrator

    Jonathan – that’s a BRILLIANT one. Should have gone into the list!

  • RQ

    Great post.

    So here goes another suggestion, and a fuzzy feeling:
    9) when a printed page looks just as great as the screen rendering.
    Create your site a separate stylesheet for print media. ;) My suggestion would be to hide all forms, buttons, and other things that only make sense when clickable. This doesn’t hurt, indeed. For the site I administer, the appropriate CSS file only has 50 lines, and that’s after following Lokesh’s advice on beautiful CSS.

    Look at a print preview for this site, for example. 3 of 12 pages at the end are quite useless when printed on paper, so why not tell the browser not to generate them at all?

  • Larry

    When your site doen’t work with IE, and your client says “Who cares!”, we don’t use that anyway.

    I can have a dream, too. Can’t I?

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