Jennie (USA) student

1) Where do you use your PC?
in my bedroom, on my desk

2) How many people use this PC?
just me alone

3) How often do you use it?
everyday about 6-7 hrs

4) What do you use the PC for?
email, internet, assignments, talking to friends, picture uploading/downloading, messengers, work, accounting (?) / bookkeeping, movies, music, etc…

5) How old is your PC?
less than a year.. i think…

6) Do you have an internet connection?
If so, what kind?

yes, dsl

7) If you could talk to

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your PC, what would you tell it?
Or anything else you’d like to add?

don’t crash on me when im downloading.. or im switching to iBook!

  • kurye

    nice room

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    Let’s talk!!

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  • perdeci

    If you could talk to your PC, what would you tell it?
    Or anything else you’d like to add?

  • amed

    Very nice idea. I like it. Cool car.

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