Apple Store Shibuya – Grand Opening!

Only a short walk away from IMG SRC (home of PingMag) lies Apple’s newest addition to their growing chain of retail outlets. This is the Apple Store Shibuya, bringing the total number of Apple Stores in Japan to 4, the other stores being in Ginza (Tokyo), Osaka and Nagoya. I got up early on the day of opening to have a look.

Apple were promoting this store by offering a free special edition t-shirt to the first 1500 customers. That sounds like a LOT but when you consider that hardcore Apple fans tend to flock to events like this in their 1000s, the number seems a lot smaller. Also, on a first-come-first-served basis, customers would be able to buy a brand new mighty mouse, which has been sold out all across Japan ever since it went on sale last week.

Here’s my breakdown of the kind of people who were lining up for the opening:

  • The first 200 people were the hardcore Apple fans to a near-terrifying level. The kind of people who were already wearing an Apple event-related t-shirt from the time they queued up for 10 hours outside the Ginza store grand opening. They love Apple. They will die for Apple. They probably WANT to die for Apple.

  • The next 3-400 people were the kind of people who own about 3 Apple products. They like Apple.

  • The next 6-700 people were mostly people who weren’t huge Apple fans, but were big fans of free t-shirts. This is where I was in the line.

It’s going to be fun to see what lies ahead for the new store in the coming months. Apple has set up a lot of musical events (DJs, singers etc) to entertain the customers whilst they prod and poke and hopefully buy some sleek Apple hardware.

PS. Apple, hurry up and release the new Newton.

Written by KNYM
Translated by Jon

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