BC (UK) Java Mobile Game Programmer

1) Where do you use your PC?
In dining room (close enough to living room to connect the tv-out)

2) How many people use this PC?
Me and my girlfriend.

3) How much do you use it?
1 Hour per day (after spending all day on work pc it seems less desirable). Maybe more on weekends.

4) What do you use the PC for?
Internet/Email, Watching Movies, Coding

5) How old is your PC?
Too old, but hanging in there. 4 Years old i think. Athlon (original) 1.4

6) Do you have an internet connection? If so, what kind?
2meg broadband from NTL (TV/phone/broadband all down the one cable).

7) If you could talk to your PC, what would you tell it?
I can and do talk to my pc. Mainly when things go wrong.

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