Wisut Ponnmit’s art and music

Seems like I caught one of the many interesting Thai artists currently exhibiting around Japan: Wisut Ponnimit gave a little live performance at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art a few days ago. Starting off his artistic carreer as a Thai cult cartoonist, Wisut showed his Japanese-manga-inspired drawings and animation, which had a very distince own style. While projecting his images, he played an untuned piano, creating the soundtrack as he went along. The atmosphere reminded me of old times in the cinema, when someone was tinkering along with those black and white mute films.

Even though his characters and images where very cute and innocent, the stories told were definitely grown up and touching with a delicate lightness, like a warm hug. I enjoyed his look on life and the atmosphere he created very much!

Wisut Ponnmit will also have a solo exhibition “Inside the wall”at the IID Gallery from 22nd Nov-25th Dec 2005. Look forward!

Since Thai art was rather new to me, I was happy to meet a whole group of contemporary artists in the garden

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of the Hara Musem, who all happen to be part of the Triennale in Yokohama. They all shared a very warm feeling of calmness and tranquillity. Amazing! As part of the SOI Project some of them will have a Live at the Yokohama Yamashita Pier tonight: “Moderndog Acoustic Live with “Noon-Nom” at GIG Grocery”. The performance will be something like a rock band playing inside a soft sculpture, so I was told! Not quite sure what that will be, but sounds good to me, so I will try to check it out for you!

GIG Grocery in SOI Project
Warehouse No. 3b
Yamashita Pier
16:00 – 18:00 h TODAY!

  • panda500

    I like his cartoon so much. Actually I’m from Thailand so I read a bunch of his works.

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    For the anime illeterate this means his first design is taken from nausicaa

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    I only lived in Japan and US, so I don’t know if other country has similar trend. How about other asian countries? Europe? If you know anything, please let us know

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