Kozue Hibino – Performance

The Kozue Hibino Exhibition is taking place at “Spiral Garden” in Omotesando. As a costume artist, Hibino contributes to advertisements, magazines, plays and more. During this exhibition a special performance will be held only for 3 nights, involving 10 dancers dancing in her costumes.

I went to the very first performance which took place last Thursday. When I got to the round room, the first thing I saw was a lot of costumes hanging from the high ceiling. The audience was asked to sit round the circular stage. People were murmuring to each other things like “That costume was so cute, I want one of those…,” then all the lights went off and 10 dancers showed up from nowhere.

Performers appeared with completely black bodies to start with. Pulling on the costumes from the ceiling in a shake, they started to dance. Then, another group with different costumes jumped in the center of the stage and started dancing.

Changing costumes was also part of the performance, and it was fun peeping at the ballerinas backstage. All the precious costumes were thrown on the floor without hesitation. But there was no time to think, “hmm shouldn’t they treat them more carefully?” because when you looked up, a whole different world of costume was waiting for you.

A girl in a snail-like costume carrying a huge yellow warty shell, costumes with electric SFX, one costume meant for 8 people, etc, extraordinary sights came one after the other. It was just like a circus! The thirty minute performance passed by like a flash.

I only talked about the performance, but the exhibition also holds about 150 pieces art work and so much to explore. Some works are even for sale, and I’m sure her fans are dying to get them. A feast for the eyes!

Written by Kyoko

Kozue Hibino exhibition

Tuesday, November 8th – Sunday, November 20th
Place: Spiral Garden
Time: 11:00 – 20:00
  Tel: 03-3498-1171
Organized by Wacoal Art Center

Kozue Hibino performance
Wednesday, Novermber 16th,
Friday, November 18th
Place: Spiral Garden
Time: 21 : 00 – 21 : 30
Tel: 03-3498-1171
*please reserve your seats.

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