Elke Asher (GER) Housewife

1) Where do you use your PC?
I use it in one of my kid’s rooms, since they moved out.

2) How many people use this PC?
Mainly just me, my husband sometimes and our kids, when they come to visit.

3) How often do you use it?
I usually use it once a day to check emails, but if there is a lot to do in the garden, there might be few days or so, when I won’t use it at all.

4) What do you use the PC for?
I use it for emails, mostly, but I also download my digital images from my camera, send images or burn a photo-CD. Sometimes I open Word to teach myself and see, what I can do with it. I also search things in google every once in a while, check the train times and those kind of things.

5) How old is your PC?
By now, our PC is 3,5 years old, I think.

6) Do you have an internet connection?
If so, what kind?

The PC is connected to the internet via… ISDN? I don’t know, to be honest.

7) If you could talk to your PC, what would you tell it?
Or anything else you’d like to add?

I already don’t like talking to humans all that much, so therefor I am even less interested in talking to my PC. The only thing that happens, is that i start to curse at it, when i see things on the screen, which I cannot understand at all- but i would not call this talking. I like to be able to write emails to my children and enjoy getting images a lot. On the whole, I am quite curious to find out, how things work, but not having anyone around, who can explain things easily, is really energy consuming. Luckily, I am free to swich it off and go back into the garden- anytime.

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