SOI Project at the Triennale Yokohama

Last week I finally managed to visit the Triennale in Yokohama. Impressed by so much information design on my way there (I never noticed such a hugely advertised exit at a train station before), for once it was easy to find something right away in Japan. Huge landmarks like this funky container arch, made me realize how heavily this big art event was advertised, because I constantly felt like I’ve been there before… Who has not seen those millions of little flags along the Yokohama bay on some poster thinking: is this an art piece, part of an outdoor festival with lots of drinking and um-ta-ta OR…… a way to encourage the visitor to walk all along the bay until the very end. Ghee! Was I surprised that someone had the courage to make Japanese people walk a longer distance than from the station to the closest cafe. I enjoyed the fresh breeze, but felt a little irritated when I finally arrived finding what looked like a backstage warehouse door to be

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the official entrance.

It was a few hours before closing time and I was a bit surprised to see almost nobody at the exhibition. Therefor even nicer to see, that all the people who were there gathered at the SOI Project wooden containers, who were just about to start one of their live performances. (They told me, that it is still very difficult for artists in Thailand to be accepted and make a living out of art, which is why they also do commercial projects like music events.)

Beautiful Thai Sunday afternoon rock creating a perfectly warm atmosphere to dream away in a cozy cushion sculpture, is how one could experience SOI Project at the Triennale. Niiiiiiiiiiiice! The most extraordinary thing about their performance was, that it was literally the most peaceful live I ever experienced. When lookikng at the faces of the performing artists, one noticed this ancient Buddah smile from another world – calm, warm and soothing. Sorry – missing the right words here, but how can I describe it? If peace is their message, they succeed by living it. It is very powerful, because it is real!

Also the other art works of the SOI project were really innocent and pure e.g. a shooting game (like one of those at a fun fare), that triggers little movie clips of Thai comedy. “The idea is to stop war and laugh instead.” is what one of the artists said.

Overall an almost healing experience and also very encouraging to see the Thai art scene coming up! All the best to SOI Project!

Written by Uleshka

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    Beautiful Thai Sunday afternoon rock creating a perfectly warm atmosphere to dream away in a cozy cushion sculpture

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