PingMag ONLINE!!!!!

After long weeks of writing articles, translating and programming, we proudly present: PingMag – now online!!! Follow us in this DailyCandy on our tour through the busy streets

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of Tokyo, enjoy reading our recent articles or discover more in our rich archive. Whatever you do- have a good time and we hope to see you again- later!

  • Babsi

    a great, refreshing and really necessary mag! congratulations to the ambitious team! Let’s PING together!

  • Klaus Hougesen

    Congrats, hope it goes well

  • bunny

    all the best to you – toi toi toi

  • tamjpn

    Whoo! Congratulations on a world-class website!! I had to bookmark it. ;)

  • Alder

    Congratulations ! Great stuff, Tom and crew….

  • (-.-) sigh=33

    wooot! wooot! this is great! congratulations!!!! good luck and mo’ powar to the ping crew!!!

  • Mack Daddy

    PINGin’, like blingin’
    Congratulations and Good luck PING,
    320 Yards, par 3, “FORE!” – PING!

  • Aï-Hz

    Omoshiroi !!!! omedeto 4 for PING baby !!!!


  • Tee

    many greetings and good luck to Ping

    Teeladen Einbeck, Germany


  • perdeci

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