Painting Ads

One day I walk past this huge scaffolding and see a seemingly tiny worker painting this gigantic advertisement for rockband Kishidan. PAINTING! Super-surprised, I step closer to make sure I am not making

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this up.

written by Uleshka

worker looking busy

The Proof!

A real painting!

Well, as we know there are quite a few very talented people who are still around drawing movie posters, in the old genuine style. But I always thought, that no matter how good they were, those painted movie star posters always had some kind of Bollywood-feeling to them… Maybe that’s just me?

Anyway: this one was different. Everything about it was perfect, looked like a glossy print, no real “human distortion” to it…hmm… Did this busy looking painter really paint the whole thing by himself? That huge? Maybe he used a stencil for some parts such as letters, the overall layout .. but even then! Or only some parts are painted?

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But why bother to make it look painted in the first place?

the completed version

I don’t know how they did it, but for sure I found it quite impressive to make such a huge effort for one ad, which lasts for about a month – maximum!

Just, when I started to believe that someone secretly put up this scaffolding over night, pasted on a huge poster and then paid someone else to stand there and act as if he was painting, I noticed this other advertisement a little further down the road – fully painted!!!

ad for Masaki Kyoumoto’s brand new album

Well, it must be magic!

  • Eriksen

    It’s really incredible!

  • Stephan

    Graffity ! Thats vandalism ! Seriously, I hope they pay this guy well, painting something that huge and not getting proportions screwed up is a real talent.

  • Nikki

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  • bentong

    Holy Smoke! The ad looks ultra realistic. Very impressive painting skills.

  • Zorro

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  • matt

    yeah, talented, but totally devoid of any artistic personality (as demanded by the ad company no doubt). Given the cost of large format poster printing, this way is just cheaper, essentially a human photocopier.
    I love painted billboards, but let the artists have some personality, fercryinoutloud, who wants to see a paint-for-pixel replication of a ho-hum photoshopped ad ?
    FYI, The ad on the uphill side of the parco bookcentre in shibuya is always painted if only they would do it in Bollywood style…

  • Uleshka

    do you really think they do it, because it is cheaper? could be! i agree that kishidan ad was HUGE, but the other ad actually wasn’t THAT big, that it would have been worth the effort….. hm….

  • Jorge

    The panoramic advertising is PRINTED.
    but this is Painted!! for real, for sure this thakes the advertising and the marketing to a different level, making the advertising be ART. Is not easy explain and reply the question “is the graphic design near to be ART?” -this article explains it better. I would forget if it’s cheaper, I think it’s more valuable, with merit, with originality. I forget the costs $$$. This advertising is ART, gives prestige to the agency and adds value to the clients targets and a lot of add-ons in the campaign. This is what I call GOING BEYOND.

  • Eriksen

    I think this ad is a pop art by itself, simple and going beyond than a simple ad.

  • soloista

    Someone should interview those painters.

  • kurye

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  • amed

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    I think this ad is a pop art by itself, simple and going beyond than a simple ad.

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