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Cigarette packaging in Japan

Deja Vu? Actually, we already wrote an article about cigarette packaging in Japan last year. Never read that one? Well, we took it down after we published it because it was written in a kind of end-of-the-year-rush… and we can do better! 

So please enjoy our new version of: PingMag’s choice of Japanese cigarette packaging. 

written by Uleshka

Due to different license regulations, buying cigarettes seems to be different in every country. Japan and Germany make it equally easy for you by simply having vending machines everywhere (OK – I think Japan beats Germany here) – whereas trying to get hold of cigarettes in France can be a very difficult at certain times…..

German vending machine left, Japanese models on the right

Let’s look at these two different vending machines! I chose two which are pretty standard in both countries. The German one (on the left) has very small buttons for each brand and – that is basically it. The white space is left empty except for the logo of the distributor. Tobaccoland, the main tobacco vending machine provider in Germany has some newer models decorated with a sexy woman smoking to attract customers. That is about as much as they are allowed when it comes to marketing cigarettes. 

There are plenty of reasons why cigarettes should not look pretty. We all know that. This article, however, is about design only and since there aren’t all that many restrictions in Japan yet – there is much more to look at!

Now back to our Japanese vending machine! Besides offering a huge selection of different brands, it certainly uses all the free space for advertisements. On top of that, I often find special highlights in the cigarette packaging area to market a new product.

funky girly cute wrestler mask promoting peach taste cigarettes

Often each machine is “sponsored” by a big brand, e.g. Seven Star, or Kool or Marlboro. What I find quite striking though is that often you come across vending machines in Japan with a huge variety of brands in them.

cigarettes from many different countries

There is quite an alternative selection to chose from besides Japanese tobacco and the American standards.

What about the packaging design!?

I made out a few main target groups:

Cigarettes for real men:

7 Stars – their original design on the left and the new remake on the right

For elegant women:

DUO – the Luis Vuitton appeal cigarettes for ladies, who don’t want to carry too much at once

This is an advertisement for the “clever DUO pack” which can be separated in two halves for those ladies who only have a little space in their very small bags (that suits most women, I believe ;-)

DUO – doesn’t this pattern remind you of something?

For girls:

Do you notice the little sparkling, diamond-like stars glittering on the pack? Amazing!

Peche – pink and glitter stars for the ultimate girly look
pink print on the white cigarettte paper

For cool boys:

Now this packaging is quite something. I first thought it was the new re-design for KOOL cigarettes, but then I noticed, that it was simply a package around the package. The original package is left inside. Whow! Does that make sense???

KOOL – notice the skaters on the pack in matrix-style-graphics?
KOOL – trick! the original pack is still inside

Maybe you noticed that KOOL cigarettes are menthol cigarettes, too. Why are there so many menthol brands to chose from in Japan? I have no idea, to be honest. Flavored cigarettes are very popular over here in general, it seems. Other tastes include the sweet peach taste of peche (see above) or the “subtle vanilla flavor” of Caster cigarettes (I like their re-design!).

Caster – subtle vanilla

One other taste I could find was of “One” placing their cigarettes in the “healthy – corner” by promising a good feeling for your throat while smoking! Notice the little “Herb Blend” written on the pack?

Herb blend

When it comes to good design in the world of cigarettes, Naoki Sato in fact revolutionized Japanese packaging. With his “Alphabet H/R/C side slide box” series he chose easy-to-understand colors for the core smoking classes in the Japanese market: H = red for heavy, R = plain white for regular and C = green for cool mint. With this, the packages have so much more identity than regular brands, even if they have a nice logo or good typography.

H R C colors

In addition to this, he actually changed the whole method of opening the package: instead of flipping the top, one can slide the contents of the cigarette pack sideways and pick a cigarette easily. Very stylish!

Cool mint sliding

When I asked the guys in the store, “what are the most typical Japanese cigarettes?”, they immediately pointed out Hope and Peace.

Hope and Peace traditional packs

These old-school Japanese brands are very short cigarettes and very strong.

short and strong!

Their old fashioned design still works perfectly! I like it a lot.

Now that I compare Peace with Hope, it somehow looks, like one is shooting the other, though….

….shot by Hope

“What about Kanji?” Is what I asked the tobacco shop owner. Aren’t there any Japanese brands with Japanese writing on them? “Well, that’s not what people want!”, is what the tobacco shop owner told me.

Sakura cigarettes

Seems like he was slightly wrong here! Kyoko found a website featuring new and limited cigarette designs, some of them only selling to a few rare shops so far. As one can see, they try out some new Kanji-variations. This particular Sakura-brand by JT really goes for the sophisticated traditional Japanese theme: Japanese calligraphy for their title and the paper used for the box is supposed to feel like Japanese-style handmade paper.

There are lots of pretty details to find in the old-school-cigarette packs (look at the beautiful handwritten font for the “cigarettes” on Peace or the little star on hi-lite cigarettes).

There are still plenty of situations in Japan when people will smile at you and blow their smoke right in your face while you are still trying to eat – without noticing anything wrong. This habit, however, is slowly disappearing. There are smoking areas popping up all over Tokyo now. My favorite one is a glass and steel box in Roppongi Hills trying to match the posh atmosphere around it. The funny thing about that one is the opening times and the countless huge ash-trays so close to each other – I have no idea how someone is supposed to reach the one in the middle….

