Designlab04 – about corporate identities

Now here is my summary of Designlab04, one in a series of German- Japanese design conferences at the Hillside Terrace in Daikanyama. This time we had guest speakers Heinrich Paravicini from Mutabor, Hamburg and Claus Drüppel, from Nulleins, Berlin. The Japanese speakers were Taku Satoh and Shin Matsunaga from Tokyo. Personally, I enjoyed the speach from Heinrich Paravicini about “Drivestyle” a lot. Having worked for BMW while studying already, Mutabor sort of specialized in automobile communication design. Although the car- theme might be a bit cliche for a German designer, their designs were very convincing and revealed a lot of thought and love, which they put into them. Some might know the Premium-magazine they designed for the Premier Automotive Group- since it won so many awards. Showing 10% car and 90% style, this really prestigious magazine pushed borders and certainly inspired other car brands to put more emphasis on the lifestyle element.

A further glamourous car-fashion-magazine was designed and produced by Mutabor for the German Vogue. By combining high fashion with cars, it triggered the female weakness for beauty and therefor makes cars extremly desirable.

A very nice example of an all-inclusive exhibition design was demonstrated with their work for Audi: here an image of their huge audi quattro exhibition. If you like trade fairs and want to look at this well done example, you can check out the Audi corner at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.

The most entertaining speaker of the evening was Taku Satoh, for sure. Starting off quite serious in this slightly stiff design atmosphere, he quickly revealed his all-energetic personality. Taku cheered up the audience by making little jokes about his own work, which in fact is very much thought through and extremely carefully designed. At one point he jumped off his chair to point out parts in his designs, which are easily overlooked- with a big smile and the next joke approaching. Once again, the Japanese love for the detail speaks here. Following Taku Satoh’s stories, you cannot but love his designs in the end- even, if it’s just a pack of chewing gum.

ps: Taku Satoh actually also designed the pamphlet of the designlab. If you see one floating around in Tokyo, grab your “real satoh” and enjoy the rest of the upcoming events.

Written by Uleshka

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