Masahiko Sato- Laboratory Exhibition

Rushing through Ginza I found some time to look at the current exhibition at the Ginza Graphic Gallery (GGG): Masahiko Sato’s Laboratory Exhibition. Some very nice esthetics, analytic views, experiments with typography, 3D and animation.

Masahiko Sato’s overall handmade&workshop feel was very pleasing: him and his students put a lot of devotion and dedication to slicing up a toy pig to then re-create it using sugar-cubes for “digital imagination”, or filming through a slit in a black paper, and then cutting&pasting the little stripe-image to form an image that incorporates motion.

Masahiko Sato built a very charming “Pythagoras switch”- an installation to demonstrate a chain reaction, that unfortunately couldn’t be played with. Overall, I enjoyed the esthetics of the displays but somehow…I couldn’t help feel like I was wandering round a physics fair as opposed to an exhibition…

  • winsonkoh

    amazing~ saw this somewhere on video before.. i think it was on bt not long ago..

  • Frederick

    I love it so much. Brilliant stuff!!!!
    looking forward to others new ideas….

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  • Gunter

    Genius stuff, really refreshing.

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  • perdeci

    Besides Mr. Ukai’s usual work he founded the Yokohama Film Festival. “I love independent films and

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