Japanese Packaging Design#1: Strawberry Fair!

Uleshka: I have never seen so many different strawberry products in one shop!
Kyoko: Well, it’s January, right? Strawberry season!
Uleshka: I know, but it’s never been that crazy, besides the fact that it is pretty odd to have strawberries in January, anyway!
Kyoko: Why?
Uleshka: ….!??

written by Uleshka

This is roughly, how this article started. If Kyoko doesn’t know, that STRAWBERRIES ACTUALLY DON’T GROW IN WINTER, I wonder how many others also believe, that it is perfectly normal to have a “Strawberry Fair” in January.

Strawberry Fair at our local convenient store

The shelves are bursting with special seasonal limited edition strawberry products, which make me aware of how fast and precisely they can nowadays market products for a certain target group – or season. Quite impressive, I must admit!

strawberry candy range

It might be concerning to see, how well it all works without us even noticing (Just now I realized how many strawberry KitKat I consumed already, before being aware of the whole Strawberry Hype).

Away from the OhMyGodIcan’tBelieveHowBrainWashedWeAllAre! – side to something, that really touched me in the middle of my thoughts: handmade signage!

Lawson’s hand-drawn strawberry sign

I cannot claim to be a fan of store chains taking over the streets of Tokyo (and any other big city in the world…) but - now listen to this: almost every convenient store in Japan finds it’s own way of personalizing their store by decorating it with lovely, dedicated handmade signage!!! Now tell me any big supermarket e.g. in Germany, which would ever be able to encourage their staff to make the store feel a little more at home (even if it would only take them 10 minutes)!

Respect to Japan!

see? selfmade!

Here we go with our packaging design!

Obviously, there is a lot of red and pink, with a little bit of green! Let’s take a closer look at the different strawberry styles:

Realistic, natural style

strawberrys, very yummy-looking

Strawberry + Cream style



cute strawberry characters

There is a huge range of strawberry products: from the obvious strawberry chocolate, to strawberry yoghurt, drinks, cookies, cake, strawberry chewing gum, strawberry mochi, strawberry throat candy, strawberry chips and even strawberry sandwiches (all gone when I tried to take a picture, though)…

Strawberry chips, drink-yoghurt and mochi

Many products literally “appear” as an exclusive range during the Strawberry Season and their limited availability seems to work great for the producers: by the time I come back to buy my new favorite chocolate again, it’s already sold out!

In general, products come and go veeery quickly in Japan. Often to an extend, that I find it extremely annoying, since some products are really good and should rather not be pushed away only because their season is over!!

2006 limited edition

again: this item is seasonal!

When studying the strawberry packaging designs a little, I made out a few main groups:

Asian Strawberry

Japanese motif


Cheap strawberry
These cheap sweets range poducts didn’t change anything in their basic designs, apart from plotting on another strawberry to suit the season.

cheap range products

Ladies’ Berry
“Love Love Heart” is clearly aimed at girls, I would say. It doesn’t even need a strawberry to sell: as long as it is pink, it seems to work fine (besides, since the Sakura Season is still to come, what else could it be, but strawberry?).

“Soy Cube” is a new product, elegant design and aims at women who care for beauty: the soy-milk strawberry sweet contains a high percentage of isoflavone, which is supposed to be healthy, good for the skin and can even be found in several cosmetics.

Love Love Heart

Soy Cube

Tasty Berry
Some examples of packaging, which focus on the actual taste by using esthetic images of the yummy ingredients: chocolate and creamy strawberry filling.

I wish I could swim through this strawberry filling…

or walk for days through chocolate dust!

Cute Strawberry
…and then guess, which packages I like best!

Yeah! Strawberry Bunnies and glitter-berries!

Milky rocks!

…and a cute koala at the end!

Better be quick, if you still want to get some before the season is over!

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