M (FIN) Product Manager / ERP Consultant

1) Where do you use your PC?
Wherever I am really, at work, at home, on holiday etc.

2) How many people use this PC?
Hopefully just me…

3) How often do you use it?
It is probably switched on minimum of 10 hours a day.

4) What do you use the PC for?
At work it is used mostly for work purposes, e-mails, presentations, memos, software development, surfing the web etc., at home I have it on most of the time whilst watching TV to play games or something; storing information, everything that’s important is in it in some form, don’t like to watch films or play music with it, for that there is better equipment available.

5) How old is your PC?
About 2 years old, and will be replaced after summer.

6) Do you have an internet connection?
If so, what kind?


7) If you could talk to your PC, what would you tell it?
I would probably would tell it to keep it’s information to itself, and as friendly advice, warn it not to mess with Macs to stay out of trouble.

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