Roppongi’s Smoker’s Style
opening times

Smoking manners have become a big thing over here. One thing, I still find extremly amazing and just cannot get my head around as a European is, that Japanese actually care about their others and leaving garbage in the streets so much, that most smokers always carry their own “portable ashtray” with them. This is often some kind of padded heat-proof pouch or here is a recent model matching the stylish HRC brand.

portable ashtray

And who uses this fancy mini-ashtray? A designer, of course…

  • Jdesign

    Great piece, thank you.

    OK, smoking is truly a disgusting habit. BUT, to see a portable ashtray shows that there is at least one smoker that cares a little bit about what he’s doing.

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    um. very nice design. got to buy a few pack when i visit japan.

  • Narcissus

    A very nice article. Informative. I myself hv neva been to Japan but i’m so fond of their cigarettes packs design(friends brought from there). Think u missed one tiny funny thing when u talk about ‘Hope’. There is a little cartoon at the back of the inside-pack. Sometimes they look different from each other.

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    Yeap. I’m a ping fan. I was already a Japan fan altough I never went there (but I want to, oh god, as I was want to). Yeasterday I met Ping. Today, I came back in here just to be shure. Now I am.
    By the way, I quit smoking in December 25 2004…

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/felinefei/ Fei

    I love product packaging articles! The Peche & Sakura designs are fantastic. Here in Australia we are doing the complete opposite we have ugly pictures of mouth cancer and lung cancer on cigarettes packs.

  • GK

    What is most rejoices me is that the warning on the cigarette package, shown here, occupies about 30% of the area unlike warnings on cigarettes , for example, in Europe where it occupies about 5-10% only.

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    I can’t believe you wrote this article without mentioning Golden Bat cigarettes – surely the coolest old-school design of them all!!!

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  • Biki

    I’m an avid anti-smoker but I really enjoyed seeing the different designs and that mini ashtray! I love the details and symmetry! I forwarded the link to some of my friends who are designers and smokers and would love to see these things as well.

    I can’t wait for Tokyo to ban smoking the way it’s been done in Boston, NYC, and now London… although I doubt it happens anytime soon.



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  • http://notthemessiah.net/weblog/ Dean

    “I can’t wait for Tokyo to ban smoking the way it’s been done in Boston, NYC, and now London… although I doubt it happens anytime soon.”

    Thank god we have prohibitionists to help us know what is right and wrong. They’ve almost killed online gambling in the US…

    Next up: smoking in all of SE Asia

  • http://controzambiahotmail.com Trevor Proctor

    All this Anti-Smoking!!!!. Drink and Drugs Kills more. 15 Million Children die ANNUALLY from Disease and starvation—In Africa alone. What you breathe in 20 seconds of Tokyo traffic emmissions is worse than smoking twenty cigarettes. It is proven, that Cancer is mostly genetically inherited. So just enjoy your smoke as well as each day.

  • Tim

    “I can’t wait for Tokyo to ban smoking the way it’s been done in Boston, NYC, and now London… although I doubt it happens anytime soon.”

    Not only will that not happen anytime soon in a country like Japan, but smoke bans are an attack on the rights of businessowners all over the world. Ironically, your point of view is a cancer.

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  • Collin ratboycom

    I just returned from Japan, I was really surprised to see so many cigarette machines there and yet last year alcohol vending machines were almost completely banned in Tokyo. I really wanted to buy a nice cold Asahi beer from a vending machine but only came across like 3 in the city and none of them were the old “liqour store” style machines either.
    Also smoking is becoming less popular in Japan, Slowly… and most people dont smoke on the street, and deffinately not on the train. Contrast to the US where everyone doesnt care where they smoke as long as its allowed (which in Spokane, WA its not allowed in any public building or within 25ft of any doors or windows, even in bars!)

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    I’m glad the big airports in Japan have “smoke-boxes”. It allows people who smoke to enjoy their smoking indoors with comfort and convenience, and it respects others who don’t smoke (me).

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    I’ve been searching (google) the entire internet to buy japanese cigarettes… especially for the “Alphabet H/R/C side slide box” and Sakura ..
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    The cigarettes you describe as 1 mg and herb blend are actually Chinese cigarettes, In Chinese called “Zhong nan hai” means something like government building. I actually smoke them myself here in China, although they only come in 5mg and 8mg variety.
    Very suprised to see them in Japan!

  • http://nekkyou.blogspot.com calpispatrick

    Great article – two minor additions:

    1) Have you noticed that the health warnings are really tiny and much more vaguely worded compared to Europe? My money is on the JT (Japan Tobacco, still mostly government owned) here.

    2) Whereas in Europe and the US, concern is with indoor smoking (restaurants etc.), Japan is concerned with limiting outdoor smoking (therefore the smoker’s style facilities). I’d really like to know the real reason for this – one factor might be a culture-based focus on preventing visible impact such as littering rather than invisible (but much more serious) impact such as the health hazards of passive smoking, but I bet the JT lobby is involved somewhere as well…

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    Just wondering – do you live in a cave?

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